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26 10.2023

Explore the world with AI at your fingertips! Robots and technology for your unforgettable trips.

Remember the movie "Iron Man"? When the film was released 15 years ago, Tony Stark amazed the world with advanced gadgets. Surprisingly, many of the technologies shown in the film now exist in real life and are used in the tourism industry. As Tony Stark used holograms, explore landmarks with virtual tours and augmented reality. Create ideal routes with chatbots and voice assistants that the billionaire inventor always had at hand. Use AI systems to find the best prices on tickets, hotels, etc. And that's not all — explore other AI capabilities in tourism with the help of our article and make your trip more convenient and fun!

20 10.2023

1.7 million m² of gardens of the future: explore nature and innovation at Expo 2023 Qatar!

179 days, 1.7 million m² of gardens from different parts of the world and a million positive impressions — all this is the Expo 2023 horticulture exhibition in Qatar! One of the largest international events of the year takes place from October 2, 2023 to March 28, 2024 in Doha. At the gardening exhibition, you can immerse yourself in the culture of different countries, admiring their gardens and green landscapes. From Italian olive groves to Japanese cherry blossoms, enjoy the atmosphere of different parts of the world without leaving Qatar.

26 10.2023

Plunge Into the Magic of Lights and Fun! Bright Diwali holiday in India

Are you ready to travel into a world of magic, lights and fun? Diwali is the Indian festival of lights, during which legends come to life for a moment and people are immersed in a 5-day celebration. On Diwali, all come together to celebrate the victory of light over darkness and evil, enjoy family dinners, exchange gifts and, of course, turn on the holiday lights. How the most important Indian holiday is celebrated, we tell you in the article.

19 10.2023

From Romania to Hong Kong: Celebrate Halloween 2023 in the Scariest Places in the World!

Get ready for the terribly exciting night of your life! Pack your bags to uncover all the mysteries of Halloween 2023. In Romania, you will find the frightening castle of Dracula and the creepy sights of Transylvania. In Salem you will plunge into the magical atmosphere of Halloween. In New Orleans, you can learn more about the cult of voodoo and go to creepy places in the city, where ghosts are rumoured to live. These and other places in the world await tourists on the scariest Halloween 2023.

19 10.2023

Travel in Style with Intui! Create More Vivid Impressions with the New Website Design.

Meet the updated Intui travel website! New design — new possibilities for your travels. These changes not only give the service a modern and stylish look, they will also help you organise your trips. The site has become even more convenient and understandable so that you can quickly find a trip and add the necessary options. Read more about the new look and improved Intui service in the article.

19 10.2023

Explore the Fall Colours! 7 Countries Where You Can Experience the Most Beautiful Autumn.

Meet the most beautiful autumn in different parts of the world! Japan impresses with fiery red maple alleys and the Autumn Leaf Festival. Vietnam surprises tourists with endless golden fields of rice. Germany in the fall pleases not only with Oktoberfest, but also with beautiful views of the Bavarian Alps. Feel the magical atmosphere in seven countries where the most beautiful autumn takes place.

19 10.2023

Conquer the Roads of Africa and the Middle East! Features of Driving in Arabian style.

Knowing the official traffic rules on the roads of Africa and the Middle East is commonplace, but using the unwritten rules of driving is a real art. Arab drivers use all possible signals to communicate on the roads: horns, flashing lights, emotional turns of speech and gestures. To understand when you are asked to give way, and when they warn you that there is an elephant around the corner, get acquainted with the peculiarities of national driving in Africa and the Middle East.

27 10.2023

From Earth to Orbit... and Beyond! Discover Space Travel.

Ready to conquer new horizons? From Earth to orbit... and beyond! Space travel is no longer a distant future, but a present reality. A trip to orbit as a trip is no longer such a distant dream for tourists. Find out how tourists are gradually conquering the horizons of space and how much it costs to travel to orbit in our article.

19 10.2023

Make Your Way! Choose Your Best Transport for Independent Travel.

Arranging transport on an independent trip is as important as choosing a hotel and entertainment. Public transport, taxis, car rentals, and private transfers all get you where you need to go, but which one should you choose for your trip? How to organise a bus trip from the airport to the hotel, what to look for when ordering a taxi and in what cases a tourist transfer will be the best choice for independent travellers, we tell in the article.

19 10.2023

More Borders — More Travel Opportunities! Travel Between Countries Easily with Intui.

