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Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo) Book an Airport & Hotel Transfers, Taxis, Shuttles & Holiday Transfers

Koltsovo Airport Ekaterinburg

   Yekaterinburg is proudly called the capital of the Urals. And the dynamics of this millionaire city is a confirmation of this. Previously the city was called Sverdlovsk, the region remains Sverdlovsk.
The city of the merger of the two parts of the world, Yekaterinburg - the place of the geographical connection of Europe and Asia. The Sverdlovsk Region, is famous for its factories, Uralmash and others. The birthplace of nuggets it is not only the malachite region, but also the unique peoples of the Urals.
The Sverdlovsk region brought up famous and popular artists-comedians, popular actors, famous and remarkable statesmen and creators of art. The city of Yekaterinburg is home to many popular Rock artists, and therefore is known as the Russian Rock region.
In general, this city justifies its title as the cultural capital of the Urals. And Yekaterinburg is called the shopping and entertainment center of the Urals.
As you can see, there are many reasons to visit this active dynamic city! Regardless of the goals of your trip: tourist, professional, entertaining, scientific-informative or just the passing trip - Yekaterinburg will find something to please and surprise you. By the way, Ekaterinburg is in the top 10 most optimistic Russian cities! Forward, let's go to feel the power of this city! And Intui.Travel will find the appropriate transfer for the most beautiful experiences of this trip!

Yekaterinburg Airport (SVX)

Transfer to the airport Koltsovo Ekaterinburg   16 kilometers southeast of Yekaterinburg is the largest air port in the Urals-Koltsovo airport Ekaterinburg.
IATA Code of Yekaterinburg Koltsovo airport is SVX. More than 6.5 million passengers come and depart from this airport every year.
It is an important transport hub not only for Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region, but also for other cities near the Urals such as Nizhny Tagil, Ozyorsk, Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk, Kamensk-Uralsky, Miass, Pervouralsk and others.
Koltsovo is an international airport. Russian and global airlines, and there are about 40, connect Koltsovo with 104 cities around the world.
Koltsovo SVX is the busiest airport in Russia after the capital's airports. Koltsovo airport is one of the five best Russian airports for its developed infrastructure.
The airport has modern and spacious combined international and regional terminals, as well as a VIP Terminal. Terminal A is a two-story terminal of regional airlines. Terminal B is a two-storey international airline terminal. As well as an independent luxury terminal for VIP business Aviation services.
The airport has a hotel that meets all requirements. Passengers can easily move around the terminals, as they are located in close proximity to each other. The Infrastructure is well developed. Inside the airport building there are all the necessary offices and services for customers, namely: comfortable waiting areas, electronic information panels, ticketing, comfortable fast food and restaurant points, Exchange points, Bank terminals, information kiosk.

VIP terminal Yekaterinburg airport

Ekaterinburg airport VIP terminal   The VIP terminal at Yekaterinburg airport is one of the best, most beautiful and comfortable VIP terminals in Russia.
It is an example of Empire style architecture with elements of baroque, late classicism and Art Deco.
Built in 1954, this Terminal is in excellent condition and offers first class comfort, with ample private guarded parking in front of the Terminal.
The interior of the terminal repeats its exterior and welcomes guests with exquisite furniture, stucco elements and decor, natural dark wood.
In any case, it is worth coming here early to enjoy the atmosphere created here and look in detail at this chic Terminal.
If you book a transfer to the VIP terminal Yekaterinburg airport, you will be delivered directly to the entrance, to the pompous columns by car of the chosen class and brand.

Yekaterinburg city attractions

Transfers to and from Yekaterinburg centre   Yekaterinburg is a dynamic city with capital habits, it is not for nothing that it is called the capital of the Urals.
On the streets of the city there are many testimonies of the rich history of this very important Russian city.
The city is full of many palaces and models of pre-revolutionary architecture.
For example, the Pharmacy Museum of the mountainous Department in the style of classicism and the Sevastyanov house with elements of neo-Gothic and baroque, the Ural Natural Museum Square and the Museum of architecture, the Temple-on-the-Blood in the Kirovsky district ( Kirovskiy rayon Yekaterinburg).
The city retains its uniqueness and peculiarities. Testimonies of Pop Art culture are also present on the streets ofYekaterinburg in the form of Street art. The Ekaterinburg State Circus with openwork Dome in the Leninsky district (Leninskiy Rayon Yekaterinburg) has become one of the symbols of Yekaterinburg.
From unusual places you can visit the most interesting Park of Russian fairy tales in the village of Aramil near Yekaterinburg to see the cave of The Mistress Of The Copper Mountain, the House of the magical spirit of Water," apartments " of the witch Baba Yaga and much more! It is highly recommended to visit with children. 

How to get from Yekaterinburg airport?

Yekaterinburg airport is connected to the city by land transport networks of various types, which ensures stable accessibility of the route to the airport.
Public transport is represented by buses, minibuses and Express electric trains. 
You can use a taxi, personal car or transfer, the parking lot in front of the airport is quite large and spacious.

Train Yekaterinburg airport

An Express train runs twice a day in the morning and in the evening from Koltsovo airport to the station. Journey time about 40 minutes.
However, as practice has shown, such trains are not in high demand on arrival in Yekaterinburg, probably due to the limited not very comfortable schedule. If until 2010 the railway connection from the airport to the station was provided by comfortable express trains, due to the unpopularity of this type of communication, later it was decided to replace it with Standard suburban trains with outdated hard and shabby seats.
The disadvantage of using this type of transport is related not only to a rare schedule, but also to a limited route.
Yes, first you need to wait a long time for The Express train, and then, having reached the station, continue to look for ways to get to the desired address. All this is extremely inconvenient, especially if you are traveling with luggage. At night, commuter trains do not run at all.
A personal transfer, booked in advance, is ready to provide you with services that correspond to the necessary comfort and class as soon as you arrive at the Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg.

