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Touristic transfer

   Transfer — the term came from the English language. Today, it is widely used to refer to transport tourists from the point of arrival (from the train station, port, airport) to the hotels, cottages.


Personal transfer - is a comfortable way to get from the airport to the hotel or to the airport, because of:

   Transfer from the hotel to the airport:

   Comfortable and convenient! With children, not oversized baggage - to meet and bring!


Touristic transfer — It is very convenient and comfortable. No hassle, no need to rush to the nearest bus or train trip. You will be driven by transport with chosen class and capacity. Transfer to tourists can be both individual and group. For the carriage of 1-3 passengers usually you can choose different classes of vehicles, from economy class cars to luxury brands with all the "bonuses" such as bars and leather chairs. Groups of 4 people can book a mini-van or a roomy car. Especially convenient group transfer when you are going to rest with a big company. After all, wait until there are several taxis in the parking lot, can be long, and the clock is ticking blessed holiday! Booked tourist transfer service guarantees you timely arrival to the apartment as soon as possible without any small troubles. 

In some exotic countries (eg, the Maldives), there are also exotic tourist transfer types. For example, to get to the hotel in the outer islands can be on the small high-speed aircraft, to the nearby islands - on boats and ferries and speedboats on water wings quickly take you or whole your group to any selected hotel. On the way, you can already enjoy the pleasures of island landscapes!

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What is the "individual tourist transfer"?


                 How to get from the airport? Transportation by personal carHow to get to the hotel or privat address?

If hotels and air tickets already known by many travelers, not everybody know what is a tourist transfer. This is a very convenient service: traveler met at the airport on arrival and transported by a private car to the specified location. This can be a hotel and villa or apartment.


When do you need a transfer?

                                                                          Travel with children and luggage



                                                       Get to your hotel without surprises


                                                                              You will be met and taken by a personal car

                                                              How can a large company with skis get to the hotel?



                                                             Book a taxi in advance

                                                           Transfer for your entire company


                                                     Transfer at the right-hand drive country

                                                     Transfer where there are no rules on the road

                                                                Risk-free vacation

                                                           getting on time at business meeting

                                                                      how to catch a meeting from the airport

                                                         If your flight is delayed you will be waited

                                                   VIP transport from the airport to the villa



You get:

convenience without hassle. Will be met on arrival, carried out to the parking lot, and transferred to the specified address.
.... and back. Arrive at the address specified by you and brought to the airport in time!
choosing the type of vehicle when ordering
                                                    choice of transfers
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