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Open up new horizons! 9+ ideas for your brightest adventures in Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland.

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         More destinations — more new ideas for your trips! Good news from Intui: we are introducing new holiday transfer destinations in Bulgaria, Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland. Whether you're a nature lover, a cultural enthusiast or an adventure seeker, discover new ideas for your next unforgettable trip.


Immerse yourself in the colorful atmosphere of Bulgaria.

New travel destination Vitosha quarter in Bulgaria

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        The Vitosha quarter in Sofia, at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, has picturesque nature and a unique atmosphere. A tourist can visit the Vitosha Museum, try the local cuisine, stroll through the Vitosha Park and enjoy beautiful views of the city. Now with Intui you can quickly find a trip from Sofia SOF airport to new travel destination Vitosha quarter.

        Tourist attractions also include the Vitosha ski resort with stunning slopes, Aleko Hut and the historical Boyanskaya Cave. On the mountain itself during the snowy season there are a variety of ski slopes for all levels, where you can fully enjoy an active holiday. How to get there by hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs in all directions from Sofia airport SOF.


See authentic cities in Belgium.

Mechelen museum in Belgium

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        Mechelen is famous for its cultural treasures, such as the Saint-Rombout Cathedral and museums. Mechelen also has various family attractions such as the Planckendael Zoo and children's play areas, making it an attractive town for families with children. Now you can find out how to get to new travel destination Mechelen from Brussels Airport BRU on the Intui website.


        Another interesting idea for a holiday in Belgium is a trip to Braine-le-Château. There is an ancient castle here that reveals the history of this region.

On Intui you can quickly find how to travel to the city center Braine-le-Château from Brussels Airport BRU and back.

        The city is known for its beautiful nature, with many parks and trails available to visitors. Visiting local markets and festivals will also allow tourists to immerse themselves in the authentic culture and traditions of the region. If you want to continue exploring Belgium, Intui makes it easy to find how to travel to the city center of hundreds of destinations from Brussels Airport BRU.


Enjoy the resorts and beautiful nature of Spain.

Tower of Hercules in La Coruña, Spain

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        You can plunge into the old days and at the same time relax on the beaches in picturesque Spain! La Coruña is famous for its historical heritage, and one of its significant parts is the Tower of Hercules. This ancient lighthouse is one of the oldest working lighthouses in the world and offers stunning views of the surrounding area.

How to travel to the city center La Coruña from Vigo VGO airport can be found on the website.

        The city also has beautiful beaches such as Orson and Riazor, where tourists can enjoy the sun and sea breeze.


        O Grove is another stunning holiday destination in Spain. It is located in the Gulf of Pontevedra and is famous for its beautiful nature, picturesque beaches and coves such as the beach of São Vicente. Find the trip with a holiday transfer to new travel destination Eau Grove from Vigo VGO airport.

        Tourists can also visit the numerous thermal spas of O Grove to relax in the healing waters. The region is famous for restaurants serving fresh oysters, mussels and other seafood. How to get there by hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs in all directions from Vigo airport VGO with Intui.


Relax on the golden beaches of South Tenerife.

Resort in South Tenerife

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        Playa de Fanabe is famous for its beautiful beaches with soft golden sand. The extended embankment and picturesque promenade invite you to long walks overlooking the ocean. There are many restaurants, cafes and shops, golf courses and other active entertainment. Find how to travel to the city center Playa de Fanabe from Tenerife South TFS airport with a holiday transfer.


        Medano is known for its stunning beaches and excellent conditions for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The fishing port offers fresh seafood and an authentic atmosphere.

On Intui you can find out how to get to new travel destination Medano from Tenerife South TFS airport in advance.

        There are also natural parks where you can get acquainted with the fauna and flora of Tenerife. Medano often hosts local festivals and events where tourists can immerse themselves in the local culture and traditions. How to get there by hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs in all directions of the island from Tenerife South TFS airport.


Go on a mountain adventure in Switzerland: the Alps and their treasures.

Beautiful the Alps in Switzerland

Authors / photo source: Claudia Beyli/Pixabay.


        A great idea for an active holiday is to go to the mountains! La Thuile is famous for its ski resorts, offering excellent conditions for winter sports. Beautiful mountain slopes and many trails attract both experienced skiers and beginners. How to travel to the city center of La Thuile from Geneva GVA airport with a holiday transfer.

        Unlike large ski resorts, Le Carreau is known for a relaxing holiday surrounded by picturesque alpine landscapes. It is located near the major ski resort of Chamonix.

The website makes it easy to find a trip to Le Carreau from Geneva GVA airport in advance.

        In the evening, after active skiing, tourists can enjoy après-ski in cosy bars and restaurants. Although Le Carro is a small resort, it offers tourists a completely unique holiday in a cosy atmosphere. How to get to cities and resorts in Switzerland from Geneva GVA airport by hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs.

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