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20 06.2022

Plan your vacation 2022 to recharge your impressions. Best attractions in the Dubai UAE.

Where to relax in 2022 and where to go with both children and parents, so as to recharge “to the fullest''? Of course, in amusement parks: theme parks, water parks and various amazing activities. Where is the fastest roller coaster with the most loops? What show makes the greatest impression? Where can you see sharks and rays at arm's length? Explore beautiful and large amusement parks with Intui! Yes, yes, parks are open and work in Dubai even now, in the context of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In the parks, all possible measures are taken to protect and prevent the transfer of coronavirus. Therefore, we can safely say: "Take off, jump, slide down, laugh and enjoy Your Health!"

20 06.2022

Attractions to visit in Bursa in 2022.

Bursa, the fourth largest city in Turkey, with around three million inhabitants, it is one of the most culturally and industrially developed cities.Bursa, where silk is born in Turkey is a very beautiful city to visit and discover. Each area has its characteristics, food and culture that make it very different from the others and that are worth exploring. Yenisehir International Airport (YEI) is open for the comfortable reception of tourists wishing to relax in Bursa and its surroundings. Bursa is called the green city, since it is surrounded by parks and hills. In the city center you will find most of the tourist attractions. 5 places in Bursa Turkey that must to see

20 06.2022

Travel safe tips 2021 during coronavirus pandemic.

Good news: you can travel! (and I want to add “.. and it is necessary!”)). According to data compiled by the International Air Transport Association IATA air travel remains one of the safest means of transportation. How to travel safely during the COVID-19? Coronavirus travel safety recommendation.

20 06.2022

Worldwide Valentine’s day traditions in 2021.

Is Valentine's day worldwide? How to traditionally celebrate Valentine's day in different countries? Is it Valentine’s day in Spain? What is the capital of Valentine's day? Ideas for gifts for Valentine's day.

20 06.2022

+9 airports in 9 Russian cities added to Intui for booking personal transfers

Distances and roads in Russia are impressive - Russia is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of area. Foreigners traveling not only in the capitals of Russia are surprised at the unbuilt areas and how long it takes to travel from city to city, from village to village, without encountering a single sign of human habitation. Not only travel by road, but flights across Russia take a lot of time. Upon arrival at the airport, of course, you want to find yourself as soon as possible where you need to arrive - a hotel, apartment, office or business center ...

03 06.2022

3 new Intui airports and destinations you’d love to visit in 2021

Ahead of the travel season Intui continues to expand the geography of airport transfer offers from professional transport companies. Sunny Island - Gran Canaria Spain, Denver USA, San-Diego USA. How and who can travel to these towns? Safety trip from the airport to the town. Meet 3 new airports on our map: Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport (LPA), San Diego Airport (SAN), Denver International Airport (DEN)!

14 06.2022

Dubai and Sharm El Sheikh reopen shuttle service from airports - group transfers are safe are available again.

We hasten to please you with the news: Group shuttle transfers are now available again for booking from Dubai (DXB) and Sharm El Sheikh airports for Intui clients!

21 06.2022

Is the future of travel already here? How and where will we travel in 2021?

2021 has already begun and we are all in expectations and hopes that we will be able to travel both in our country and to distant lands... Vaccination campaigns have started successfully in some countries, and in some the residents are in no hurry to supply themselves with the vaccine. The European Union is again thinking about closing borders for travel. So will there be travel in 2021? Will we be given a special suit for the trip? Is the future already here? There is also good travel news. The governments of some countries began to exempt from mandatory quarantine ...

05 05.2022

Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year 2021!

Once a year, each of us returns to childhood and begins to believe in New Year's magic.

21 06.2022

Opened new Berlin Brandenburg Airport and it is available at Intui airport transfer.

Opened new Berlin Brandenburg Airport and it is available at Intui airport transfer. Clean & Safe COVID airport transfer and best option to get Berlin city Centre from Brandenburg airport, and get to the airport from whatever destinations.

15 06.2022

Say yes to sunny break! The sunny beaches to relax in 2021. Dominican, Jamaica and Barbados

Do you want to relax under the gentle sun on the beach? We know where you can go for this right now! The countries of the Caribbean have opened their arms to welcome tourists. About which directions are better to choose and what is required for entry in our short article.

05 06.2022

Added! Large airports in the world’s megalopolises for comfortable travel by personal transfer.

Added main airports of big countries to Intui transfer map. International airports in Mumbai, India and Cape Town, South Africa. The driver of a professional transport company will pick you up and quickly and safely on the chosen vehicle. And back, to the airport, for a flight from the hotel, on time and in comfort, personal transfers from Intui will help with a well-organized trip.

21 06.2022

New destinations for your relaxation in autumn 2020.

We are glad to share with you new Intui destinations where this fall you can recharge yourself with new exciting experiences! 3 airports in Europe for affordable airport transfer that is the start of the nice leisure! We have added private transfer routes from Palermo Airport Italy, Dortmund Airport Germany, Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Where to go? What must-see?

15 06.2022

3 hot destinations for autumn 2020. Take several leisure days before winter.

Autumn is in full bloom, whispering to us that winter is not too far away. COVID has already been studied and in most countries many layers of protection measures are in place. Distancing rules and tests have become the norm... and in order to go on vacation, all need are flights and "open borders" of the destination country... and of your own too, for the return ) Countries where you can bask in the sun and enjoy the breeze of the sea..

15 06.2022

Now it is possible to book a transfer 2 hours prior to pick up!

Great news: the time limits before the start of the transfer have been reduced. Intui has offers from transport companies that are ready to take an order 2 hours before the transfer. The pandemic is slowing down and travelers are slowly returning to their usual rhythm of life. For those who made the decision to travel at the last moment, if you did not have time to book a transfer on time, if your plans have changed or if you need to urgently help a relative / colleague with transportation - Intui will help!

05 05.2022

We're going to bask! Warm seas in the post-COVID era

Relaxing not only on the sofa watching the TV is finally real this year! Even if your vacation is postponed, there is still an opportunity to spend your vacation in the warm waters of the sea, recharge with iodine, oxygen and sun rays for the coming winter. The waters of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf are so warm that you still have time to warm up in the fall! Egypt and Dubai are open to tourists.

19 06.2022

Are tourists eaten for breakfast?

Fishing in the blue waters off the sunny shores of Zanzibar or teasing the lions on the mainland are all possible in Tanzania

04 08.2022

Rent a car or order a transfer - a car with a driver. Cost comparison: which is cheaper for traveling abroad

On vacation, on holidays or on a business trip - in all cases you need to get from the airport or train station to your hotel or apartment. Comfortable ways to get there in an unfamiliar environment are to rent a car and drive yourself, or order a transfer - a car with a driver. What is more profitable? Let's compare ..

04 06.2022

Countries where you can have a safe trip without restrictions the season 2020

Where to relax in summer 2020? Where to go in autumn? Which countries are open to tourism and safe from coronavirus infection? Which countries can be entered without mandatory self-isolation? What countries are doing to open the tourist season? Where and when you can go and relax this year? A brief overview ...

05 08.2022

Transfer or Car rental: which is better to choose

Are you planning a vacation or business trip? Organized and planned in advance, will be successful. Tickets purchased, the hotel is reserved, but how to get to it? What to choose? Transfer - a car with a driver or rent a car and set off on your own? Let's figure it out and find out the pros and cons of these options.