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Black cabs, donkeys and gondolas! Travel by unusual cabs in Europe.

Trips by taxis in Europe

Authors / photo source: Arthur Osipyan/Unsplash and Wendell Fernandes/Unsplash.




         The taxi, a symbol of urban life and convenience, originated in Europe, namely in France. Since its appearance in 1907, it has become an integral part of urban culture, reflecting the peculiarities of each country and creating a unique experience for travellers. How to get to a hotel by cab in Europe? Today, the methods of passenger transportation are surprisingly diverse: somewhere it is a comfortable ride in a luxurious black car, and somewhere — riding on cute donkeys, which have already become a local symbol of cab. What transportation will take you to your hotel in different European countries, read on.


A timeless classic of cabs in Europe: the legendary black cabs of England.

Legendary black cabs in England

Authors / photo source: Max Plieske/Pixabay.


        What is the most famous type of transportation in the UK? Of course, British black cabs, which are also considered a symbol of London. These elegant vehicles, known as "black cabs", have a unique design and often apply strict service standards. The drivers of these cabs undergo special examinations to get their licence. They have a unique knowledge of the city, making them reliable guides for tourists, and drive even without GPS. It's almost impossible to be late for such a cab because they drive in a special lane on the road. A trip in a black cab is not the cheapest pleasure. At the same time, it is very easy to "catch" it — it is enough to vote with your hand.


        Another situation with minicabs, the second type of cab in the UK. How to get to the hotel with their help? Such cabs can not just stop on the street, but need to be ordered by phone. They are cheaper than black cabs, and you can pay by card or cash.


The peculiarities of a cab in its homeland: in France, passengers ride in the back seat of the car.

Features of taxis in France

Authors / photo source: 652234/Pixabay.


        In France, passengers usually ride in cabs only on the back seat of the car. This rule is not prescribed anywhere and no one will penalise you, but the driver can make a remark and ask you to move to the back seat. Only dogs are allowed in the front seat, next to the driver.


        How to get to the hotel by cab in France? In this country it is not acceptable to honk the car on the street, because cab drivers are forbidden to stop if there is a parking lot in 50 metres. Therefore, the car is called by phone number, through an application or taken at the parking lot. It is worth remembering that in France there are fines if you take an illegal cab. An officially registered cab has three identifying marks: a metre, a Taxi sign on the outside, and a number and badge on the door.


Taxi services in Greece and Spain: donkeys as taxis.

Donkeys as taxis in Greece and Spain

Authors / photo source: MAGIKMontreal/Pixabay.


        What transportation is the most unusual in our selection? In some regions of Greece, such as Rhodes and Santorini, as well as in some places in Spain, you can find a unique kind of taxi — the so-called donkey cabs. These unusual cabs add authenticity to the local experience and allow tourists to reach places with mountainous terrain where no car can go. In regions where donkeys welcome travellers as cabs, these animals have become almost a local landmark. How to get to the hotel by such a cab? It is necessary to find its "parking lot" and arrange a ride.


Unique types of cabs with oars and harnesses: gondolas, boats and fiacres in Venice.

Water taxi in Venice

Authors / photo source: Valter Cirillo/Pixabay.


        What transportation is used in Venice, a city located on the water? Boats and gondolas are popular here for getting around. The gondoliers who own these romantic vessels offer tourists unforgettable water cab rides along the canals of Venice, revealing the beauty of the city in a whole new way. How do I get to my hotel in Venice? You can book a water taxi either at the marina or call for an address. The cost for a 10-minute "ride" can be around €15. Interestingly, single women get a 10% discount. What kind of transportation is also popular in Venice? These are fiacres — mediaeval-style horse-drawn carriages. These cabs can be used to get around the pedestrian areas and squares of Venice. In the rest of Italy, cab services are standard.


        How to get to a hotel in Europe by taxi if you don't know the local language? This is where the airport transfer comes to the fore. The driver is already aware of your itinerary, eliminating language barriers and eliminating the need to explain destinations. This not only saves time, but also ensures a seamless travel experience, allowing you to focus on relaxing and travelling. Travel Europe with a convenient airport transfer by Intui!


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