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Experience the magic of Hanami! Spring Japan welcomes tourists in the pink glow of sakura trees.

Spring Japan in pink sakura blossoms

Authors / photo source: prostooleh/Freepik and Lika Watanabe/Unsplash.




         Every year, from late March to May, Japan is enveloped in a pink cloud of gorgeous sakura blossoms. The Hanami Sakura Blossom Festival attracts travellers from all over the world — everyone wants to relax under the blossoming trees and feel the spring wind in their hair among the branches, which is said to bring happiness and good luck.


Enjoy moments of beauty at the Hanami Festival.

Sakura blossoms at Hanami festival

Authors / photo source: Antonina Bukowska/Unsplash.


        Sakura is the national symbol of Japan. The Sakura Blossom Festival is one of the Japanese people's favourite festivals, and a special term, hanami, has even been coined for watching this picturesque event. The first time to observe the sakura blossoms began in the VII century. At that time hanami was the privilege of the aristocracy, but later all strata of society joined the art of observing flowers.


        To catch Hanami in full bloom is a great travelling experience. Sakura blooms for only a few days, but in the cold spring this period is even shorter and can last up to several hours. For the Japanese, cherry blossoms have become a symbol of beauty and the transience of life.


Hunt for sakura blossom trees in the cities of Japan.

Sakura blossom trees in the cities of Japan

Authors / photo source: morn in japan/Pixabay.


        The Hanami Festival starts around March and lasts until May. This is due to the fact that in different parts of Japan the sakura tree blooms at different times, depending on weather conditions. Since there are no official dates for Hanami, the festival starts on the day when the tree blossoms at the Yasukuni Buddhist temple in Tokyo. Usually the first tree blossoms in mid to late March. Next, the sakura blooms in Kyoto, around the first half of April. A few days later, Hanami begins in Osaka, and in late April-May, the sakura blooms in Hokkaido. However, it is really difficult to predict the dates of sakura blossoms in advance, so it is not easy to plan a trip specifically to see the blossoms. In Japan, JWA (Japan Meteorological Association) publishes sakura blossom forecasts every spring.


        During the sakura blossom season, all Japanese cities are transformed with pink flowers in public gardens and parks. It becomes especially beautiful at dusk, as the trees are illuminated. There are no official holidays in Hanami for Japanese, but everyone wants to go on a picnic with family and friends to sit under the blossoming trees. Some even take time off for a spring trip to see the cherry blossoms in city after city, from Tokyo to Sapporo.


See sakura blossoms wherever you are: Hanami in different countries.

Hanami in different countries

Authors / photo source: Christel/Pixabay.


        Probably no other country is as reverent about sakura blossoms as Japan. But it's not the only country that celebrates Hanami. This festival is also popular in China and South Korea. Smaller Hanami celebrations take place in Europe, such as in Paris, London, Prague, Copenhagen and more. One of the largest Hanami festivals in the United States is held in Washington DC.


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