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19 02.2024

Experience the magic of Hanami! Spring Japan welcomes tourists in the pink glow of sakura trees.

From late March to May, Japan transforms into a blooming kingdom, inviting tourists from all corners of the world to admire the unique sight of sakura blossoms. Everyone who dreams of walking under the shade of pink branches, goes to Japan for the spring festival Hanami, which affects all regions of the country. The blooming starts in Tokyo and ends in Hokkaido — it's a great excuse to see Japan's cities in gorgeous attire. And it's not just Japan — sakura blossoms can be seen in other countries too. Where and when to see Hanami, we tell you in the article.

13 02.2024

Launch red lanterns for good luck! 5 exciting light events in Asia during the Chinese New Year.

If you're looking for a little magic, imagine the sky illuminated by thousands of red lanterns. But that is not all! On Chinese New Year, Asia turns into a fairy-tale kingdom, where not only the sky, but also streets, gardens and even rivers glow with lights — red lanterns and various installations can be found in every city. Immerse yourself in the magical world of light shows and lantern festivals in Asia during the Chinese New Year!

13 02.2024

From Argentina to China! Celebrate Valentine's Day in different countries' style.

Forget the standard cards and red roses — Valentine's Day gifts are much more diverse around the world than you might think! In Denmark it's common to give humorous Valentine's cards, in China they give melons, and in Wales it's wooden spoons. The holiday itself is celebrated in summer, or in some places it lasts for a whole week, and in others it is celebrated three times a year! Read more about traditional Valentine's Day celebrations and gifts in different countries in this article.

06 02.2024

Meet Fat Tuesday at a Loud Masquerade! Mardi Gras Celebration of Colours and Masks.

The holiday of colours, fun and mysterious masks — Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, is almost there! February 13 will be a magical day when loud parties and noisy parades will fill cities in the USA, Europe, Latin America and beyond. Mardi Gras is not just a masquerade, but the culmination of Carnival, a symbolic “farewell to meat” before Lent. This festival traditionally involves wearing colourful costumes and masks, allowing everyone to become someone else for the day. Modern variations of Mardi Gras can be found all over the world — from New Orleans to Venice and Rio de Janeiro. Join this fun with our article.

31 01.2024

Open up new horizons! 9+ ideas for your brightest adventures in Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland.

Open up new horizons with Intui! Climb to the top of Vitosha Mountain in Sofia and visit picturesque Mechelen in Belgium. Travel to La Coruña in Spain and feel the spirit of antiquity at the Tower of Hercules and be astonished by the beauty of the beaches of Au Grove and South Tenerife. End your adventure in Switzerland enjoying the ski slopes of La Thuile and the tranquillity of Le Carreau. From sunny Bulgaria to high mountain Switzerland—- discover new travel destinations in our article.

24 01.2024

Travel from Tokyo to New York by taxi! Features of taxi rides in different countries.

Taking a taxi in a new country means immersing yourself in the wonderful world of local traditions and characteristics. From classic London cabs to automated taxis in Tokyo, each region offers its own unique experience for a typical trip around the city. In Europe you will find classic service, in Asia, it is a combination of modernity and tradition, in Africa and the Middle East it is a unique travel experience. Discover the features of taxis in different countries in our article.

15 01.2024

Enjoy your winter holiday under the shade of palm trees! 10+ destinations with warm winters.

Winter is in full swing on the calendar, and are you already dreaming of summer? It's good that winter is the best time to vacation in many hot countries! In Jamaica, during the winter months you can calmly bask on the snow-white beaches. West and North Malaysia offer outdoor recreation and cultural programs. The resorts of Antigua and Barbuda are full of beach activities, including diving, snorkelling and more. Discover opportunities for winter holidays in warm countries with the help of our article.

03 01.2024

15 days of fun in 100+ cities! Celebrate Chinese New Year 2024 brightly around the world.

Chinese New Year comes from the ancient traditions of Asia and every year it increasingly wins the hearts of people around the globe. Outside of China, in Singapore, the UK, Australia, the USA and many other parts of the world, celebrations of the New Year in chinese traditionals turn into pure magic with fireworks, parades, traditional lantern festivals and more. Enjoy the celebrations around the world with our selection of Chinese New Year 2024 destinations outside of China!

22 12.2023

Feel the magic of goodness at Christmas! 5 stories of how people change the world with good deeds.

With the onset of the holiday season, the spirit of magic and goodness fills the air. Each person wants to see at least some fairy tale in our real world. One has only to raise one’s head and look around, and we will notice that it is within our power to create the very goodness and fairy tale. Here they are, good deeds and inspiring stories. From one man who turned a garbage dump into a blooming garden, to big-city initiatives that helped revitalize an entire area of Rotterdam, these stories will leave you feeling warm and inspired, providing a boost of positivity throughout the holiday season!

26 12.2023

We, the Intui travel team, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!

We, the Intui travel team, wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let there be a fairy tale outside the window and an atmosphere of happiness in the house. We wish you a wonderful year with only good events, interesting trips, and discovering amazing places and cities with Intui travel!

