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Buckle Up and Get Ready for an Adventure on Wheels! Features of Driving in Different Countries.

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         From densely populated metropolises to cosy villages, from autobahns to mountainous serpentines, roads in different countries are full of challenges for drivers. In this article, we talk about the features of driving that are found in different parts of the world. Whether you're planning a trip to the US where you need to understand driving rules from state to state, or to India where you can easily meet cows in the middle of the road, fasten your seat belts and find out what makes driving in different countries so special!

Beware of the reindeer: driving rules in Europe.

European traffic sign

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         The unified standard for traffic rules was signed at the Vienna Convention in 1968 and is still in force in many countries of the world, including European ones. The document regulates the general provisions of traffic rules, while there are no uniform rules in Europe, each country has its own nuances.


         In Europe, they strictly monitor compliance with the speed limit: in Switzerland, fines are already fined for exceeding 2 km/h. Limits are set everywhere, and depending on the country or time of day, they may be different. So, in Poland during the day you can drive around the city within 50 km/h, and at night you can accelerate to 60 km/h. In most European countries, road signs have no difference, but there are exceptions. For example, in Greece you need to get used to bilingual road signs (in Greek and English), and in Norway there are 6 animal signs, including elk, deer, sheep, etc.

Loud and emotional: driving rules in Africa and the Middle East.

Driving rules in the Middle East and Africa

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         Africa and the Middle East have their own driving habits — they like to drive loudly and gesticulate a lot. In Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt, the sound of the horn accompanies the entire journey from the airport to the hotel. Another feature of the Arabic driving style is the use of the “usbur” gesture. To be noticed on the road, you just need to get your fingers together and shake your hand. This gesture has a wide range of meanings, from a request to skip ahead to a command to wait for your turn to pass.


Cows on the roads and magical hands: traffic rules in Asian countries.

Driving on the roads of India

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         In Asia, driving can be completely incomprehensible to a foreign tourist. There are unwritten rules that are known only to experienced travellers and local residents. For example, in Indonesia, the “magic hand” gesture is used on the roads — both drivers and pedestrians raise their palms when asked to give way. India, on the other hand, is known for its chaotic driving style, where a cow can lie down and rest in the middle of the road.


Passenger lanes and speed bumps: driving in North and Latin America.

Girl reads complicated driving rules in the USA

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         The United States is a country where traffic rules sometimes look complicated, because they differ from state to state. The country uses special lanes, driving on which is available only for cars with a certain number of passengers, for driving in the wrong lane there is a fine. In Argentina, drivers put up with a lot of speed bumps, and a fair share of the roads in Ecuador are twisty roads with steep serpentines suitable for experienced drivers only.


         If you have a licence and decide to rent a car while travelling, remember that it’s not always possible to relax behind the wheel — you need to know not only local driving rules, but also plan gas stations and parking lots. In order not to understand the routes and local driving culture, it is most convenient to book a trip on a private transfer. You specify in advance on the site where you need to go, and the driver builds the best route — he does not need to explain anything on the spot. Upon arrival, you will be met with a sign, seat in the car and immediately taken to your destination, avoiding traffic jams, blocked streets and squares on holidays. Plan your trips in advance and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience with private transfer by Intui!


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