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Meet the mystical side of Christmas! Krampus happily walks through the cities of Europe.

Celebrating Krampusnacht

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         At the beginning of winter, when cold winds cover Europe, the long-awaited Krampusnacht arrives — an evening when the gloomy atmosphere is combined with fun. The main character of this night performance is the devil Krampus, the mysterious companion of St. Nicholas. Known for his creepy appearance — horns, hooves, chains and scary masks — Krampus walks the city streets on the eve of St. Nicholas Day. But not as a symbol of horror and threat, but as part of an ancient tradition, reminding everyone of the need to do good deeds.


Immerse yourself in the mystical traditions of Krampusnacht: where darkness meets light.

Mystical Krapusnacht at the celebration

Authors / photo source: NickyPe/Pixabay.


         On December 5, the cities of Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Germany and the Czech Republic are filled with the mystical aura of Krampusnacht. It is believed that Krampus comes to check how obedient and kind children have been throughout the year. Wearing frightening costumes and masks, the Krampus walk the streets, scare children, and also give them “ruthen” sticks as punishment for disobedience. Following Krampus comes Saint Nicholas, representing a bright and good beginning. Saint Nicholas gives gifts to those children who have behaved well during the year. Despite the fact that Krampus comes to naughty children as punishment, this day is part of a series of Christmas holidays and is celebrated on a special scale in many countries.


Attend Krampusnacht festivals: magic, processions and fire dancing.

Performance at the Krampusnacht festival

Authors / photo source: mherfurt/Pixabay.


         The main events of Krampusnacht are closely related to the feast of St. Nicholas, which is celebrated on December 6 in Western Europe, Australia and the United States. Festivals and parades through city streets, theatrical performances and holiday fairs on the eve of the saint's day create a unique mystical atmosphere reminiscent of Halloween. Thus, in Austria, festivals in Graz offer large-scale Krampus processions, in Lienz the Perchtenlauf festival brings elements of magic, and the Slovenian Kranjski Krampuslauf is an amazing combination of light and darkness. These vibrant events create an atmosphere filled with mystery and magic, making Krampusnacht celebrations an exciting experience for anyone looking for something special in the pre-Christmas period.


Have your own Krampusnacht: Alpine traditions at home.

Krampusnacht traditions in your home

Authors / photo source: VerenaObermaier/Pixabay.


         Can't make it to the festival? Celebrate Krampusnacht at home! Organise a themed party with costumes, where the main characters will be St. Nicholas and, of course, Krampus. Prepare traditional food and drinks for this holiday — according to tradition, men dressed in Krampus costumes are treated to schnapps, and themed cookies are baked for children. You can also make a bunch of birch twigs and place them on your Christmas tree as a reminder of Krampus. To create the atmosphere of a real European holiday, organise a movie night — this holiday is reflected in many Christmas films.


Enjoy Krampusnacht at the center of the action: stress-free holiday travel with Intui.

Perfect trip with holiday transfer

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         Specific and mysterious, Krampusnacht provides a unique opportunity to plunge into dark traditions before Christmas. In Alpine countries, this tradition is so popular that it is celebrated for more than one day — Krampus walks around the cities during the first two weeks of December. Travelling to these countries will be an exciting experience for those looking for something different and spicy ahead of the festive season. It is difficult to get to the hotel by bus and metro on holidays — they can run on a special schedule and be crowded, and the holiday fare and queue for a taxi can be an unpleasant surprise. If you arrive in your destination country in the middle of a holiday, the best solution is to book a holiday transfer online in advance. This way you will be sure that you will not have to wait for a car for hours and will leave at any time, even at night and on holidays, when not a single bus runs. Go on trips with Intui holiday transfer and enjoy the holidays without the hassle of transportation!


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