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Transfer to the airport

Coming to the end the days of your vacation in a country far from home. Remain a matter of hours before the departure of your flight to home, but you still carefree walk through the streets of the resort town, click the camera and taste the delicacies at the restaurant. Why do not you take the time to collect things? Do not run headlong to stop a taxi? Do not look for bus service to the airport? Because pre-booked transfer service to the airport from destinations such as hotel! See how much extra excitement and unnecessary hassle avoids such a simple service as a transfer to the airport! On the day of departure at home you will be served a car to the door of the hotel reminded by telephone about the departure time, help bring bags and suitcases stuffed with souvenirs, to the car. The airport will also help you with your luggage to the correct terminal.

Transfer to the airport can be both individual (1-3 people) and group. In the first case, you can choose a simple car or luxury class. Maybe worth a try unusual ecological cars?  If your family is traveling with children, it is necessary to add the child seats to the order.

Group transfers to the airport is done by buses (including double-deck, perfect for exploring the surrounding area) and a minivans depending on the number of people. Ordering a transfer to the hotel - airport, you will not be afraid to be late for your flight due to the fact that there was no free taxi or bus does not come in time. With the shuttle you can avoid unnecessary problems with the "wild" prices taxi drivers and independent carrying the suitcase full of gifts.

In some countries, the service of transfer to the airport includes several modes of transport (because of the unusual location). Even if your hotel is located in 200 kilometers from the nearest island and it is separated from the airport by water surface, transfer companies will take you to the airport on time and with comfort! You will be prompted to take a boat or a ferry and then will transfer by land to the door of the airport in a comfortable car. There are also more exotic kinds of transfer. For example, a seaplane. In this case, with the altitude you will groan and gasp at the sight of the azure islands, elegant vegetation and water breakers. The staff of transfer company takes care of your security and trouble of luggage. You just relax and enjoy the last hours on resort.


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