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Discover unusual snow adventures! 6 fun winter activities to try.

Unusual winter activities for fun

Authors / photo source: Marcela/Pixabay and Tomasz Proszek/Pixabay.




         The arrival of winter is not only a reason to wrap yourself in a warm blanket, but also a great opportunity to plunge into winter fun! If you are already bored with skiing and skating, and snowball fights are starting to seem like a chore, then get ready to discover something new! Yes, forget about standard winter activities — today we invite you to go into the fascinating world of unusual snow adventures and spend your winter even more fun!


Experience adrenaline on the frozen water walls of the Alps.

Fun winter activity ice climbing

Authors / photo source: Jon Hieb/Unsplash.


         Tired of the usual climbing, skiing and skating? Try ice climbing! One of the best places for this unusual activity is Chamonix in the Alps. How to get directly to Chamonix from Malpensa airport can be found on the Intui website.

         Vertical ice is a new challenge for those looking for adrenaline in the cold season. While having fun, clinging to the edge of the ice wall, you will feel a surge of energy and see the winter landscape from above. Also with hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs it is convenient to find how to travel to the city center and to Alpine ski resorts from Malpensa airport.


Try sleigh rides — fun for the whole family.

Sleigh rides are winter fun for the whole family

Authors / photo source: trygd/Pixabay.


         Sledding is not just children's entertainment! Adults can also feel the speed and remember childhood fun by riding a special mountain sleigh. Head to St. Moritz in Switzerland for an authentic ski resort experience and try out this spectacular slope. You can find out how to travel to the city center and to the resort of St. Moritz from Malpensa airport with hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs on the Intui website.


Conquer the frozen waves with ice sailing.

Winter activity ice sailing

Authors / photo source: bepart64/Pixabay.


         The feeling of freedom and wind in your sails is possible in winter too! Experience the world of ice sailing on frozen lakes and bays. Finland, especially Helsinki, provides excellent conditions for this unique winter adventure. Find a trip with hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs to all destinations and resorts from the country's main airport Vantaa Helsinki.


Enjoy your winter holiday accompanied by energetic northern dogs.

Winter fun in the company of northern dogs

Authors / photo source: Yann Gbs/Unsplash.


         If you love dogs and nature, then dog sledding is a great way to combine nature and outdoor activities. Take a look at the resorts offering this type of entertainment and go on an exciting adventure accompanied by energetic northern dogs. Try this fun activity in Lapland, Finland, where beautiful forests and snow fields provide the perfect conditions for such trips. With a holiday transfer, you can find a trip to the cities and ski resorts of Finland in comfort and without hassle.


Try a unique alternative to skiing: snow kayaking.

Winter kayaking in Finland

Authors / photo source: 12019/Pixabay.


         Imagine speeding down not fast-flowing rivers, but snow-covered hills — this is an innovative snow kayaking. Just a few hours from Ottawa, at the Mont Tremblant ski resort in Canada, you can feel the adrenaline rush of conquering the snowy waves in this unique vehicle. You can find out how to travel to the city center and ski resorts in Canada with hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs.


Experience an unusual winter activity — shovel racing.

Fun winter activities for kids

Authors / photo source: jty11117777/Pixabay.


         Get into the snow madness and feel the childhood excitement of shovel racing! Winter shovel racing was invented in the early 1970s by ski resort instructors as a way to... get off the peaks at the end of the day when the lifts are turned off. Gradually, a new, funny and exciting type of winter sport gained remarkable popularity. For a long time, there were even competitions in this sport, but they were cancelled for safety reasons. Therefore, choose low slides for this fun and ride on special tracks. At New Mexico ski resorts, this winter activity will be a memorable moment of your vacation.

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         Choose your winter adventure and let your holiday transfer pick you up from the airport and take you straight to your resort without any hassle. It’s worth thinking about booking a car with a driver in advance, because there will be many winter fun lovers during the season. To avoid crowding in queues, simply follow the link and book a holiday transfer. A car with a driver will be waiting for you in advance; you will simply leave the airport and immediately drive off in anticipation of the experience.


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