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         Travelling is a unique opportunity to expand horizons and immerse yourself in new experiences. An important aspect of organising an independent trip is the choice of suitable transportation. Public transport, taxis, car rental and private transfers are your main assistants in getting around. To properly prepare for an independent travel, find out the features of movement on each of them.


Travel like a local: the benefits of public transport.

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         Public transport is usually more affordable, which saves money for entertainment. Using local buses, subways and trains, you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of local life and see the city from the point of view of local residents. Also, public transport is usually more environmentally friendly, which is important for nature conservation.


         However, this mode of transportation has its drawbacks. For example, public transport schedules can limit your freedom of movement and planning flexibility. Also, buses and trains can rarely go to remote regions and sparsely populated areas (several times a week) or not at all. If your direction is far from big cities, it is better to foresee other transportation options in advance, otherwise you may simply get stuck at the airport or another city.


         If you decide to use public transport, check the schedules in advance. Many airports provide information about train and bus schedules on their official websites. There you can also find out which of the terminals they stop at, where they go, how to buy a ticket and whether a special travel card is needed. Keep in mind that public transport rules may vary from country to country. For example, in the Dubai Metro there are separate women's carriages where men cannot ride. In the Maldives, public transport between the atolls is boats and ferries. If the latter are tied to the schedule, then the boats can depart regardless of the time, and as they fill up, you may not get on the flight and you don’t know when the next one will be.


Watch the counter: taxi rides while traveling.

Independent travel by taxi

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         Taxis are faster and more comfortable than public transport and are suitable for those who have limited travel time. Travelling independently by taxi is usually more convenient because the drivers know the area and you don't have to look up the address yourself.


         However, you should be prepared that the taxi trip will still require additional time: you may have to queue for a taxi or wait until the services find a suitable car. The waiting time increases if you are travelling with a company of 4 people or more, vacationing with children and you need a car with child seats, you have a lot of luggage and more. At the same time, not every taxi driver can navigate the area well, and if you speak different languages, it is not easy to explain that you have come to the wrong place.


         If you plan to take a taxi on an independent travel, it is most reliable to use official services. Then you will be sure that you will reach the set cost or by the metre and will be able to avoid other misunderstandings that occur with private taxi drivers. It is also better to know the distance of the trip and its cost in advance, because the price for a long taxi ride can significantly hit the budget. Keep in mind that the rules for travelling by taxi in different countries are different. For example, in Dubai there are women's taxis, where only women with children can ride, and in some African countries you will not go in a car yourself — the driver picks up other passengers as long as there are empty seats.


Get a GPS: renting a car in independent travel.

Renting a car on an independent trip

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         Renting a car on independent travel is sometimes the most convenient: only you control your route, you can move at your own speed and make stops where necessary. You are tied only to the traffic rules in the country, the cost of renting a car and a navigator — it would seem that it would be better and impossible to come up with for an independent travel.


         However, this method has pitfalls: you need to know the peculiarities of local driving rules, many of which are not registered anywhere. This is especially true for countries in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, where traffic is unusual and drivers even speak a “special language” of horns. In addition, renting a car is not the cheapest option for moving: you need to pay for rent, insurance, fuel, parking, and tolls on roads and separate paid sections of the highway. Between this, there is always a risk that the navigator will fail and part of the rest you will simply look for your way or turn.


         If you decide to travel in a rented car, make sure you have the necessary documents. Abroad, an international driver's licence will be required. Also bring a few GPS devices and a map — this will help if your navigator lets you down.


A trip like a vacation: enjoy the private transfer service while travelling.

Private transfer on an independent trip

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         A private transfer is a great way to travel independently. You can choose the departure time according to your schedule and plans, which will allow you to make the most of every minute of your trip. The cost of a private transfer is fixed: you know the exact amount you need to pay and can include it in your holiday budget. Private transfer drivers are well versed in the area and can recommend the best places to visit, attractions and restaurants to help independent travellers enjoy their vacation.


         With a private transfer, you do not need to know the local language and traffic rules, understand public transport stops and wait for the right car to be given to you. You will choose in advance the desired car with the required number of child seats, polite drivers will arrive for you on time, you will calmly sit down and drive to the place you need, enjoying the views outside the window. Book a private transfer and travel independent without worries about transportation!


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