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Not Only Munich: Visit 7 World Oktoberfests Outside of Germany.

Oktoberfest festival in Munich

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         Every autumn, Germany attracts lovers of Bavarian culture and beer to the Oktoberfest. For several weeks, Munich is immersed in a feast of beer, delicious food and fun. However, the Munich Oktoberfest is not the only one. German traditions have spread all over the world — there are beer festivals in Hong Kong, India, Canada and beyond. With a list of Oktoberfests from Intui, it is not necessary to go to Munich — major beer festivals await guests in many countries of the world.


Celebrate Oktoberfest with a combination of beer and samba in Blumenau, Brazil.

Oktoberfest in Blumenau, Brazil

Authors / photo source: digitearte/Flickr.


         The very existence of Oktoberfest in Brazil may seem strange, but in reality there is a German population throughout South America. Oktoberfest in Blumenau is a vibrant beer festival organised by the descendants of German immigrants in Brazil. The celebration is a fun holiday with Brazilian dancing and entertainment mixed with a tasting of Bavarian cuisine, German and Brazilian beers. The festival usually lasts for two weeks and during this time it attracts thousands of Oktoberfest fans.


Enjoy an Oktoberfest big party in Hong Kong.

Oktoberfest in Hong Kong Marco Polo German Bierfest

Authors / photo source: Marco Polo German Bierfest official.


         Although Oktoberfest is considered to be a European celebration, this beer festival has firmly established itself in Asia. It is in Hong Kong that one of the largest Oktoberfests in Asia, the Marco Polo German Bierfest, takes place. The Marco Polo German Bierfest is a unique fusion of German traditions and Asian hospitality with live music, dancing, competitions and, of course, beer tasting.


Visit the spectacular Oktoberfest in Brisbane, Australia.

Oktoberfest Brisbane celebration

Authors / photo source: oktoberfestbrisbane.


         The largest beer festival in Australia called Oktoberfest Brisbane traditionally takes place in Brisbane in October. It is considered one of the most spectacular Oktoberfests in the world due to the fun competitions. For example, Bavarian competitions of strongmen, competitions for hammering nails and eating donuts are held here. Women compete in milking cows, cooking and choosing the best Bavarian costume. Men participate in a beard and moustache competition. Beer beverages and German dishes are sure to be tasted at the festival.


Experience the unique atmosphere of Oktoberfest in Bengaluru, India.

Oktoberfest in Bengaluru, India

Authors / photo source: Pexels.


         India also contributes to the global beer culture! The Great Indian October Fest in Bengaluru is a mixture of Eastern and Western traditions. The festival combines musical performances, beer and other beverages tastings and culinary experiments.


Go to a loud festival in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Celebration Oktoberfest in Canada

Authors / photo source: oktoberfest.


         Oktoberfest in Canada is one of the largest beer festivals outside of Germany. During the nine days of the celebration, about 700,000 people come to taste beer beverages and delicious dishes. This festival, like the Oktoberfest in Munich, takes place on the whole territory of the city (two in such case) and includes more than a dozen festive halls with beer, music and entertainment. All days of the festival here are full of events: there is a parade, barrel races, a fashion show in the style of celebration, axe throwing and more.


Watch the "running weiners" at a party in Cincinnati, USA.

Running of the Weiners at Oktoberfest, Cincinnati

Authors / photo source: oktoberfestzinzinnati.


         Cincinnati hosts the most famous Oktoberfest party in the United States. Unlike other beer festivals, this celebration lasts only 3 days, but during this time it is visited by an impressive number of guests. In addition to the traditional program, there is unique entertainment here — a dachshund dog race called "Running of the Weiners". The owners dress up the pets in a hot dog costume, attaching two plush buns to the sides, and the “running weiners” will have to run 23 metres in this costume.

Visit a traditional Oktoberfest in Stockholm, Sweden.

Oktoberfest in Stockholm

Authors / photo source: Pexels.


         Oktoberfest in Stockholm takes place early, in mid-August, while daylight hours are long enough. It is customary to come to the celebration in a Bavarian costume. The Swedes celebrate the festival in the classic Oktoberfest tradition — tasting German and local beers and beverages, Bavarian dishes, participating in competitions and spending a nice holiday.


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