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17 03.2023

Beach bliss: rest on the spectacular sunny shores of Portugal, Italy and Spain with Intui.

Are you ready for beach season? It's time to choose the best vacation destinations. Sunny Italy, picturesque Spain and incendiary Portugal are the hottest countries for a beach holiday. Whatever direction you choose, you should hurry up with the booking — the closer the season, the less options for travel. Read more about where it is best to relax in these countries and how to get to popular resorts in the article.

08 03.2023

Tango, polo games and the colorful houses of La Boca: discover the magic of Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires is a unique blend of history, culture and modernity, from bustling downtown streets to the colorful neighborhoods of La Boca and San Telmo. The city is known for its stunning architecture, passionate tango, football and polo. Buenos Aires is the perfect destination for unforgettable trips. In the article we tell you about must to visit places in the city of contrasts, best places to relax in the vicinity of the capital of Argentina and not only.

04 03.2023

Life without worries in Jamaica and colorful Jakarta: immerse yourself in a vibrant vacation with a private transfer Intui.

Are you ready to explore two vibrant countries in the world? Jamaica is known for its relaxed vibes and stunning beaches, while Indonesia is known for its vibrant and exotic culture that is sure to blow your mind. Intui offers a convenient private transfer service, making it easy to explore these places. Whether it's sunny Jamaica or dynamic Jakarta, discover new places and colorful cultures with Intui!

15 02.2023

Explore different sights of the world with Intui: new travel destinations for transport companies in London, Brazil, USA.

Traveling has become even more comfortable — Intui is expanding the geography of routes and cooperating with even more transport companies. New offers for trips to London, Manchester, Sofia, North Carolina and Fortaleza are now available on the site. Read more about new travel destinations and amazing places in our article.

16 02.2023

London is the best city for traveling, and other cities for astonishing trips in Hong Kong and Brazil.

Thinking about where to go for a trip? London is the best city for traveling. There are a lot of interesting places to visit: to see royal residences, hear the sound of Big Ben and look at ancient buildings from the height of the largest Ferris wheel in Europe. If "Foggy Albion" does not attract you, we offer an alternative: bright Hong Kong and sunny Brazil. What to do and what to see in each of the cities — read the article.

01 02.2023

Skydiving in Dubai and underwater dinner in the Maldives: 5 ideas for the very best Valentine's Day.

What is your best Valentine's Day? Maybe you would like to walk along the banks of the Seine, fly in a hot air balloon over the desert or get dinner 6 meters underwater? The main thing is to have close people nearby, and Intui will tell you how to make this day unforgettable. Book a private transfer in advance and the car will already be waiting for you at the airport, port or station. You will sit down and get a hassle-free vacation on your very best Valentine's Day with Intui!

25 01.2023

10 gourmet events 2023 around the world: taste the delicious pizza in Italy, chocolate in France and wine in Hungary.

Do you want to taste the country? Get on a gastronomic journey! Many gourmet events are expected in 2023: hundreds of rosy pizzas will be prepared in Italy, many types of chocolate will be presented in France, and liters of selected wine will be poured in Hungary. Don’t miss the festival you like, and Intui travel private transfers will help you get to the place of events 2023.

19 01.2023

Travel comfortably with the youngest members of the family: baby seat-cradle has been added to Intui.

Now trips with the smallest members of the family have become even more convenient: on Intui travel you can book a baby seat-cradle in the car with driver. These are special devices for transporting newborns up to 15 months and children weighing up to 29 lb. Add the child seat for a car directly to the book of a private transfer if you plan to travel with a child. A car equipped to transport children will come to you on the spot, you just get into the car and go to the hotel without any hassle.

05 01.2023

6 tips how to celebrate Chinese New Year 2023 Hong Kong

Celebrate the Chinese New Year 2023 in the birthplace of the holiday in Hong Kong! This time it will take place on January 22, but the celebration will last about two weeks. Hong Kong explodes with a riot of colors and shows: fiery parades are held here, fireworks are blown up, colorful lanterns are lit and the region is turned into a large flower fair. In such a festive rush, it is most convenient to go with a private transfer. Don’t miss even more destinations for trips around Hong Kong on Intui.

24 12.2022

Intui travel wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

Wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023!

24 12.2022

7 reasons why we love to travel

From early travelers like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus to today's travel bloggers, people have always wanted to travel. For some, this is a way to get to know the world, someone seeks to escape from boredom and monotony, and someone wants to get out of their comfort zone and find inspiration for new achievements. Whatever your reason for traveling, Intui travel wishes you even more exciting trips in the coming year 2023. Transport services are always ready to help and find a trip, providing a comfortable holiday transfer to any place.

27 12.2022

Take affordable trips to new destinations Intui: from mystical castles in Romania to hot beaches in Bulgaria.

