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Top 20 Ski Resorts in Russia

Where to relax in Russia in winter.

Ski resorts in Russia Fans of active winter entertainment, such as snowboarding and skiing, do not have to go for the pleasure of riding in Europe, in the well-known Alps.
Connoisseurs of ski holidays and lovers of the most picturesque landscapes of mountain beauties will appreciate the ski resorts of Russia.
Indeed, in addition to the snowy winter, Russia, when compared with other countries in the world, has the largest number of mountain systems than any other country on the planet.
Almost a third of the territory of Russia is occupied by mountains.
What a fantastic variety!
The pointed peaks of the Caucasus with the highest mountain peak not only in Russia,
but also Europe - Elbrus (5,642 meters), against the smooth outlines of the slopes of Altai ,
low Khibiny hills in the north of the country
and the rounded volcanic heights of Sakhalin ,
not to mention the mountain ranges of the Urals and Siberia .

Winter holidays in the ski resorts of Russia.

Ski transfers on Intui.Travel At the same time, Russian ski resorts of various levels are in no way inferior to popular European ones in terms of the quality of slopes and their service.
Rest in Russia in the winter is both good and much more budgetary!
Every year more and more people choose ski resorts in Russia for outdoor activities in winter, offering not only snowboarding and skiing, but also a lot of other entertainment for their guests, for every taste: snowshoeing, tubing, dog sledding, ice rink, horse riding, paragliding and much more - no one will get bored for sure.
Holidays for the new year and related holidays? Where as in the ski resorts!
Snow-covered forests and the festive program prepared by the organizers will create a positive charge for the whole coming year!
Any self-respecting resort prepares an incendiary New Year's holiday for guests!

TOP ski resorts in Russia. Popular ski resorts in Russia. Where to ski in Russia.

Rest in the winter in Krasnaya Polyana.

View of Krasnaya Polyana from above The most modern and elite resort of Krasnaya Polyana in the south of Russia is located near Sochi.

Sochi Krasnaya Polyana is one of the best resorts in the country, and as a result, with higher prices.

The resort includes several separate ski complexes:

Estosadok , Gazprom GTZ , Krasnaya Polyana 540 and Krasnaya Polyana 960 , Rosa Khutor .

The latter, Rosa Khutor, according to visitors, has the best infrastructure among other ski centers.

And the view from Rose Peak will leave a truly unforgettable experience.

The skiing season in Krasnaya Polyana lasts from December to April.


Winter holidays in Dombai and Arkhyz.

Children's skiing on Arkhyz No less prestigious, fairly democratic ski resort in the Caucasus in Karachay-Cherkessia is Dombay .

The Dombai resort is cozy and not so big, with 25 km of slopes, many of which have gentle, calm slopes - the very “thing” for beginners. And, of course, not without difficult tracks for real professionals.

You can also remember about the healing narzan and visit the mineral springs in Dombai, combine skiing with health improvement.

The young and modern resort of Arkhyz pleases the eye with brand new hotels, ski lifts and a developed resort infrastructure.

Arkhyz has a special attitude towards children's sports, for children there are separate tracks, their own lift and a children's town with a skating rink.

Arkhyz as a ski resort is great for families with children.

Ski slopes of resorts in the Elbrus region.

View of Elbrus from Cheget Elbrus is one of the most popular winter resorts in Russia, with stunning landscapes and views of the Caucasus Range.

It includes the ski centers Elbrus (Azau) and Cheget .

What is worth the mere opportunity to contemplate and admire the highest peak in Europe - Elbrus!

It has everything for a comfortable stay, for any preferences and any budget.

Ski holidays in this region are more suitable for those who feel quite confident on skis.

By the way, some tracks are used for training by professionals, there are extremely extreme “black” tracks with a high level of difficulty.

Sheregesh ski resort.

Snowboarding in shorts and a T-shirt on Sheregesh Speaking of newbies!

You should pay attention to the Sheregesh ski resort in the Kemerovo region.

Here you can ski from mid-November until May, with good schools for beginner snowboarders and skiers.

The trails here are more gentle, the most suitable for honing skills.

Sheregesh has a reputation as an advanced youth resort and is actively developing youth events and après-ski leisure activities.

The main Kuzbass ski resort annually receives a huge number of guests and is widely known outside the Kemerovo region.

In Sheregesh, you will also find accommodation options for every taste and budget, shops, spa centers, bars, restaurants in large numbers.


Khibiny, Kirovsk ski slopes and resorts.

Northern lights over the Khibiny One of the longest periods of skiing, almost all year round, can boast of the ski resorts of Khibiny and Kirovsk in northern Russia in the Murmansk region.
The ski complexes Bolshoy Vudyavr , Khibiny , Kukisvumchorr , which have existed for many years, have been actively developing recently.
The infrastructure of the resorts in this region is minimal, with really low prices for skiing, accommodation, almost no queues at the lifts.
And the unusual nature and the opportunity to admire the northern lights will be a nice bonus.

