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6 best ski resorts in Turkey for winter holidays!

Holidays in Turkey on beaches and ski resorts     Ski holidays and Turkey - at first glance, things are not combinable. Traditionally, we associate Turkey with a lazy beach holiday and a rich excursion.

Turkey's ski resorts have been actively developing recently:

Uludag, Palandoken, Kartalkaya, Erciyas (Ercİyes) and others can be compared with a wonderful budget alternative to the European Alps.

These are resorts with quite European service and affordable prices in Turkish.

In addition, winter holidays in Turkey have a number of advantages, one of which is the all-inclusive system, beloved by many - in addition to accommodation and meals at the hotel, the price includes a ski pass to the lifts.

Desserts on the table against the backdrop of snow-capped mountains in a ski resort in Turkey

     The level of difficulty and the number of ski slopes can hardly be compared with Austria and France.
But surely beginners or even experienced skiers will fall in love with the mountain slopes of Turkey.
Those who skate in pleasure, without overcoming special difficulties, steep slopes and “crazy” speeds.
The height differences of the ski slopes of Turkey are quite decent, up to 3,100 meters.
The winter season almost everywhere lasts from December to March inclusive.
The ski resorts of Turkey can be reached both from the capital's Ankara airport, from any air harbor in Istanbul and Antalya, and from smaller transport hubs in Turkey:
Bursa, Bolu, Kars, Kayseri, Erzurum.
Family with skis and snowboards at a ski resort in Turkey     Intui and our special ski transfer service will help you comfortably get from the airport to all the most popular ski resorts in Turkey:
Uludag, Palandoken, Sarikamis, Kartalkaya, Erciyes, Saklikent.
Treat yourself to a winter vacation in hospitable Turkey.
Take with you everything you need for an unforgettable ski trip, and do not forget to pre-book a transfer.
Especially for tourists with ski equipment on our website there are transfer offers with transportation of ski equipment included in the order price. 
A special ski transfer to the ski resort is a comfortable start to your journey upon arrival and confidence upon departure.

Uludag Turkey: vacation on Olympus by thermal springs

Cable car Bursa teleferik at Uludag Ski Resort      Uludag is the most famous ski resort in Turkey, based on the slopes of Mount Small Olympus. Drowning in snow in winter, the majestic Little Olympus traditionally attracts the largest number of tourists-skiers. Including due to the proximity to Istanbul and to the thermal springs of Bursa.

25 descents of varying degrees of difficulty, the total length of well-groomed trails is 20 kilometers, and the average thickness of the snow cover is 1.5-2 meters. 

At the foot of the Little Olympus, you will learn and see firsthand where the famous Turkish baths hamam originated from. Natural thermal and mineral springs of Bursa from ancient times to the present day attract vacationers from different parts of the world. 

By the way, the Uludag ski resort is connected to Bursa by one of the longest cable cars of Bursa-Teleferik, the path of which runs along the Uludag mountain range and you can get to Bursa in half an hour, admiring the beauty of the snow-covered Little Olympus, chestnut, beech and coniferous forests, views of high alpine meadows and snow-capped peaks.

Find out here a cost of a tourist transfer from the airport to Uludag Turkey.

Holidays on Palandoken in Turkey: In the footsteps of the Olympians 

Evening skiing on the Palandoken
     Palandoken will delight the guests of the resort with the confident quality of the trails, equipment and modern infrastructure.
Turkish Olympians train here in winter sports, using the Palandoken resort as an official base for their training. And this guarantees a high level of services and the popularity of the resort. 
There are 18 equipped, certified trails of all levels of difficulty on Palandoken and additionally 4 routes for off-piste skiing - space for freeride lovers.
In the evening, the tracks are illuminated. And in general, the evening time here is cool discos, animated parties, cafes, restaurants. As well as saunas, baths, hammam, SPA and other after-ski services - everything for a quality winter holiday with Turkish hospitality.
Intui will offer a convenient transfer for resort guests from Erzurum Airport.
Order a taxi - a personal transfer from the airport to the Palandoken ski resort here.

Holidays with children in Turkey in winter. Sarikamis: Alpine snow at Turkish prices

Alpine crystal snow of the Turkish ski resort Sarikamis     Do you want to be “in one breath with nature”? It's here, in Sarikamis. A natural health resort, wide coniferous expanses and mountains. The air here is healing and these places have long been popular with locals for general wellness.

