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Enjoy your winter holiday under the shade of palm trees! 10+ destinations with warm winters.

Winter holidays with new travel destinations

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         While the rest of the world is battling the cold, you can travel to places where the sun caresses your skin and winter just winks in the distance. Intui helps you escape the snow and cold and offers new travel destinations in warmer climates. From the unique nature of Indonesia to the hot resorts of Jamaica, a warm winter holiday awaits you for every taste!


Discover beautiful North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Beautiful North Sumatra, Indonesia

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        Get ready for an exciting adventure in North Sumatra, Indonesia! This corner of the country offers unique experiences in the city of Binjay and the capital Medan. Binjai offers a delightful combination of nature and culture. Visit Mesjid Raya, a majestic mosque standing on the banks of the river. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the local Jambi market, where you can enjoy a variety of traditional dishes and decorations.

Find a holiday transfer trip to new travel destination Binjai from Kuala Namu Airport KNO.


        The capital of North Sumatra, Medan, amazes with its colour and rich cultural heritage. Visit temples such as the Great Mariamman Temple and immerse yourself in the history of this amazing place.

How to travel to the city center of Medan from Kuala Namu KNO airport by car with driver.


        During the winter months, North Sumatra experiences a wet season, but the air is warm. During the Chinese New Year there are many events and tourists as many as during the summer months.

Find new travel destinations from Kuala Namu KNO Airport with holiday transfer.


Enjoy the sun on the white beaches of Jamaica.

White beaches of Jamaica

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        Jamaica welcomes travellers with white beaches and cultural experiences! The paradise of Rio Bueno with crystal clear ocean and impeccable beaches awaits you.

Find a trip to the new travel destination Rio Bueno from Montego Bay MBJ Airport with a holiday transfer.


        The Trelawny coastline is a popular tourist destination in Jamaica due to its beautiful sandy beaches and close proximity to Montego Bay MBJ International Airport. Duncans is one of the most famous resorts on the coast, where you can warm up and forget about the winter cold.

How to travel to the city center of Duncans from Montego Bay MBJ airport in comfort.


        From November to mid-April, the high season in Jamaica lasts, which allows tourists to bask on the coast and enjoy the sun while it snows in the European climate. It is convenient to find a trip from your doorstep to your destination and get to any new travel destinations in Jamaica from Montego Bay MBJ airport on the Intui website.


Relax in the beautiful resorts of Antigua and Barbuda.

Holidays in Antigua and Barbuda

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        Relax on Galley Bay Beach or enjoy a variety of activities at Jolly Harbor in Antigua and Barbuda. On the secluded Galley Bay beach you can spend the whole day basking on the warm sand and doing diving, snorkelling and other activities. How to travel to the city center and Galley Bay beach from Antigua ANU airport with a holiday transfer.


        Jolly Harbor is a resort on the west coast of the island of Antigua in the Caribbean Sea, one of the island's most popular tourist destinations. Its main feature is a luxurious beach that stretches for several kilometres. Find out how to get from your doorstep to your destination at Jolly Harbor resort from Antigua ANU airport.


        Antigua and Barbuda is the perfect place for a winter holiday under the warm sun. The best time to visit Antigua and Barbuda is from December to April. Enjoy your resort holiday and find trips from your doorstep to your destination near Antigua ANU airport conveniently on the Intui website.


Immerse yourself in the unique nature and culture of Malaysia.

Unique architecture of Malaysia

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        Diving into the world of Malaysia promises a unique experience, especially if you head to Intui's new destinations Kota Kemuning and Telok Panglima Garang. Kota Kemuning provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in cultural heritage and enjoy the diversity of nature. From historical shrines to exciting water adventures, there is something for everyone. How to travel to the city center of Kota Kemuning from Kuala Lumpur KUL Airport using a holiday transfer.


        Telok Panglima Garang offers amazing adventures for both outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Go on coastal boat trips to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the local coastline.

On the Intui website you can find trips to Telok Panglima Garang from Kuala Lumpur KUL Airport.


        During the winter months, Malaysia is coolest if such temperatures can be considered low — the average thermometer remains around +27°C. It rains in the western part of Malaysia in winter, but in the north and west, where the new Intui destinations are located, you can enjoy a holiday without rain.

Find a trip from your doorstep to your destination near Kuala Lumpur KUL Airport.


        While the rest of the world is struggling with the cold, Intui holiday transfer will bring you to warmer places on the planet. When you land at the airport, the holiday transfer will be waiting for you in the parking lot as close to the arrival area as possible. The same applies to holiday transfers from train stations, ports and railway stations: the greeter will be on site, at the agreed address, with a name plate. The car with driver arrives at the time you specify on the order form and is waiting for you, not you for it, so that you get in and go off to enjoy the experience as quickly as possible. Go to warm resorts with a comfortable holiday transfer Intui!


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