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Plunge into the charm of new routes! From US skylans to exotic Egypt.

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         Intui's new destinations are new opportunities to add bright colours to your experience and have pleasant memories! Intui news: we are pleased to introduce exciting new destinations for your holidays in the USA, Montenegro and Egypt! From exciting theme park adventures in Orlando to tranquil holidays on the fabulous beaches of the Adriatic, discover Intui's new destinations for your travels.


Discover new facets of the U.S.: from skylines to outdoor adventures.

Entertainment at Universal Orlando Resort, USA

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        With Intui's new itineraries, every day in the USA promises new experiences! At the world-famous Universal Orlando Resort theme park, magic comes alive and surprises visitors. From thrilling rides to meeting your favourite characters, the park offers fun for all ages. Find a ride to a new travel destination with private transfers to Universal Orlando Resort from Orlando International Airport MCO.


        For golf enthusiasts, we offer a unique opportunity to learn this exquisite sport at an academy from renowned coach David Leadbetter. To find out the cost of travelling with private transfers to David Leadbetter Golf Academy from Orlando MCO International Airport, please visit Intui.

        Since 1983, David Leadbetter has opened golf academies around the world, training an elite staff of certified Leadbetter instructors who have helped countless golfers play better and enjoy the game more. Here you can improve your skills in the beautiful setting of Crystal Springs Resort. How to travel to the city center and from your doorstep to your destination from Orlando MCO Airport can be found on Intui.


Enjoy the fabulous scenery of the Adriatic in Montenegro.

Scenery of resort in Montenegro

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        Travel to Montenegro and immerse yourself in the fabulous scenery of the Adriatic coast. Cetinje is a historical town that was the capital of Montenegro. How to travel to the city center from your doorstep to your destination in Cetinje from Tivat Airport TIV is easy to find out on Intui.

        Here you can stroll through the narrow streets, admire the architectural masterpieces and feel the spirit of history.


        Sutomore is a beautiful resort with picturesque beaches and a cosy atmosphere.
Find a trip with a private transfer from Tivat Airport TIV to Sutomore.

        The beaches of Sutomore offer great opportunities for relaxation and water activities. Montenegro offers many activities and resorts for tourists. Find out the cost of travelling to new travel destinations from Tivat TIV airport conveniently on Intui.


Go to the heart of antiquity and exoticism on a holiday in Egypt.

Beautiful resort in Hurghada

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        Travelling to Egypt is an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of ancient civilisations and experience exoticism in every corner of the country. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city of Aswan and stay in comfortable hotels to fully immerse yourself in the local culture.
You can find out how to get to a new travel destination from Aswan Airport ASW on Intui.


        The El Fairose — West Bank region, located on the West Bank of the Nile, is a fascinating journey into Egypt's ancient history. This region is packed with cultural and historical treasures, creating a unique atmosphere for travellers. Find out how to travel to the city center from your doorstep to your destination of El Fairose — West Bank from Luxor LXR Airport easily on Intui.


        Hurghada is a Red Sea paradise where history and nature combine to create the perfect holiday destination. Hurghada's long sandy beaches invite you to relax and enjoy the sun.
How to get from your doorstep to your destination and Hurghada hotels with a private transfer from Luxor LXR Airport.

        This amazing resort town provides many opportunities for water sports, including diving and snorkelling.


        Head to these wonderful new Intui destinations to experience amazing moments, leaving you with unforgettable memories of ancient civilisations and modern luxury holidays by the shores of the Red Sea. Find out how to travel to the city center and hotels from your doorstep to your destination and Luxor LXR Airport conveniently on Intui's website.


        Discover new routes with Intui private transfers to these amazing destinations! Upon arrival, you will be met at the airport or port, the driver will endeavour to park as close to the arrival area as possible. You will notice exactly which driver in the car park is waiting for you — they will greet you with a name plate. You will immediately pass the whole company and your luggage to the boarding area, get comfortable in the cabin and drive to the address you need. Book your private transfer in advance and enjoy the best service to all Intui destinations!


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