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Shuttle bus transfer

shuttle-bus-transferWhen you are planning your vacation, you need to decide how to get from the airport to your hotel in an unfamiliar country. The best solution would be to book a transfer, because. in this case, you know the price of the trip in advance and do not have to overcome the language barrier.

The shuttle bus is the most popular and widespread form of land transport. The shuttle bus is also the cheapest way to comfortably get to your place of stay. We offer shuttle bus transfers in many cities around the world. There will also be other passengers on board the bus whose location is close to your destination. Depending on the number of passengers, the size of the bus can be different: from minibuses to large liners. For each passenger, including children, you need to book a separate seat.

Carrier companies that provide transfer services try to deliver directly to the doorstep. However, due to some circumstances, such as road closures, a pedestrian zone in front of the hotel, etc., this is not always possible. In such cases, we recommend ordering an individual transfer . Please note that the transportation of luggage from the bus stop to the hotel is not the responsibility of the company.

Shuttle service cannot be provided to private apartments and villas. If your destination is a private address, you can book a transfer to the closest hotel or bus stop to your location. To do this, at the stage of booking you will need to indicate the address of this hotel or bus stop.

Shuttle service is available to most popular tourist destinations, including ski resorts. Often the road to them costs more than a regular taxi, so the shuttle will be a great option to get there.

Upon arrival at the airport, you can wait for the bus. The waiting time will be no more than one hour. Transfer times are approximate and may vary depending on the amount of traffic on the road, the weather and the number of stops along the route.

The return transfer by shuttle involves the collection of other passengers along the route. Therefore, the collection time shown on your voucher is an estimate only. Approximately 1-2 days in advance, you need to contact the carrier company in order to confirm your return transfer to the shuttle bus and clarify the exact time of boarding the shuttle bus. Phone numbers of the carrier company are indicated in your transfer voucher. But for an Individual transfer , you do not need to confirm the return transfer and specify the pick-up time.

Your voucher also contains instructions on how to find your shuttle at the airport. Please note that shuttle bus transfers to villas or private addresses are not available. To arrange a shuttle bus transfer to the apartment - indicate the nearest hotel in the address. Or choose the type of transfer Individual - it will definitely take you to any address.


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