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Create miracles with your own hands! 8 ideas on how to spend New Year and Christmas unforgettably.

New Year and Christmas celebration

Authors / photo source: Herbert Aust/Pixabay and senivpetro/Freepik.




         When Christmas and New Year are approaching, you want to spend this time in a way that will be remembered for the whole year! Intui invites you to create magic with loved ones, in a warm and welcoming environment, while enjoying the magic of winter celebrations. Let these days become bright and unique and Intui will tell you how to enjoy your winter holiday to the fullest and remember the holidays for the whole next year!


Throw an unforgettable themed party on New Year's Eve.

Themed party on New Year's Eve

Authors / photo source: OurWhisky Foundation/Pixabay.


         A themed party is your ticket to the land of fun in the New Year! Decorate the room with garlands, balloons, artificial snow and tinsel. Ask guests to come dressed as Santa Claus, snowmen, or their favourite New Year's characters. Create a playlist with New Year's hits and have a karaoke battle. So you will definitely celebrate the holiday in an unusual and fun way that will be remembered for the whole year!


Make a wish and tell your fortune on the most magical night of the year.

New Year's wish list

Authors / photo source: Alexa/Pixabay.


         New Year's Eve is the most magical night of the year! And this is the best period for fortune telling. Write your deepest wishes on small pieces of paper, leave them under your pillow and on January 1, choose one at random. This wish will come true within a year. Another way to look into the future is fortune telling with rice. Hold the palm of your left hand over the jar of rice and, concentrating, ask yourself a question. Then take a handful of rice from it and pour it onto any napkin. An even number of grains is a positive answer, an odd number is a negative answer. There are also many other options for fortune telling — tarot, wax and a mirror will also become your guides to the world of the mysterious future.


Cook delicious treats and visit loved ones.

Delicious Christmas treats

Authors / photo source: Ylloh/Pixabay.


         Making gingerbread houses is not just a culinary pleasure, but an entire art! New Year's sweets and other themed dishes will bring pleasure to both you and your loved ones with whom you can share the meal. On New Year's holidays, please your relatives and friends not only with a visit and gifts, but also with delicious gifts — your attention and care will not go unnoticed and will give warmth to your dear people.


Take an active outing with the whole family and enjoy winter adventures.

Winter adventures at New Year's holidays

Authors / photo source: almadin02/Pixabay.


         New Year's holidays are a great opportunity for an active winter holiday. Skis, sleds and snow angels on the snow — there is something for everyone. A picnic with a grill and hot drinks, a refreshing frost and an invigorating glow will add bright colours to your winter adventure. Even going to the skating rink with the whole family can provide fun moments during the upcoming holidays.


Attend festive events and get into the Christmas spirit.

New Year and Christmas celebration

Authors / photo source: Uwe Driesel/Pixabay.


         During the New Year and Christmas, many festive events take place: concerts, theatrical performances, special film screenings, city festivities and more. Choose any of the events in your city and plunge headlong into this atmosphere. A trip to any of them will be memorable and will give you pleasant emotions!


Have a fabulous photo shoot and capture magical moments.

Christmas photo shoot

Authors / photo source: Oli R/Pixabay.


         Your smiles and laughter will be captured in eternal shots from the photo zone, which you can set up right at home. From family portraits in costume to funny selfies with Santa Claus, create a photo album of memories that will remind us of the magical moments of Christmas all year long.


Get creative with your loved ones during Christmas and New Year gatherings.

Creativity during Christmas and New Year

Authors / photo source: Ivonne Nöhren/Pixabay.


         Prepare a variety of cookie shapes and invite guests to decorate them with icing. Build gingerbread houses together, decorating them with candy and icing. Colouring, decorating and creative inspiration will turn ordinary sweets into real works of art. This will allow you to create unique items that will delight both you and your loved ones!


Spread goodness and bring joy to those who need it most.

Spread goodness at Christmas

Authors / photo source: freepik/Freepik.


         Let them know that your heart is full not only of joy, but also of care. Spread goodness, help those who need it. You can collect clothes, food and other necessary items for the homeless and deliver them to social centres. Instead of exchanging gifts between the participants in your celebration, you can offer to make a small contribution to a charitable foundation. You can donate not only money and things, but also your time — work for free in a canteen for the needy, provide all possible assistance in small animal shelters and more. Don't forget that Christmas is a time of miracles that we can easily create with our own hands!


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