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Travel from Tokyo to New York by taxi! Features of taxi rides in different countries.

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         Taxis in different countries of the world are an amazing reflection of the local culture that a traveller encounters already at the exit from the airport. From the iconic yellow taxis in New York to the quirky tuk-tuks in Thailand, each country's taxi system is unique. Despite differences in taxi systems around the world, the main goal remains the same — providing reliable transportation. Whether it's the legendary black taxis in England or the exotic tuk-tuks in Thailand, find out what's amazing about taxi rides around the world!


Driver instead of navigator: features of national taxis in Europe.

Legendary taxi in Great Britain

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        In most European countries, taxis are presented in a classic form — well-maintained cars, licensed drivers and a transparent fare payment system are present in all major cities. In France, taxi drivers must work under a licence, the number of which is limited, and the waiting list for obtaining one reaches 15 years or more. In Germany, too, they drive under a licence that is valid in a certain area, and when returning from a foreign area, the taxi driver will not be able to pick up a passenger for lack of a licence. The UK has its own system — to become a driver of the legendary black cab, you need to study the geography of the city for about two years and know the location of almost every building.


        However, not all taxis in Europe are the same. For example, Greece has its own rules — on the way to the car they can pick up passengers for picking, then two people pay the cost of the trip. You can also find a special taxi ride in Santorini — people are transported by donkeys. The fact is that there are many places on the island that are difficult to reach by cars, so animals are used as transport.


Extreme and fun: traditions of taxi travel in Asia.

Taxi in Thailand, Asia

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        In major metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Singapore and Seoul, you can find rides with excellent service. In Tokyo, for example, you can find taxi rides with interactive services and flavours. Self-driving taxis are available in Singapore, and Seoul taxi drivers wear suits and white gloves.


        In Asia, in addition to classic cars, you can also find rides in other types of taxis, such as tuk-tuks, motorcycle taxis and auto-rickshaws. They are usually cheaper than a regular taxi, you can catch them simply by honking your hand, but at the same time, this is a rather extreme type of transport that will definitely give you a vivid impression. Most often, such vehicles are found in Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, India, etc.


“Boda-boda” and “lady taxi”: unusual types of taxis in Africa and the Middle East.

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        Travelling by taxi in many African countries is perhaps the only way to get to the right place, besides public transport in the form of small buses. In tourist areas there are both auto taxis and auto rickshaws. In some places, rickshaws are still common as they are — a person runs and pulls a cart. You should not expect high service: taxis can be decorated with coloured rhinestones and stickers, the cars of private taxi drivers do not have metres and the cost of the trip is determined by the driver himself, and the cars themselves have seen better days. Tourists note that the best taxi in Africa is a motorcycle taxi or “boda-boda”. It can be used even in mountainous areas, and the cost is low.


        At the same time, many countries in the Middle East have a well-developed taxi system, for example, in the UAE. There are even “women’s taxis” designed exclusively for transporting women (sometimes with children).


Yellow taxis and mini-excursions: features of taxi in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Yellow taxis in New York

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        New York is a city of taxi drivers because this is where the famous yellow taxis deliver passengers. Taxi boats are found in Mexico and the Caribbean islands, providing a unique opportunity to travel along water routes. In Rio de Janeiro, taxis are not only a means of transportation, but also an opportunity to gain a unique tourist experience. Many taxi drivers are ready to act as a tour guides and share knowledge about their city, and not only in Latin America. Taxis in Buenos Aires are known for their ability to "stack", picking up several passengers in one direction.


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