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27 12.2022

New destinations for trips on Bolivia Mexico Europe UK

A trip to a new country is always about detailed itinerary of the trip. It is important to plan navigation in an unfamiliar place in advance. On the Intui travel website you can easily order a convenient taxi transfer with personal driver. The wide geography of destinations is not limited to a trip from the airport to the city center.

18 08.2022

7 reasons to go to Seoul this autumn

Over the past ten years South Korea has become a center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. Beautiful nature, ancient culture, delicious cuisine, festivals, as well as excellent shopping have turned Seoul into one of the most popular places on the map of Asia. We tell you why you need to go to the “land of morning freshness” this fall.

18 08.2022

1000+ Excited Impressions of futuristic Dubai Holiday.

In Dubai, you can relax all year round - this is its huge plus. The city of the future has all the conditions for an unforgettable leisure time. Entertainment in the latest modern "High-end" : museums, amusement parks, beach clubs and excursions. How to spend your holidays in “1000 and one fairy tales… about the future”? Read and dream about your future leisure.

21 07.2022

How to trip with oversize and overweight bags

Collecting and transporting a suitcase is one of the most exciting stages of preparing for a trip. It is important to take into account different fares, norms and conditions of carriage while booking your tickets because usually paying for oversized or overweight baggage at the airport or train station is much more expensive.

11 07.2022

10 beautiful secret islands of Europe

There are many beautiful hidden islands to visit during your travel in Europe for an unforgettable vacation. Located away from the big cities these resorts offer all the delights of island life with an emphasis on exclusivity and privacy inspired by James Bond movies.

19 01.2023

Rediscover travel Spain and Australia

Discovering new destinations and countries is a great plan for the upcoming holiday season. They go to Spain for sunny weather, clean sea, excellent gastronomy and a wide range of entertainment. No less interesting is distant Australia, in particular, the second largest city of Melbourne, which is famous for its incredible architecture and dynamic lifestyle. New transfer destinations will help you enjoy the travel experience.

29 06.2022

5 common myths about traveling with children

They say that holidays with children are difficult and expensive. But if you approach travel planning in advance the possibility of having a great family travel. Here are five pros and cons of traveling with children.

18 08.2022

Travel to Asia 2022 Re-open countries

A trip to Asia can be a real adventure and an ideal way to explore new cities and countries. Plan your trip to Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other colorful countries that are happy to welcome tourists again without quarantine and other restrictive measures.

20 06.2022

New markers for car selection

Choosing the perfect car for an individual transfer to the airport or train station has become even easier. It is enough to give preference to transport companies marked with BestSeller and Intui recommends. That’s how you can be sure that this is the best way to get to the airport, city or railway station by car with a personal driver.

24 09.2022

5 reasons to travel by train.

A train ride can be a real adventure and an ideal way to explore new cities and countries. Embark on a trip to Finland, Turkey, France and beyond sitting comfortably in a compartment chair or on the deck of a cruise ship or ferry sailing over the horizon.

21 06.2022

New Intui travel transfer destinations in Jordan, the Netherlands, Canada and the Bahamas.

It is worth visiting the Dead Sea and the ancient cities of Jordan at least for the sake of incredible landscapes and ancient temples. You can comfortably get to any place on the map of this country from the airport of the capital Amman. The warm climate makes this destination attractive for tourists at almost any time of the year. As well as other tourist destinations from Canada and the Netherlands to the Bahamas where new routes of convenient tourist and business transfers Intui travel are presented.

24 09.2022

Try new search options on and find out what airport transfer to choose.

A new tool system allows you to find and select the necessary auto models depending what the customer need. Finding the right car is easier and faster than ever! Find out now and try.

20 06.2022 expands the geography of transfers in France, Italy and Romania.

Which cities of French Brittany can be reached by individual transfer? What is the most comfortable way to get to the Italian city of Riccione and the Romanian Targu Frumos? New destinations have appeared on the website where car rental with a personal driver is now available. That’s how you can get to your chosen destination with maximum comfort.

28 07.2022

Pay for transfers profitably depending on the direction.

To get even more attractive prices, we advise you to search and book transfers in the right currency.

26 07.2022

❄️ We sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ❄️

Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year from team! We wish all twelve months will bring vivid impressions, pleasant meetings, sincere smiles.

20 06.2022

6 important destinations for tourist trips.

It is easy to get from the airport and to the desired city or area with a pre-booked transfer. New destinations have appeared on Intui, where you can order a rental car with a driver and organize your vacation or business trip in advance. The service of a professional transport company will make your road pleasant and safe, and will allow you not to be distracted from leisure or business tasks.

20 06.2022

Lie down or move: recreational activities in the Maldives.

You can relax in the Maldives in different ways. Dive with diving, snorkeling or studying the rich underwater world. You can experience complete relaxation in other ways: relax in a spa, bliss under the skillful hands of a masseur, immerse yourself in aromatherapy or enjoy the sounds of rustle water on the sand and tropical breeze in the evening. How to choose a lesson in the Maldives? What to do in the vacation season 2021-2022?

20 06.2022

7 interesting facts about Serbia . How to take an airport transfer from Belgrade to the nearest resort to other countries?

Why should you visit Serbia? What 7 exciting things do the country have and why is it better for a tourist to know about them? The eastern country with its local traditions is glad to every tourist who gets into it. Build a road to the nearest countries and expand your horizons! Travel to other countries close to Serbia - 5 best routes you can like. Travel time to the hotel, villa or any other tourist destination, short journey by personal car with private driver. Forget all but rest, Intui will arrange a trip for you!

20 06.2022

From July 1, 2021, the commission drives digital certificates for vaccines in order to resume vacations and tourist trips.

The pandemic has long been no barrier to travel in 2021. If you think otherwise, then you are not yet familiar with the digital passport system. A digital passport (EDUCC) will help you travel freely, track your condition with Covid-19, and quarantine around the world. Find out what you need to get it, where it is stored, and how quickly to get it. We live at a time when EDUCC is needed and will help to feel confident in a period of epidemiological situation.

20 06.2022

Where to relax without restrictions in 2021 - Which countries accept tourists vaccinated against COVID-19 without tests and quarantines?

We all have another pretty good reason for joy: the start of vaccination against COVID-19 has taken place, and already a number of countries for vaccinated tourists are removing the requirements to present, undergo screening (PCR tests). However, as when returning to the country of residence, the vaccinated tourist does not need to do tests or comply with quarantine. And a nice bonus - there is a growing tendency for those vaccinated against coronavirus to be allowed to walk without a mask in closed rooms and crowded places. Let's get vaccinated! And we are going to rest! Without fear of getting infected and spending on tests!