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Bloom like spring flowers! 7 places in the world to welcome a beautiful spring.

Woman welcomes a beautiful spring

Authors / photo source: Chris Flynn/Pixabay and 7603609/Pixabay.




         Spring is the time when nature awakens from its winter sleep, bringing with it the colourful colours and fragrances of flowers. During this period, nature blooms in all its glory. Bloom on a trip to some of the world's most floral destinations! Embark on amazing spring journeys from the fragrant markets of Paris to the enchanted gardens of Oman.


Dive into a sea of colourful tulips in the Netherlands.

Garden of colourful tulips in the Netherlands

Authors / photo source: Ines Gil/Pixabay.


        Holland is the most popular flower destination in the world, known for its 'tulip fever' and abundance of blooms. There is definitely plenty to see when travelling to the Netherlands in spring. Founded in 1862, Amsterdam's Bloemenmarkt is the only floating flower market on the planet. The stalls drifting on the water are particularly teeming with popular varieties of tulips, creating a colourful spectacle. Nearby is the Royal Keukenhof Flower Park, a famous park where millions of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths bloom in March, impressing travellers from all over the world.


Visit the flower island of Mainau in Germany.

Flower island of Mainau in Germany

Authors / photo source: -Rita- und mit /Pixabay.


        On the island of Mainau, gardens filled with colourful flowers create a spectacular kaleidoscope of spring beauty. What to see on a trip to the island of Mainau? The tourist season here begins in March with the orchid show. Soon the primary flowers appear, both wild and in the flowerbeds. In April tulips, daffodils, primroses, hyacinths, crocuses bloom here, in May — rhododendrons, peonies, camellias. In summer roses bloom — more than 10 thousand bushes. In autumn tourists are greeted by dahlias and chrysanthemums. All this is spread out surrounded by beautiful architecture and fountains — an ideal place to welcome the beautiful spring.


Enjoy springtime Paris at the Marché aux fleurs flower market.

Flower spring market in Paris

Authors / photo source: Irene Grassi/Flickr.


        The capital of fashion and art comes alive with spring flowers at the Marché aux fleurs market. As you stroll through the narrow rows surrounded by the scents of fresh bouquets, you can savour the atmosphere of Paris in its spring guise.


Celebrate the spring at the garden of blooming sakura trees in Yoshino, Japan.

Garden of blooming sakura trees in Yoshino, Japan

Authors / photo source: Kanenori/Pixabay.


        Sakura trees in Japan are a national wonder. Yoshino, located near Tokyo, offers a magical sight to behold — millions of blooming sakura trees envelop an entire park in a pink glow. This place looks like a fairy-tale forest, and attracts travellers as early as March-April with its pink flowers.


Discover a blooming oasis in the middle of the desert at Dubai Miracle Garden.

Blooming Dubai Miracle Garden

Authors / photo source: Валентина Цибульская/Pixabay.


        On the Arabian peninsula, you can discover a true paradise for flower lovers. On a trip to Miracle Garden in Dubai, a boundless oasis of colourful flower arrangements awaits you — over 150 million buds in different variations. It is one of the largest flower gardens in the world and a vibrant Dubai landmark.


Rest in the midst of EPCOT Walt Disney World's floral greenhouses.

EPCOT Walt Disney World's floral composition

Authors / photo source: Chris Flynn/Pixabay.


        For those who fancy a spring festival with a dose of magic, a visit to the annual garden festival at Epcot Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando, is a great choice. As early as February, the park comes alive with flowers and floral masterpieces, creating a beautiful atmosphere until the end of May. What to see on a trip to Disney? Dozens of flower gardens and arrangements can be seen here, such as those in the form of characters from the animated film Moana.


Go to the birthplace of damask roses in Oman.

Damask roses blooming in Oman

Authors / photo source: Manfred Richter/Pixabay.


        If you want to welcome spring in an atmosphere of blooming exoticism, head to Oman. What to see on a trip to this country? From early March to mid-May, the famous Damascus roses bloom there. You can find unique rose gardens on the Saik Plateau, in the village of Al Ain. Here you can enjoy not only the beauty of flowers, but also the peace and quiet of nature.


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