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Trip between countries by holiday transfer

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         Travelling across several countries is not only an exciting vacation, but also a real test in organising transport. How to get to each point without hassle? Here, holiday transfers come to the rescue, turning complex planning into a simple trip with a lot of pleasant emotions. From booking a trip in advance on the website to the return journey from the hotel to the airport, transport companies and Intui will help you organise your ride and get the best experience from your trip!


Make your multi-country trip easy and enjoyable with Intui.

Multi-country trip by car with driver

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         Imagine that you have arrived at the airport of one country, but your hotel is already in another. Or maybe you would like to visit interesting places in a third country? How to get to all the desired places? In this case, the holiday transfer will become your faithful guide. Popular border airports such as Frankfurt (Germany) or Geneva (Switzerland) are ideal starting points for travelling to neighbouring countries. You arrive in one country, and a few hours later enjoy dinner in another. The complex process of transporting between countries disappears, leaving you with a pleasant experience of travelling not just one, but two or even three countries.


Enjoy the best Intui service in multiple countries during your trip.

Car with driver on trip in multiple countries

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         When you travel to multiple countries, you may need to pay for your local currency, and each country may have its own. You will need to look for exchangers first in one, then in another country, which will take time and effort. With Intui, paying in different currencies is no longer a problem thanks to convenient payment methods — 22 currencies and 9 payment methods are available on the site. So you can pay for the trip in a matter of minutes and not think about how to exchange money upon arrival.


         In a taxi, you may meet drivers who only speak the local language well. If you do not own it, then the driver may not even understand where you need to go, especially if the destination is in another country. Intui makes it easy to book a car with a driver in any country. The site is available in 14 languages and you can make a booking, issue a voucher and get boarding instructions in any of them. This way you will be sure that the information is understood clearly and your trip will go smoothly.


Book a holiday transfer in advance and travel without borders.

Booking a holiday transfer in advance

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         If you book a car with a driver in advance, you can quickly move between several countries without hassle. This way you can anticipate different travel requirements that vary from country to country. From the rules for transporting children to paying for toll roads and vignettes, it is more convenient to organise the intricacies of a trip between different countries in advance with Intui. Even before the trip, you can book child seats, boosters and cradles, choose the car you like and find out the cost of the trip. If you book a car with a driver in advance, the car will be reserved only for you and will be delivered right on time — this will ensure a smooth trip between countries without unpleasant surprises. You can focus on exploring cultures, architecture and cuisine, knowing that the trip is already organised by Intui and you will get to the right places without the hassle of transportation. Book a holiday transfer and enjoy easy travel between different countries!


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