Traveling on Holiday days is always a good idea. On-time booking of private transfers will help you get to your destination with convenience. New travel destinations in Portugal, Bulgaria and Romania have been added to Intui travel — 10+ more reasons to go to travel or to friends. A car with driver will pick you up not only on weekdays, but also on holidays when the cities are filled with tourists, on weekends when everyone is resting, and even at night when public transport does not run. Go to new destinations with a private transfer and enjoy a comfortable ride.

15 12.2022

9 tips to celebrate Christmas and the New Year 2023 and recharge your emotions for 365 days.

New Year and Christmas are magical holidays! But how to celebrate them? You can do it in a warm circle of loved ones, to visit friends or to go to the main square of the city. The unusual ways: go on a trip, go to the estate of Santa Claus or hunt for the northern lights. Choose your way to celebrate Christmas and the New Year 2023, and a holiday transfer will take you wherever you want: home, friends' houses, city center, resort or straight to the residence of Santa Claus.

09 12.2022

Experience the fireworks of emotions at the colorful Carnival in Portugal, the Sakura Blossom Festival in Japan and the loud celebration in Slovakia with new travel destinations of holiday transfers.

National celebrations are a great occasion to travel to different countries. In February, hot and motley carnivals are held in Portugal. In Slovakia, at this time people say goodbye to winter with pancakes and folk festivals. In the spring in Japan an amazing spectacle is observed: sakura blossoms. With the help of new travel destinations, you can visit any of the celebrations by private transfers.

24 11.2022

7 Warmest Destinations for winter 2023: sun, sea, relaxing spa, paradise beaches, and underwater adventures.

Winter is well as for relaxing in a snow-covered forest or on the slopes of the mountains and for a beach holiday! If you want to escape from the cold, it's time to go to the sea. Moreover, in the winter season of 2023, hot resorts are happy to welcome tourists. The Maldives offer a paradise holiday on the best beaches in the world. Bali is a tropical exotic place with good surfing, elephant trekking and spa treatments. India offers noisy Goa beach parties and the best places for yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. To get to the resorts faster, book an airport transfer in advance. You don’t have to spend time waiting and queuing at the airport or port. Use it to enjoy your vacation as fast as possible!

10 11.2022

5 ideas for bright winter adventures 2023: skis, snowboards, snowballs, spring water, and a healthy blush.

The arrival of winter is a great reason to go on an adventure. In Austria, you can ride on the slopes where the best skiers compete. In France, you can conquer the peaks of Courchevel, one of the best ski resorts in the world. In Switzerland, exciting new trails and amazing mountain landscapes are waiting for you. If you want to go on a winter adventure in the season 2023, take a closer look at the best ski resorts. Intui travel privat transfers will take you and your skis or snowboard from your doorstep to your destination without delays and queues.

20 10.2022

5 cities — a million emotions: celebrate Halloween 2022 at the biggest parties in the world.

Halloween is an occasion for a grand celebration in many countries. In Mexico, on this day, they watch a large-scale carnival and honor the dead. In Ireland, parades are held and it is mandatory to wear a suit. In Thailand, everyone wants to get to the noisiest street party in Southeast Asia. If you do not know how to have a funny on Halloween this year, then come to the carnivals and parties that are thundering all over the world. Pack your suit in a suitcase and order a car with driver on Intui travel — upon arrival you will be quickly taken to your hotel or directly to the place of events.

13 10.2022

Drive, passion and Arabian flair: experience the sea of emotions at the FIFA 2022 in Qatar.

Qatar is preparing to host one of the most significant shows on the planet — the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The final tournament will be held from November 20 to December 18. Feel the drive and excitement of dedicated fans and cheer for your favorite team at the stadiums of FIFA 2022 in Qatar. Football fans from all over the world will flock to the country, so you should think in advance how to get to the hotel from the airport so as not to crowd in lines. On Intui travel, you can book a car with a driver and comfortably get even to the stadium itself.

12 10.2022

Intui travel breaks down language barriers: now the service communicates with users in 14 languages of the world.

Good news: Intui travel now knows 14 languages! To facilitate the ordering process and user navigation, the site is now available in +7 new language versions. Added Ukrainian, Hindi, Kazakh, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian and Turkish languages. Ordering a trip has become much easier: you don't need to use a translator or remember a school English course — just switch the language of the site to the one you know best and make a reservation.

01 11.2022

Mysterious Morocco, daring Puerto Rico and passionate Spain: new tourist transfer destinations for unforgettable trips

Traveling to a new country gives tourists vivid impressions. Morocco is breathtaking with its contrasts and the mysteries of the desert. Puerto Rico teases tourists with colorful streets and exotic landscapes. Spain is famous for passionate dancing and beautiful resorts, and Los Angeles is famous for outrageous parties and sunny beaches of California. New directions of tourist transfers will help you fully enjoy your trip.