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Three countries — million impressions! Explore destinations in Portugal, New Zealand and Bahamas.

Family explore new travel destinations

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         Immerse yourself in the history and flavors of Portugal, where each street tells its own unique story. See the beautiful landscapes and colorful cities of New Zealand. Experience paradise in the Bahamas, where warm waters and white sandy beaches provide the backdrop for a wonderful experience. New travel destinations are a chance to create a million memories in these three amazing countries!


Discover new destinations in Portugal.

New travel destinations in Portugal

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         The small Portuguese village of Paredes de Cura attracts tourists with its beautiful architecture, including a medieval castle and cozy streets. Every year the Paredes de Cura festival takes place here, attracting local and international performers. You can easily find out the cost of a trip to new travel destination Paredes de Cura from Porto OPO airport on the Intui website.

         Mezan-Friou impresses with its natural beauty. Majestic mountains and picturesque valleys allow tourists to immerse themselves in a unique experience in harmony with nature.

How to get to the hotel in Mezan Frio from Porto OPO airport with a car with driver.

         The region of Porto in Portugal is located on the northwestern coast of the country. There are many resorts and tourist attractions located here. Finding a trip from your doorstep to your destination from Porto OPO airport will not be difficult — the best offers for your travels are on Intui.


Explore exciting destinations in New Zealand.

Exciting destinations in New Zealand

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         Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. It is located on 48 extinct volcanoes, which over time turned into rivers, lakes and islands. Auckland itself is interesting for its combination of Asian, European and Polynesian culture, and its surroundings will surprise you with natural attractions. How to get to the hotel in new travel destination, the most picturesque city of Polynesia from Auckland Airport AKL can be found on the Intui website.


         Parnell is a suburb of Auckland that looks like an ancient village. This is Auckland's oldest district with modern high-end boutiques and cafes. Every weekend there is a French market called La Cigale, an event that no gourmet traveler will miss when in Auckland. Find a trip to new travel destination Parnell from the port of Auckland and book a car with driver in advance conveniently on the Intui website.


         New Zealand is an ideal destination for nature lovers, as the country is famous throughout the world for its landscapes. The country also offers numerous outdoor activities, from hiking to zorbing. It is convenient to find out the cost of travel from your doorstep to your destination in New Zealand from Auckland Airport on the Intui website.


Enjoy a paradise vacation in the Bahamas.

Paradise vacation in the Bahamas

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         The Bahamas offers travelers an incredible holiday experience in paradise. With its crystal clear waters and inviting beaches, Paradise Island is a playground for great relaxation and underwater discovery. Find a trip to new travel destination Paradise Island from Nassau NAS Airport with car with driver.

         Breezes Resort reveals true luxury and serenity, giving vacationers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a tropical paradise. In addition, the resort offers an all-inclusive holiday on the beautiful Cable Beach. It is convenient to find out the cost of a trip to new travel destination Breezes Resort from Nassau NAS airport on the Intui website.


         Holidays in the Bahamas mean beautiful beaches with clear waves, a variety of corals and reefs, spa complexes, yoga and relaxation in the middle of the tropics. The Bahamas is made up of many islands, each with its own character and unique attractions. You can find a trip with a car with driver from your doorstep to your destination in the Bahamas from Nassau NAS airport in advance on the Intui website.


         It’s convenient to visit any of these three corners of the world with Intui car with driver! When you land, the car will already be waiting in the parking lot, as close to the arrival area as possible. Car with driver will know the time at which you need to be picked up from the airport and will arrive in advance. The same conditions apply if you need to leave the port or hotel — you will be met, put in a car and quickly driven to the right place. Choose your destination and enjoy your vacation with a car with driver!


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