As the ski resort of Sarikamis is especially appreciated for the unique quality of snow, there is a special "Alpine crystal snow" not only in the Alps)
Crunchy underfoot, crumbly snow significantly improves the quality of skiing and is appreciated by professional athletes.

For beginners, there are gentle trails, schools and instructors. People often go to Sarikamis for a family ski vacation, as attention to young athletes is special here. Animation programs, discos and sports activities are organized for children, while parents enjoy skating or wellness SPA treatments.

It is most convenient to get to Sarikamis from the airports of Erzurum and Kars.
And of course by personal transfer, since the resort of Sarikamis is located at a considerable distance from the bustling cities at the foot of Mount Djibiltepe.

Transfers to Sarikamis Ski Resort from Erzurum Airport
Transfers to Sarikamis Ski Resort from Kars Airport

Kartalkaya Ski Resort in Turkey: Ecotourism and advanced snowboarding

Protected places of the nature at Kartalkaya resort

     Perhaps you haven't heard of this resort yet. Yes, he is young, and therefore very interesting. In the protected forest, in the Yedigoller National Park, not far from the town of Bolu, on the gentle slopes of the mountainous area of Koroglu, this new ski resort has grown - relatively small, cozy and modern. 

This is a great place for novice athletes and those who ride confidently. Most of the trails are blue, but there are also red and black. The trails are located within the heights of 1800 - 2220. 

A special feature of the resort: snow park, designed by renowned Austrian engineers. Snow Park is designed for advanced snowboarding classes. Slalom riders and biathletes will also enjoy a rest on Kartalkaya. 
People have never lived in these parts, there are no permanent settlements on the territory of Kartalkaya, the nearest Bursa is 54 kilometers from the Resort town of Kartalkaya. Therefore, you can enjoy the pristine nature, the purest lakes and meet deer, roe deer, hares here - after all, this is a nature reserve. Local hotels offer safari tours of the reserve.. 
By the way, this ski resort has positive reviews from tourists, especially the excellent price-quality ratio is noted. 

Intui offers convenient transfers to the Kartalkaya Ski Resort, along the most popular routes: from Ankara and from Bolu. With skis and suitcases, a personal transfer is the most convenient way to get to the hotel from the airport.

Transfers from Bolu Bus Station to Kartalkaya Ski Resort 
Transfers to Kartalkaya Ski Resort from Ankara Esenboga Airport

The largest ski resort in Turkey - Erciyes: On the volcano of Cappadocia.

Skiing and snowboarding on Erciyes

     The volcano in the heart of Turkey is Erciyes. He was revered in ancient times as a deity, a beautiful two-headed volcano with snow-capped peaks in the middle of the Anatolian Plateau. The eruption of Erciyes in ancient times gave rise to the unique landscapes of Cappadocia.

Now on the slopes of the dormant Erciyes volcano there is a popular ski resort of the same name.
Erciyes is the largest ski resort in Turkey by area.

102 kilometers of trails and 18 modern new lifts. Plenty of room for skiing for both beginners and professionals.

And of course, after visiting Erciyes, you will definitely visit Cappadocia. You can take an excursion, ride balloons or go to Goreme National Park.
The journey from Kayseri Airport to Erciyes Resort by personal transfer will take about 45 minutes

Ski resort and sea in Turkey on Saklikent: Let's take swimsuits and skis.

Subtropical Ski resort Saklikent

     Not far from sunny Antalya, while on the coast you can still meet bathing and sunbathing beach lovers, in the mountains just 45 kilometers from the center of Antalya, tourists play snowballs and ski.

In the resort of Saklikent, the ski season opens in November and lasts until April. And many tourists, having rolled in the mountains, go down to Antalya, which breathes warm sea air. The average November temperatures in Antalya are about 20°C, and the water temperature in the sea is 22-24 °C.

As a ski resort, Saklikent is small: 6 trails and 2 lifts. The option for accommodation at the resort is easy to choose: in addition to hotels, there are boarding houses and private villas.

The popularity of the resort is growing every year due to its favorable subtropical location. You can easily go to Saklikent for one day, without ski equipment - there is equipment rental at the resort.

