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Artificial intelligence in the world of travel

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         Remember the movie "Iron Man"? When the film was released 15 years ago, Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., amazed the world not only with his armoured suit, but also with his advanced gadgets. For example, holograms, when pictures fantastically appeared as if out of thin air and he could scroll through and enlarge them with one wave of his hand. Or a voice assistant — a robot that could follow directions and answer questions. And here's what's surprising: many of the technologies shown in the film now exist in real life and are used in the tourism industry. Today, travellers can feel like Tony Stark when exploring digital attractions using augmented reality, plotting travel itineraries with voice assistant guidance, or searching for great ticket prices using AI systems. And that's not all — explore other AI capabilities in travel to make your trip more convenient and fun!


Plan your perfect trip with AI.

Planning perfect trip with AI

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         Artificial intelligence has transformed the way we plan trips. With personalised algorithms, AI analyses our interests, offers optimal options based on preferences, helps us navigate prices flexibly, and more. Now you can find the perfect tour or even build one from scratch in a few clicks. For such purposes there are special neural networks, for example, such as AI Adventures or others. With their help, you can build a route according to your criteria and interests, plan your trip budget, find entertainment and more. The main thing is that with the help of AI you will receive the most personalised trip, created specifically for your request.


Use chatbots and voice assistants while traveling.

AI assistance in travel

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         When you need to get information quickly, chatbots and voice assistants built into your smartphone and services are always at hand. They are able to answer your questions about transport schedules and establishments, places to visit and restaurants. With their help, you can easily find your way around, move around a new location, or find interesting places and learn something new about them. Chatbots also actively use various services in the tourism industry, for example, hotels. This helps to get a quick answer to a question if the technical support representative is busy.


         Multimedia tour guides represent an evolution of GPS with geo-referenced information updated in real time. Some AIs can thus help avoid overcrowding by directing the flow of tourists to less crowded destinations and attractions.


Immerse yourself in the world of virtual and augmented reality — a new milestone in travel.

VR technology in travel

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         Artificial intelligence allows you to immerse yourself in a new place through virtual tours and excursions. You can explore landmarks and museums using virtual reality and see the terrain and exhibits from all angles as if you were actually there. This opportunity has already been provided by world-class museums and galleries, including the Louvre, the Hermitage, the Acropolis Museum and more.


         Augmented reality is a revolutionary AI technology in tourism. It differs from virtual reality in that it does not replace the real environment, but complements it by superimposing digital components. The Pokemon Go game is a prime example of AR technology. It is now actively used in travel to add graphics or useful information to the environment. For example, Premier Inn's Hub Hotel combined augmented reality with in-room wall maps. When viewed via a smartphone or tablet, wall maps provide additional information about some local attractions, serving as an information tool for tourists. The same technology is used for restaurants and attractions — if you point your smartphone screen at a location, you can learn about the history of the place and more “on the go.”


Take advantage of robot assistants, the physical embodiment of AI.

AI robot assistants during travel

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         If you've ever dreamed of a driverless taxi or a hotel assistant, then AI is turning those dreams into reality. Currently, some hotels already have concierge robots to work at the reception, robots that serve as waiters in restaurants and hostesses at events and in museums, which not only provide information, but are also responsible, for example, for meeting visitors. In addition, AI-based robots are already delivering food, helping tourists check in faster, keeping order at the airport, etc.


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