Travel without borders with Intui! A holiday transfer will help you get to a country where there is no airport, or get to the desired city from the nearest airport in a neighbouring country. Cross-border trips become even more convenient with Intui! From booking a trip in advance on the website to the return journey from the hotel to the airport, transport companies and Intui will help you organise your ride and get the best experience from your trip!

19 10.2023

Not Only Munich: Visit 7 World Oktoberfests Outside of Germany.

Discover exciting beer festivals outside of Germany! Enjoy the unique combination of beer and samba at a celebration in Brazil, compete in spectacular contests at a festival in Australia, and watch "Running of the Weiners" at Oktoberfest in Cincinnati. With a selection of Oktoberfests from Intui, it is not necessary to go to Munich — major beer festivals await guests in many countries of the world.

19 10.2023

Immerse Yourself in the Exotic Driving of Asia! Tuk-tuks, Horns and Heavy Traffic on the Roads.

In Asia, even the traffic rules seem exotic, and travellers from other countries are not in vain surprised by the manner of driving in this part of the world. From Indonesia, which uses unique gestures to communicate while driving, to India, where cows walk on the roads, every country in Asia has its own unwritten traffic rules, known only to local drivers. Find out the driving traditions and unique traffic rules of Asian countries in our article.

19 10.2023

Get Inspired by the Great! TOP 10 World Attractions and Museums Free to Visit.

Embark on unique journeys where you don't have to pay to touch the best sights! Immerse yourself in history at the ancient Pantheon in Rome, uncover the secrets of the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, and travel back in time to Peru. These and other popular attractions are available for tourists for free!

19 10.2023

Robots Serve you! See How Machines Work in Japan, Singapore, South Korea.

Get ready for an exciting journey to countries where technology has reached new heights and robots are everywhere. Japan has a hotel with robot staff, a Singapore airport has robot police officers, and in South Korea, a robot waiter earns tips. We talk about these and other robots in the service in different countries of the world in the article.

19 10.2023

TOP 5 Things to Do in Tunisia. Discover an African Fairy Tale in Your Trip!

With hot sand between your fingers and the sweet scent of jasmine in the air, Tunisia invites you on an exciting journey to remember for a lifetime! Rest on beautiful beaches, thalassotherapy, visits to ancient Carthage, oriental bazaars and delicious Tunisian dishes — these and not only awaits travelers in Tunisia. To fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Tunisia, we present a checklist of 5 things that are worth doing on a trip to this exotic country.

19 10.2023

9 Most Exciting Attractions in the World. Plunge Into the Sea of Emotions and Extreme!

Are you ready for entertainments that will be remembered for a lifetime? You are waiting for endless ups and downs, sharp turns and mind-blowing speed! Go meet grizzly bears, try to ride inside huge balloons from the slopes and overcome 1300 m in a "flight" over the Alps. These nine most exciting attractions will push you beyond your comfort zone and immerse you in a world of unforgettable emotions!

19 10.2023

Make Your Trip Perfect! Why Intui Is the Best Way to Get to Your Hotel.

Are you planning your vacation and ready to plunge into the sea of emotions? Intui will help you get to the hotel both on the islands of the Maldives and in glampings far from the cities. On the site you can easily find your hotel by name, you can choose and book the car you need in advance, and friendly drivers will take you to the hotel without any hassle. If the hotel is your destination, choose the Intui service and enjoy all its benefits!

19 10.2023

Find it impossible to get lost: TOP 5 Countries with an Unusual Address System.

On the journey, you can encounter many mysteries; in some countries, they are waiting for tourists already on the way from the airport to the hotel. This is because there are places with unusual address systems that are not easy for a foreigner to understand. How to find an address in a city without addresses and not get lost among what is impossible to find? In which country do people navigate without street names, and where do they use a digital code as an address, we tell in the article.

19 10.2023

Travel Across Europe on Wheels! European Driving Features.

While the general traffic rules for driving in Europe are similar from country to country, there are still slight differences in the behaviour of drivers or signs. From German discipline to Italian passion, the cultural characteristics of European countries are clearly visible on the roads. In addition, the rules for driving on toll roads, road signs and parking rules are also different. In which country you can meet a troll on the roads, and in which one — a cart with a whip, we tell in the article.

19 10.2023

Relax in the Best Family Resorts in the World! Paradise Vacation for Little Travellers.

Discover the world of unforgettable adventures for your children at the best family resorts! Immerse yourself in a world of magic and fun at the Disney Resort, where kids will meet their favourite characters and experience amazing attractions. Relax at the best beach resorts, where great water parks and water activities are available for children. Or stay at a hotel where giraffes peek through the dining room windows! These and other family vacation ideas are in our article.