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TOP 4 of the treasures of unexplored Albania: discover the fantastic pearls of the Balkans.

Travel in Albania

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         Albania is not just a place on the map. This is the pearl of the Balkans and a real treasure for those looking for historical sites, serene moments on the beach and unique gastronomy. news: new destinations for trips around beautiful Albania have been added to the website. This undiscovered jewel of the Balkans holds many treasures that you can discover one by one on your trip!


Resorts like diamonds on the coast: relax on the beaches of the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic.

Lake Komani Lake with the Albanian fjords

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         The choice of resorts for a beach holiday in Albania is great: Vlora, Durres, Saranda, Borsh, Himara, Dhermi, Ksamil, Pogradec. Here, each resort is like a jewel on a necklace of coastal beauty. Snow-white beaches, turquoise waters, and each place has its own unique character. Near picturesque Durres is Golem, a small resort with spacious beaches, where hotels are located almost on the water, and surrounded by majestic pine trees. news: a car with a driver from Tirana Airport TIA to quiet Golem is now available for booking.

         Choose the best travel offer and enjoy your holiday on the beaches of Albania!


Historical kaleidoscope: travel through time through the cities and landmarks of Albania.

Historical landmark Rozafa Castle, Albania

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         The capital of Tirana, ancient Shkodra, the Butrint Museum-Reserve with its majestic ruins, Apollonia, Gjirokastra, Driinopol, Kruja — each of these places represents a unique opportunity to feel the spirit of antiquity, and the architecture of the Ottoman period adds an indescribable flavor of the time. These destinations are like the pages of a historical novel, each with its own fascinating history. Kavaja is an ancient town near the Adriatic Sea. There are many interesting places for excursions: an ethnographic museum, a 15th-century fortress, a chapel, a mosque. In addition, the city is located next to the sea and offers beach holidays. You can now find a trip to a new travel destination Kavaja from Tirana Airport TIA on the Intui website.


From retreats to active holidays: try a variety of activities in Albania.

Beach holidays in Albania

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         In Albania, you can enjoy the beauty of nature not only from the beach. Horseback riding along mountain trails, rafting in a forested canyon, the protected Karaburun-Sazan and the picturesque Skadar Lake promise magnificent impressions of the underwater world and nature. For lovers of a relaxing holiday, secluded retreats on the seashore are suitable — here every traveler will find entertainment to their liking. You can find a car ride with a driver from Tirana TIA Airport to new travel destinations, hotels, beaches and historical sites on the Intui website.


Balkan fairy tale: immerse yourself in the traditions and tastes of Albania.

Culinary delights in Albania

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         Don't forget about Balkan cuisine! It is diverse and unique. For a culinary adventure, try traditional dishes such as ferges (vegetable and cheese casserole) and tawa kos (meat casserole). The culinary discoveries of Albania will definitely delight you with new impressions! However, the main treasures of Albania are the local people. For them, a guest in the house is a messenger of light and joy, who is usually received with cordiality. If you are planning a trip during the holidays, visit local festivities — Albanians have preserved long-standing traditions and rituals that will help you get to know the local culture better.


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