It is possible to get to Saklikent comfortably in any composition with a family or a group of friends by a personal transfer - a car with a driver. Find out how much a taxi transfer to Saklikent costs and book here.

Ski resorts in Turkey and airports, train stations from which you can get to the resorts.

You can get to any ski resort in Turkey from several airports or train stations.

For a confident start of your journey in an unfamiliar place, in another country, where there is a foreign language around, a personal transfer with a meeting at the airport will help you out and make your vacation comfortable from the very beginning! 

Tourist transfer with skis, snowboards, or only with children and suitcases)  this:

 - upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the waiting car and leave for the hotel without queues and waiting;
 - the driver knows where to take you, the language barrier will not be a problem, the driver received all the details of the trip in the instructions in advance
 - get help with luggage and ski equipment;
 - no matter how far away your hotel is, the road to it will be convenient and pleasant;
 - you choose the car yourself in advance: make, model, capacity - according to your preferences and for your company;
 - convenient additional services to choose from: child seats and boosters, Wi-Fi, transportation of ski equipment and other services;
 - reliable service from professional transport companies with experience in tourist transportation.

Below is a list of ski resorts in Turkey and airports, ports and train stations located near the resorts.

Get to Uludag Ski Resort and how much does a trip in Turkey cost.

You can get from Istanbul IST Airport to Uludag by car with a personal transfer driver in almost 3.3 hours, a distance of 228 km. Find out the cost and book here.

Uludag resort is located at the distance of 151.2 km from Istanbul Airport and a 2.5-hour trip by tourist transfer from Sabiha Gokcen Istanbul Airport to Uludag Ski Resort.

Transfers at Intui can be booked from hotels and apartments! For example, to get from the center of Istanbul to Uludag Ski resort,
the distance is 188.4 km, the approximate travel time is 3.1 hours.

Transfer from Istanbul Big Bus Station (Bayrampasha) to Uludag Ski Resort, distance 203.5 km, estimated travel time 3.1 hours.

Transfer from Istanbul Port to Uludag Ski Resort, distance 185.8 km, and travel time will take about 3.1 hours.
You can get from Bursa Einezihir Airport to Uludag Ski Resort in just 1.6 hours! The distance from Bursa Airport to Uludag is only 44 km.

How to get to Palandoken ski resort in Turkey.

To get from Erzurum airport to Palandoken Ski Resort, you can quickly take a personal transfer - in just 24 minutes, because the distance to the resort is 18.3 km.

Get from the airports of Erzurum and Kars to Sarikamis Ski resort of Turkey.

Order a taxi in advance - a tourist personal transfer from Erzurum airport to Sarikamis Ski Resort, because the distance is 161.6 km, and the estimated travel time will be almost 2 hours. The car of your chosen brand and model will make this trip comfortable.

Transfer from Kars Airport to Sarikamis Ski Resort, distance 55.2 km, estimated travel time less than an hour, approximately 49 minutes. You can find out how much a car ride with a driver costs and book it here.

Kartalkaya ski resort of Turkey - how to get there and the cost of the trip.

From Ankara Esenboga Airport to Kartalkaya Ski Resort, a distance of 204.1 km, and you can get to the resort by personal transfer in about 2.3 hours.

Bolu Bus Station is located nearby Kartalkaya Ski resort, only 28.2 km. And it will take 37 minutes to travel by car with a driver.

Erciyes Ski resort. The cost of a taxi, a personal transfer.

You can find out here the cost of the trip by personal transfer, by a special tourist taxi, which is booked in advance on the route from Kayseri Erkilet airport to Erciyes Ski Resort. The distance from the airport is 35.1 km, and the estimated travel time is 44 minutes.

Route Ankara Ezenboga Airport → Erciyes ski resort will be 269 minutes on the way, the distance covered is 361 kilometers.

Saklikent Ski Resort - how to get from Antalya or to the airport from the resort.

Transfer from Antalya Airport (AYT) to Saklikent Ski Resort, distance 65.9 km, travel time about 1.5 hours.

Transfer from Antalya city center area to Saklikent Ski resort, distance 52.7 km, estimated travel time 1.5 hours.

Transfer from Antalya Port to Saklikent Ski Resort, distance 48.1 km, travel time a little more than an hour, only 1 hour and 12 minutes.

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