Airport Koltsovo Yekaterinburg go by bus and minibus

Public transport or personal transfer from airport Ekaterinburg?   Minibuses of public transport are naturally more agile than commuter trains. Minibuses depart from International Terminal B, as do buses.
Minibuses are sent depending on the load. As a rule, "depending on the load" - this means "stuffed until failure". That is, if one or two passengers with large suitcases sit in a common minibus, the other passengers will be in an extremely cramped position.
Buses "Icarus" with the connection of the type" accordion " form the basis of the bus park of Yekaterinburg, and for passengers there is not much personal comfort in it.
In an unknown millionaire city, it is not so easy to navigate immediately, what kind of transport is better to choose, at which stop to go, and how long to walk from the public transport stop with luggage.
You do not need to look for an answer to all these questions when booking a personal transfer. Upon arrival, you will be accompanied in a car waiting for you and brought to the door of your hotel. The most beautiful metropolis of the Urals Yekaterinburg is so nice to stare through the window of your personal transfer!

Taxi Prices Yekaterinburg Airport

Price of a taxi Ekaterinburg airport   At Yekaterinburg airport you can take a taxi. Prices for services vary depending on the time of day, the specific driver, the chosen route and many different nuances. The total price of the trip is known only on arrival, and this is often a surprise for the guest.
This is an essential difference from a personal transfer whose price is known in advance and which is not a matter of negotiation on the spot. Taxis are very different and often come with unreliable grumpy drivers, cars in not very clean condition or in a "stale" technical condition that is excluded when ordering a personal transfer.
Cleanliness and excellent technical condition of the car for personal transfer are guaranteed!
Your transfer is carried out by a licensed transfer company, a friendly driver with great experience in tourist transport.
If you have a specific request for a particular car or its capacity, then, of course, it is necessary to book a trip in advance.
Choose and order a personal transfer of the required class, capacity, brand you want in a few clicks on our website. 

Yekaterinburg Airport transfer order online cab airport 

It is very easy to order a transfer online. Order the desired car in 3 minutes.
Simple online payment: full online payment by credit card or partial prepayment on the site with on-site payment in a predefined amount. You choose yourself and the car and a convenient payment option. Immediately after payment, you will receive a booking receipt - a transfer voucher containing information about the trip and the amount of payment.
For travelers who are used to taking care in advance of the details of their trip and the necessary level of comfort, this is simply indispensable. Personal transfer is above all your personal comfort.
You will be expected at the airport, greeted on arrival with a sign, your driver will help you with luggage up to the car. You will be delivered to the correct address, as indicated by booking the car in advance in your order. There is no need to explain to the driver the drop off address and how to get there.
Nice bonuses and extras are included in our personal transfer services like bottled water, WI-Fi or others. For a complete list of available options, refer to the description of each car. Additional services can also be ordered such as child seats and an extra hour for stopping on the way.

Taxi business class at Yekaterinburg airport

Business class transfers at the airport of Ekaterinburg   What a beautiful business Terminal at Yekaterinburg airport!
This is where our business class travelers often go, going to the luxury rooms of the VIP terminal on executive class cars.
Is it important for you that all the details correspond to the usual comfort on a business trip?
Do you need a status car for the spectacular arrival of trade negotiations?
We are ready to offer the necessary level of service and our best business class cars for your personal trip.
You have a specific request, need a special car of a specific brand or capacity and you did not find it on our website?
Our support team works for you,
send us a request for a special transfer and we will offer you appropriate options.

Yekaterinburg airport transfer Minivan or SUV

Personal minivan for transfer in Ekaterinburg   And you heard that Yekaterinburg is called a city of SUVs?
Perhaps the car for transfers outside Yekaterinburg should be chosen quite passable and reliable.
Especially in winter, because winters are snowy here, and the expanses of the Sverdlovsk region are not always cleared in time of the consequences of snowfall.
For trips in company or with large luggage very convenient and popular transfers on minivans.
Minivans are often booked for transfer, because without prior reservation such a spacious car is extremely difficult to find at the airport.
Book your personal transfer now to be sure of the comfort of your trip in advance!

Catch the flight Yekaterinburg

The return transfer to the airport is a very important part of your trip and you need to take care of it in advance.
Book a return transfer to airport Yekaterinburg so as not to worry on the day of departure and not to fuss in search of transport options, because it is important to arrive at the airport in advance. 
You will be served the reserved car at the right time to catch your flight to Koltsovo on time.
The driver will take you to the desired terminal and help you with your luggage.
Make your departure day comfortable and pleasant with a personalized transfer service to leave only pleasant impressions about the Ural capital!

Book Yekaterinburg airport transfer quickly and easily! Have a good trip!

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Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo) Transfer Order

Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo) is located at the following geo coordinates: longitude 56.744775, width 60.802949. Time zone Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo) UTC 5 hours, which is very important when booking a transfer from / to Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo). Book in advance! You can order a transfer from Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo) to 283 cities and resorts. You can book transfers as well as from Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo) and also book a transfer to Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo) On the Intui website, prices are final, no hidden fees, payment by credit card or other available methods from 42 options. HOW TO BOOK YOUR TRANSFER Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo)? To continue either select a city/region from the list on the page. Or use the search form. In the search form, enter in the Where field: Name of the city or region or the name of the hotel. Further, you will be offered cars to choose from, for carrying from 1 to 150 passengers and their luggage. You can choose from private transfer from/to Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo) or shuttle transfer from Yekaterinburg Airport (Koltsovo).

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