14 12.2023

Create miracles with your own hands! 8 ideas on how to spend New Year and Christmas unforgettably.

The time of magic is just around the corner! Are you ready to immerse yourself in the most magical moments of the year? To spend Christmas and New Year unforgettably and fully enjoy the holidays, create magic with your own hands! Organise themed parties, enjoy the snow, sledding, concerts, take photos with Santa Claus and give warmth to your loved ones and more. Fill your holidays with adventure, joy and love with our article.

13 12.2023

Three countries — million impressions! Explore destinations in Portugal, New Zealand and Bahamas.

Three unique countries — Portugal, New Zealand and the Bahamas — are waiting to reveal millions of opportunities for a great holiday! Immerse yourself in the old-world charm of Portugal, discover the green valleys and volcanoes of New Zealand, then head to the paradise of the Bahamas for its luxurious beaches and blue waters. Get millions of impressions on incredible trips to these three countries with the help of our article.

13 12.2023

Discover unusual snow adventures! 6 fun winter activities to try.

Winter is not only about skates and skis! Discover adrenaline rushes on the vertical ice of Chamonix, thrilling toboggan runs in St. Moritz, ice sailing in Helsinki, dog sledding in Lapland, snow kayaking in Canada and even crazy shovel racing in New Mexico! Winter will pleasantly surprise you with a variety of fun activities, and Intui will tell you which ones are worth trying with the help of a new article.

12 12.2023

Touch the magic! Lights, stalls, and fun at Christmas markets around the world.

The best Christmas markets in the world offer you to plunge into the atmosphere of magic and celebration! In Cologne, Germany, thousands of lights and stalls, a St. Nicholas village and a large ice skating rink await you. The market in Basel, Switzerland surprises with handmade Christmas gifts and unparalleled New Year's illumination. Singapore transforms its streets into a magical kingdom with carnivals, rides and treats. Discover every facet of the holiday in this fascinating kaleidoscope of Christmas markets around the world!

06 12.2023

Sun, beach and... tea terraces! Enjoy relaxation in an oasis of aromas and emerald fields.

With the arrival of winter, sometimes you want to escape from the cold, and the best solution is to go to warmer climes! But what if your shelter from the cold is not only in the warm rays of the sun, but also in a cup of aromatic tea collected on the emerald tea plantations of Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia? If you want to diversify your “beach” routine, you can go to tea plantations and warm not only your body, but also your soul. Tasting the best varieties of tea and breathtaking views of green terraces is a pleasant bonus on a trip to these destinations, which we talk about in more detail in the article

28 11.2023

Meet the mystical side of Christmas! Krampus happily walks through the cities of Europe.

Shrouded in the darkness of the winter night, Krampus rushes through the snow, calling to himself those who are ready to plunge into a mysterious combination of magic and celebration. Meet the mystical side of the Christmas holidays — Krampus marches with joy across Europe and beyond! On December 5, city streets turn into theatrical performances, where creepy Krampus walk along the sidewalks and stage impressive fire festivals. Don't miss the chance to feel the breath of ancient traditions and the unique energy of Krampusnacht with the help of our article.

20 11.2023

Discover different traffic rules in Americas! What distinguishes the roads of the North and South.

North and South America are like two sisters — close, but completely different in their approach to traffic. And if the North is the strict older sister, where it is customary to follow discipline and obey traffic rules, then the South is the younger and capricious, where the roads turn into a virtuoso dance performance and drivers must be ready to improvise. Whether it's the pedantic North or the capricious South, each has its own unique driving rules that are worth knowing before you get behind the wheel.

11 12.2023

TOP 4 of the treasures of unexplored Albania: discover the fantastic pearls of the Balkans.

Albania is not just a country on the map, it is a pearl of the Balkans, full of history, amazing beaches and unique gastronomy. From the white beaches of the Ionian Sea to the historic cities, every corner of this undiscovered country hides amazing treasures. Precious coastal beauties, retreats, mountain hikes and the hospitality of the locals — you can find all this and more among the treasures of Albania with the help of our article!

06 11.2023

The World in 100 Years: Take Care of Clean Air and Green Future with Intui Eco Cars.

How do you see the world in 100 years? Perhaps it is full of clean air and green forests, cities are surrounded by fields of solar panels, and cars fly through the air and do not emit harmful gases. This world may not remain fiction, but become reality. Intui introduces a new green holiday transfer marker. Now on the website you can choose an eco-car that runs on electric or hydrogen fuel and does not pollute the atmosphere. We tell you more about how to travel environmentally with Intui in the article.

30 10.2023

Open the door to the time machine! 5 hotels with royal luxury and the atmosphere of past eras.

Imagine being able to open a door that takes you back in time, and that door will lead you... to a hotel! Historic hotels are a kind of time portal that takes you through centuries. You can visit the living room where Queen Victoria once drank tea, live in the room where Ernest Hemingway worked and stay in the apartments of Marilyn Monroe or Sophia Loren! Our selection will help you choose interesting hotels that will give even local attractions a head start!