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Sun, beach and... tea terraces! Enjoy relaxation in an oasis of aromas and emerald fields.

Fun trip to tea plantations

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         With the arrival of winter, sometimes you want to escape from the cold, and the best solution is to go to warmer climes! At this time, many resort destinations are in high season, where you can soak up the beach. But what if your shelter from the cold is not only in the warm rays of the sun, but also in a cup of aromatic tea collected on the emerald tea plantations of Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia? If you want to diversify your “beach” routine, you can go to tea plantations and warm not only your body, but also your soul. Tasting the best varieties of tea and breathtaking views of green terraces is a pleasant bonus in these 4 areas.


Learn the art of tea drinking in the green hills of Sri Lanka.

Tea plantation in Sri Lanka

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         For true tea connoisseurs, Sri Lanka is a true delight. The tea plantations in the Nuwara Eliya region of Sri Lanka take you to a place where some of the finest teas in the world are grown. The unique leaf processing technique, passed down from generation to generation, makes Sri Lankan tea unique. Visitors here watch the sunset among the tea bushes, enjoying a cup of fresh tea and impressive views of the green plantations. The best time to visit is from January to April when the hills look like an emerald carpet, creating an amazing picture. On Intui you can find out how to travel to the city center and stunning plantations of Sri Lanka with comfort with holiday transfer.


Immerse yourself in the “tea” atmosphere of India on local plantations.

Harvesting at a tea plantation in India

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         A trip to Darjeeling, India, is an encounter with the highest mountains, the Himalayas, and majestic tea plantations. Here tea grows at an altitude of more than 2000 metres above sea level, acquiring unique flavours. The result is a delicious light tea with a floral aroma. Approximately 25% of India's total tea production comes from these places. Another “tea” destination in India is the Nilgiri mountain region, which is famous for its original black tea with a particularly rich aroma. It is best to go here in winter, when it is warm and dry. You can conveniently find out how to travel to the city center, tea plantations and resorts of India by holiday transfer on Intui.


Visit the best tea plantations in Indonesia: from Bali to Sumatra.

Tea plantation in Indonesia

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         Travelling through the tea plantations of Indonesia is not only about tasting a refined drink, but also about immersing yourself in the unique nature of different regions. The island of Java produces the most tea in the country. Plantations in the Pungkruk and Chibadak areas are especially popular. By visiting these places, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also get acquainted with the process of collecting and processing tea. How to get from your doorstep to your destination other vacation spots in Java from the main Ahmad Yani Airport can be found out in advance on Intui.


         Sumatra is also famous for its tea plantations located around the city of Kerinci. This region produces both black and green tea. Green tea from Sumatra is distinguished by its special taste and aroma due to the specific soil and climate conditions. On the Intui website you can find out how to travel to the city center and tea plantations in Sumatra or Kuala Namu Airport.


         Although Bali is mostly associated with beautiful beaches and temples, the island also offers a unique experience for tea lovers. In the Kingamanis region, located in the highlands, you can visit small tea plantations. A variety of teas are grown here, including original local ones. Despite the fact that in winter the rainy season begins in Indonesia, the tourist flow only increases at this time. At this time, you can watch the tea grow and at the same time relax in the beauty of the tropics.

How to get from your doorstep to your destination of Indonesia by holiday transfer.


Walk through the emerald tea plantations of Thailand during harvest time.

Green tea plantation in Thailand

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         In the northern part of Thailand, the Chiang Rai region is home to some of the most famous tea plantations. Here tourists can enjoy not only beautiful views, but also learn about the production process of original Thai tea. Oolong, black and green teas are most commonly grown in this region. On the Intui website you can quickly find out how to get from your doorstep to your destination of Northern Thailand from Chiang Rai airport.


         In the western part of Thailand, in the Mae Hong Son region, there are also tea plantations. The beautiful mountain landscapes and cool climate of this region create favourable conditions for growing various varieties of tea. The optimal time to visit tea plantations in Thailand is from November to February, when the climate is cooler and drier. At this time, tourists can observe the harvesting process with their own eyes. Entertainment can be combined with relaxing on the beaches, since this is the high season in Thailand. You can find out how to travel to the city center and tea plantations of Western Thailand by holiday transfer and how long it takes to get there from Mae Hong Son Airport on Intui.


         A trip to tea plantations can be combined with a long-awaited resort vacation! However, it is worth thinking about how to get to a resort or plantation on these islands in advance. Regular transport usually runs according to a schedule and a specific route, without reaching hotels — you will have to walk from the stops with your luggage. There are many taxis on the islands, but most are private operators, and you can overpay 2-3 times for a trip. To avoid transport hassles, consider a holiday transfer. It makes it much faster and more convenient to get to the heavenly corners of the planet. Especially if you are travelling with a family or a large group with an unusual amount of luggage, it is quite difficult to find a suitable car on the spot. Booking in advance will save you from waiting in line for a taxi upon arrival at the airport or port. Why spend time in queues? Use it for relaxation and enjoy your trip even before arriving at the hotel!


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