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Winter recreation and entertainment have become so popular in the world that it is not difficult to find slopes for skiing or snowboarding, even in non-snowing places! And, of course, there are enough places in the world where it is always (or almost always) snowing on the pistes and off the pistes for skiing.
A lot of popular world resorts which are busy in winter, begin to offer tourists active outdoor recreation in summer.
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Must have is mountain biking, biking or walking on hiking trails of varying degrees of difficulty. And the beautiful mountain landscapes are completely different from the winter ones. At the same time, they are also picturesque and delightful.
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Getting to ski resorts from the airport. Best solution. 

You are expecting only a pleasant experience going on a winter vacation to the mountains. If you are an avid athlete or just carefully prepared for an active holiday, then you are taking skis, snowboards and other equipment with you. If this is not your first trip, then you probably know how inconvenient it is to travel by public transport with a bunch of suitcases and skis in your hands. But even in a taxi, after all, everything will not fit!
A great solution for these kinds of questions is to book a special transfer to ski resorts around the world from Intui!
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A special transfer is different in that cars or helicopters, and yes, there are also helicopters (!), are equipped for the transport of sports equipment.
transfer by helicopter from the airport to the ski resort
Without worries and running around the airport, you will go to the waiting car with a driver and load your luggage. Even if you rent skis or snowboards at the place of arrival and are traveling with regular luggage, a transfer from the airport to the ski resort will help you get there with comfort. At Intui, you can choose a car suitable for your company: the number of passengers, children and luggage. You can add child seats or boosters to your transfer if you are traveling with children. 
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You can add extra hours when booking a transfer - for example, go shopping in supermarkets or a branded, special boutique. This service is popular for families who have rented apartments or villas. In resorts shops are not large and prices are higher, often significantly.
And on the way back to the airport from the ski resort, a personal transfer is convenient and in some cases irreplaceable. Intui ski resort transfers are available anytime - you don't have to sit at the airport waiting for your flight as there is no public transfer from the ski resort closer to your flight time.
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And also, you can order an additional hour of the trip - for example, go shopping in supermarkets or a branded, special, boutiques and bring home not only impressions, but also gifts for yourself and your family and friends.

Skiing worldwide. Ski resorts.

Each part of the world has its own ski resorts. In the modern world, you can find resorts for a short trip, closer ones, in your country. Also can be found exotic, in countries with a different culture. Europeans will certainly be interested in a trip to the ski resorts of Japan. The Japanese are touchingly surprised by the Alps. Alaska in the States or Sheregesh in Russia are capable of surprising even “their” citizens all year round!

Skiing in Europe.

Ski resort in the Alps
Mother Earth has endowed Europe with beautiful nature. Numerous mountain ranges with beautiful and high mountain slopes, Europeans skillfully used and built magnificent resorts for winter recreation. The "richest" place in the world with ski resorts is Europe. Judge for yourself, in Europe there are the following mountain ranges developed by resorts: Alps, Apennines, Carpathians, Dinaric Alps, Pyrenees, Scandinavian mountains or Skandas, Sudetes

European countries with ski resorts

 Pistes of a ski resort in the Alps
The highest and most extensive mountains - the Alps are located in Europe. 8 European countries have the good fortune to possess part of the Alps on their territory: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Slovenia, Liechtenstein.
The Apennine Mountains (Apennines) are located in Italy, and for happy tourists are waiting for 722 kilometers of ski slopes.
They also ride in the Carpathians - on the territory of Poland and Slovakia. Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro have ski resorts on the slopes of the Dinaric Alps.
The Pyrenees spread their slopes into three countries: Andorra, Spain and France.
Scandinavian mountains or Skandhas - Norway and Sweden.
Sudetenland - Czech Republic and Poland.
European countries: ski resorts in the country and the nearest airports, tourist transfer service to ski resorts
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