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Dive into the April 1 fun from France to Jordan! 5 countries for jokes and fools.

April first fun from France to Jordan

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         Fools Day in many countries is a day of fun, jokes and pranks. It is said that the tradition began with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, when the New Year was moved from April 1 to January 1. Those who had difficulty adapting to the change were called fools. Since then, it has become common to make April 1 jokes everywhere. From Greece to Jordan, from the UK to Denmark, don't miss the highlights and funniest jokes of this holiday!


Joke in French with the "April Fools' Fishes."

Fishes on the first of April in France

Authors / photo source: Dav Tres/Pixabay.


        The April 1 holiday in France is known as "April Fish" or poisson d'avril in French. On this day, French schoolchildren usually stick a paper fish on the back of an unsuspecting classmate and wait for it to be discovered. When the person being pranked reveals the joke, they must exclaim "poisson d'avril!". Many adults also enjoy participating in this harmless amusement.


        The origin of this prank is unknown, but some believe that France may have been the first country to celebrate the holiday in this way. King Charles IX decided to modify the calendar and celebrate New Year's Eve on January 1 instead of April 1, as before. Everyone obeyed, and on January 1 really celebrated the New Year, had fun, gave each other gifts, but when the day of April 1 came, some of the inhabitants for the sake of a joke decided to celebrate the New Year again, but already "fake", with fake congratulations and gifts. Hence the tradition of joking with each other on April 1. Besides France, "April Fishes" are common in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and even Mexico.


Get to know the UK's legendary Fools Day jokes.

UKs legendary Fools Day jokes

Authors / photo source: Ryan McGuire/Pixabay.


        In England, April 1 is also a day of fun and jokes. Although the custom with fish is believed to have originated in France, the English media gave rise to that Fools Day, which is known for jokes on a different scale. On April 1, 1957, the BBC reported on an early spaghetti harvest in southern Switzerland due to the mild Swiss winter. Moreover, they explained that this "spaghetti crop" was growing on trees! The news release was accompanied by footage of a Swiss family plucking pasta from spaghetti trees! The publicity of the mystical "Swiss spaghetti harvest" led to hundreds of people calling the BBC to ask how they could grow their own spaghetti tree. To this day, it is one of the most famous April Fool's pranks and the first to be televised.


Discover the unique traditions of Greek Protaprilla.

Fun on April first in Greece

Authors / photo source: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash.


        In Greece, April 1, or Protaprilla, is celebrated with unique traditions. Different regions of the country have different customs, from expecting good luck for those who were able to make a good prank, to believing in the healing properties of rainwater collected on this particular day. In Thrace and Komotini, successful April Fool's jokes are associated with a good harvest of crops. On the island of Andros, jokes start even earlier — on March 1. Everyone in this country likes to joke on Laughing Day, even the Ministry of Culture, which once decided to play a joke on the public and announced the discovery of Socrates' tomb.


Dive into April Fool's pranks in Jordan.

April Fool pranks in Jordan

Authors / photo source: 1494202/Pixabay.


        On April 1 in Jordan, people can prank each other, joke around, and have fun with friends and colleagues alike. This is similar to how the day is celebrated in many other countries, with an emphasis on entertainment and humour. And the local media also likes to play pranks on the public. Residents fled the town of Jar after a Jordanian newspaper reported on a day of jokes about flying saucers landing, piloted by creatures 3 metres tall.


Have some Danish jokes for the first of April.

Danish jokes for the first of April

Authors / photo source: Victoria/Pixabay.


        In the Scandinavian countries there are also common traditions with the April Fool's Day fish, but there is another interesting tradition — the local media like to joke on the audience and every year publish a kind of joke. Danish newspapers are especially distinguished in this. For example, in 1965 a Copenhagen newspaper reported that the parliament passed a law that all dogs should be painted white to improve road safety, because they are clearly visible at night.


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