Where to relax in winter in Altai and the South Urals.

Belokurikha in winter It is impossible to ignore the ski resorts of the Southern Urals and Altai, with very affordable prices and quite decent service:
Abzakovo , Bannoe , Zavyalikha , Belokurikha .
Natural features and additional snowmaking systems provide guaranteed snow cover for six months or even more.
In addition to skiing, the Ural and Altai ski resorts are ready to offer their guests snowmobiles and quad bikes.
We have listed far from the entire list of ski resorts in Russia, where you can have a wonderful and useful time.

How to get to the ski resort

Comfortable ski transfer with equipment Regardless of the place of winter recreation that you choose, you should think over all the moments of the trip in advance.
Of course, the most convenient and comfortable way to get to the mountain resort is to pre-book a special ski transfer from the airport or railway station from Intui.
When ordering a transfer to a ski resort on Intui, you get the final price without "surprises", including the transportation of sports equipment, guaranteed delivery of a car with the required capacity and with the necessary amenities for the trip in terms of the number of passengers and luggage carried (skis, snowboards), the availability of child seats and other .
By choosing a ski airport transfer from Intui, you can be sure of a safe trip. The transfer service is performed only by professional transport companies.
With a transfer from Intui, your winter trips will become brighter and more enjoyable!

Transfers From Sochi Airport (Adler) to Krasnaya Polyana , Estosadok , Estosadok 600m , Krasnaya Polyana 960 , Rosa Khutor , Rosa Plateau 1170m


Krasnaya Polyana: AER - Krasnaya Polyana
Adler Train - Krasnaya Polyana

Adler City - Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana 540: Adler City - Krasnaya Polyana 540
Adler Train - Krasnaya Polyana 540
AER - Krasnaya Polyana 540

Krasnaya Polyana 960: Adler City - Krasnaya Polyana 960
Adler Train - Krasnaya Polyana 960
AER - Krasnaya Polyana 960

Rosa Khutor: Adler City - Rosa Khutor
Adler Train - Rosa Khutor
AER - Rosa Khutor

Gazprom GTZ: Adler City - Gazprom GTZ
Adler Train - Gazprom GTZ
AER - Gazprom GTZ

Estosadok: Adler City - Estosadok
Adler Train - Estosadok
AER - Estosadok

Elbrus GK (Azau): MRV (Mineralnyye Vody) - Elbrus GK (Azau)
                                  NAL (Nalchik) - Elbrus GK (Azau)

Cheget GK (Terskol): MRV (Mineralnyye Vody) - Cheget GK (Terskol)
NAL (Nalchik) - Cheget GK (Terskol)

Dombay: MRV (Mineralnyye Vody) - Dombay GK
MRV (Mineralnyye Vody) - Dombay mountain Mussa Achitara GK
STW (Stavropol) - Dombay GK

Chelyabinsk Airport

Abzakovo airport Magnitogorsk

Abzakovo Ski Resort Ufa Airport

Abzakovo airport Ufa

Abzakovo Ufa bus station

Abzakovo Ufa railway station

Bannoye Ski Resort Magnitogorsk Airport

Loparstan Ski Complex (Monchegorsk) Murmansk Airport

Sheregesh Ski Resort Novokuznetsk Airport

Bolshoi Vudyavr , Kukisvumchorr (Kirovsk. Khibiny) Murmansk Airport

Arkhyz : Cherkessk Train-Arkhyz
MRV (Mineralnyye Vody) - Arkhyz
STW (Stavropol) - Arkhyz

Belokurikha (Altai) Barnaul Airport

Belokurikha (Altai) Gorno-Altaisk Airport

Adzhigardak (Asha) Ufa Airport

Adzhigardak (Asha) Chelyabinsk Airport

Solnechnaya Dolina Chelyabinsk Airport

Sunny Valley   Yekaterinburg airport  

Minyar Chelyabinsk Airport

Minyar Yekaterinburg Airport

Minyar Yekaterinburg City Center District

Minyar Yekaterinburg railway station

Minyar Magnitogorsk airport

Minyar Airport Ufa

Minyar Ufa bus station

Minyar Ufa railway station

Demino airport Yaroslavl

Mountain air Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk airport

Zavyalikha (South Ural) Chelyabinsk Airport

Gubakha airport Perm

Sobolinaya (Baikal) Irkutsk Airport

Teletsky ski resort (Artybash) (Altai) Barnaul airport

Teletsky ski resort (Artybash)   (Altai) airport Gorno-Altaysk

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