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Feel the magic of goodness at Christmas! 5 stories of how people change the world with good deeds.

Good deeds at Christmas

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         At this magical time of year, when lights are lit around us and our hearts are filled with joy, let's plunge into a unique atmosphere of positivity and goodness together. Today we want to share with you amazing stories of kindness that will lift our spirits and remind us of the power of the good deeds of just one or a few people. After all, it is in these moments, when we give each other smiles and support, that the world becomes warmer and hearts become kinder. You can touch the good deeds of many people on your journey to these five amazing places!


Visit the secret garden of Cernobbio, a former landfill turned green oasis.

Cernobbio's secret garden

Authors / photo source: ilgiardinodellavalle.


        Nowadays this small but lush garden on the eastern side of Cernobbio is great for strolling, but at one time it was a landfill site. Ida Lonati Frati, also known as Nonna Pupa, was annoyed by the abundance of garbage in the middle of a beautiful valley that she had to pass by every day. In the early 1980s, her patience came to an end, and she decided to clear the landfill with her own hands, turning it into a beautiful oasis.


        Over time, Giardino della Valle became something of a miracle thanks to the hard work of Nonna Pupa and her granddaughter Giulia. They created the association Il Giardino della Valle, which made it possible to attract funding to improve the garden. In 2009, the municipality recognized the efforts of Nonna Pupa and awarded her an honorary award for turning the landfill into a green paradise and her love for the environment. Now this place delights visitors with sculptures, ponds, wooden bridges and a bookcrossing library. Exhibitions and concerts are held here every year, confirming that this botanical garden has not only been transformed, but has also become a source of inspiration for artistic projects and a travel destination.


Discover the Fabre Museum, a treasure trove of art created by philanthropists.

Treasury of Arts Fabre Museum

Authors / photo source: gilber franco/Unsplash.


        Baron Francois-Xavier Fabre was a famous person in high society circles. He was friends with the Countess of Albany and Count Vittorio Alfieri, her lover. After the latter's early death in 1803, Fabre took his place in the countess's life. In 1824 she died, and the artist inherited all the possessions of the Countess of Albany and Count Alfieri, including a large collection of paintings. Returning to Montpellier, Fabre donated a significant part of this collection to his hometown, but set the condition that this donation would mark the beginning of the creation of a museum, and in the mansion where the collection would be located, the necessary living conditions would be created for Fabre himself. In 1828, in the Massilian mansion in the eastern part of Ecusson — the historical centre of Montpellier — a museum was opened, which was named after Fabre, where he himself acted as overseer of the museum and continued to acquire various works for exhibition.


        Fabre's generosity caused other townspeople to follow his example. Antoine Valedo donated a collection of Dutch and Flemish masters to the city. In 1868, the family of the painter Frédéric Bazille also donated a number of works by impressionist artists to the Fabre Museum. Thanks to donations of paintings, the museum's collection has constantly grown and is today recognized as one of the most outstanding in the world, which can be seen while travelling.


Go to the Princess Garden, a blooming paradise in the middle of Berlin.

Princess Garden in Berlin

Authors / photo source: Marco Clausen/Flickr.


        The Princess Garden is a testament to how an ordinary person can transform an abandoned corner in the centre of Berlin into a green paradise, thereby benefiting the environment and people. Marco Clausen and Robert Shaw rented abandoned land in the centre of Berlin, cleared it and organised a small vegetable garden there, which not only now delights tourists and local residents, but also hosts educational events on growing organic products. At first, only two friends worked in the mini-garden, but the townspeople liked the idea of greening the city so much that more and more volunteers began to volunteer. Now schoolchildren and everyone else is invited to the garden to learn more about landscaping and growing organic vegetables, visit a cafe where they prepare dishes from grown products, and just have a pleasant time among the greenery. The idea of two men gave rise to a wave of good deeds — green vegetable gardens on the site of abandoned plots began to appear en masse in other cities around the world that can be visited while travelling.


Take a photo on the Luchtsingel, a bridge created by the society for the reunification of Rotterdam.

Yellow bridge Luchtsingel in Rotterdam

Authors / photo source: Nanda Sluijsmans/Flickr.


        In Rotterdam, people came together to create something unique — the Luchtsingel pedestrian bridge. To implement this project, which could not be implemented due to a lack of funds from the city authorities, architects from the ZUS studio turned to ordinary residents. Anyone could contribute to the construction of the bridge by purchasing a plaque for €25, and each investor's name was engraved on the part of the bridge in which they invested — a total of 8,000 plaques were sold. The bridge now reconnects three decades-separated neighbourhoods in the heart of Rotterdam, while serving as an architectural landmark that has attracted travellers to the area and revitalised it with parks. This bridge, the world's first crowdfunded public infrastructure project, has become a symbol of the unity and strength of civil society as a result of a small good deed from every caring participant.


Visit the legendary Tempelhof — from a german airport to a space for relaxation and goodness.

Legendary german airport Tempelhof

Authors / photo source: 1733232/Pixabay.


        Tempelhof is another famous place in Berlin, which was the result of active struggle by the citizens. This former airport, located within the city limits, was originally intended to be developed with luxury housing. However, only five local residents decided to draw attention to the problem, arguing that this place should belong to the townspeople. They held conversations with local residents and attracted ecologists who confirmed the importance of the huge green field for the climate of the area. The only private company that supported their initiative was a kite manufacturer.


        The initiative group achieved its goal: the local population spoke in a referendum, and Tempelhof was transferred to the city. The site now provides a rare sense of open space in an urban environment — 350 hectares of airfield where people ride bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades, picnic on the grass and fly kites. The empty hangars of the former airport are now housing refugees. So, thanks to the good deeds of just a few people, Tempelhof in Berlin has become not only a large park where you can have a good time, but also a space where people share their love and care for each other. Thanks to common efforts, a real community is born here, where everyone finds support and warmth.


        Remember that this holiday season, real magic comes from acts of kindness and caring for others. Let's be inspired by these examples and make the world around us brighter and warmer!


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