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10 gourmet events 2023 around the world: taste the delicious pizza in Italy, chocolate in France and wine in Hungary.

Delicious gourmet events in 2023 around the world
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.
Gastronomic travel is still popular. Food and drink festivals from all over the world attract an unimaginable number of tourists every year. This is good for travelers too — where else can you experience all the tastes of local cuisine, if not at the feast of local food? Intui tells where to go and what to see at the greatest gourmet events 2023 in the world. Don’t miss a delicious event, and private transfers will help you get to the right place in any country.

Discover interesting gourmet events 2023 around the world.

Visit the national cuisine festivals of Portugal, Italy, Dubai and more.

Try the typical food of Portugal at the Fish and Seafood Festival in Lisbon.

Typical food of Portugal on local events 2023
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

This festival prepares hundreds of dishes from the key ingredients of typical food in Portugal — fish and seafood. During the event, the Gourmet Market is open, where you can buy fresh delicacies and fish, and the best chefs of Portugal and Europe prepare dishes in local restaurants. Many restaurants offer a special menu of typical food in Portugal, a Portuguese wine fair is held at the main venues, and fun competitions are held on the streets.

Explore unusual local food at the Dubai Food Festival 2023.

Dubai Food Festival 2023 is a great gourmet event in the world
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

From April 21 to May 7, 2023, Dubai will host the 10th Dubai Food Festival. Don’t miss the largest delicious event, which will be held for 17 days in Dubai, will bring together all the most interesting gourmet offerings. For locals and tourists alike, the Dubai Food Festival is a great opportunity to explore Dubai's food scene at great prices.

Go to food event Pizzafest in Naples, Italy.

Travel to Italy for the best gourmet pizza
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Pizza is one of the main symbols of Italy, and the birthplace of this dish is Naples. It is here the Pizzafest festival has been held for several decades in a row. Every year hundreds of professional pizzaiolo and thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Pizza Village. Their goal is to try as many pizzas as possible during the 10 days of the festival, relax in the company of Italian cuisine lovers and have fun at numerous events 2023/

Try the finest Swiss cheeses at the Gruyères Festival 2023.

Travel to Switzerland to try the local food and cheese
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

The city of Gruyères is the birthplace of the eponymous type of cheese, known to every food lover. The festival will take place in May 2023, and travelers should already hurry up and don’t miss a celebration. At the festival, of course, guests taste the best types of Swiss cheese, including the Gruyere region. You can visit the Cheese Museum and the local cheese factory, as well as look at the Friborg cows that provide fragrant milk for production.

Feel the "Taste of Chicago" at the Food Festival in Illinois, USA.

One of the best food events 2023 in the world will be in Chicago
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Taste of Chicago is one of the largest food events in the world. It has been held since 1980 in June-July and attracts more than 3 million people. The festival takes place in the open air in Grant Park in the heart of the city. The event offers interesting Chicago specialties and hundreds of overseas dishes: classic American cuisine and street food, Italian, Mexican, Irish, French, African, Chinese food.

Try the most delicious types of chocolate at festivals 2023 in France and Slovenia.

The best events for chocolate gourmets in 2023 will take place in Paris and Radovljica.

Taste the masterpieces of French confectioners at Salon du chocolat 2023 in Paris.

Travel to Paris at the Salon du chocolat 2023 by private transfer
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

This festival was first held in 1922 and since then it has become popular not only among the French: now the event is held in more than 20 cities around the world. At the festival in Paris, you can try sweets and chocolate according to a wide variety of recipes, as well as taste masterpieces from the best French confectioners. During the holiday, you can visit the chocolate library, master classes or a fashion show that demonstrates clothes made from chocolate. In 2023, the festival will be held in late October-early November.

Discover hundreds of types of sweets at a delicious festival in Radovljica, Slovenia.

Event for candy gourmets in the world 2023 in Radovljica
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

The largest chocolate festival in Slovenia will take place in Radovljica in mid-April 2023. The event will last only a few days, but during this time you can try a variety of sweets and types of chocolate.

Come to the best wine and beverage events in 2023.

The biggest drink tasting events will be held in London, Budapest, Berlin.

Check out the loud Oktoberfest 2023 in Germany.

Oktoberfest is the world's premier gourmet event 2023
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

The largest beer festival not only in Germany, but throughout the world, in 2023 will be held from September 16 to October 3. Gourmets will have 18 days to try the best varieties of the drink. At this time, hundreds of liters of beer will traditionally be poured near the beer tents, entertainment events, master classes in shaking drinks and more will be held.

Taste the variety of Hungarian wines at the Budapest Festival.

Travel to Hungary with private transfer diversifies the wine festival
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

At the beginning of September 2023, the largest wine festival of the country will be held in the capital of Hungary. More than 200 wineries take part in it, representing almost all wine-growing regions of the country. During the festival, guests can explore the tastes and aromas of the rarest varieties of Hungarian wines.

Have a bar trip to celebrate the London Cocktail Festival in the UK.

Gourmet Event 2023 World Cocktail Festival in London
Authors / photo source: Unsplash.

Leading bars and restaurants of the capital of Great Britain take part in the cocktail events 2023. The program of bars includes master classes, parties and demonstrations of making cocktails for every taste. The grand celebration this year will take place in early October.

Do not limit yourself in travel and delicious dishes! Intui private transfers will quickly get you to gourmet events in 2023. Book a car in advance and the driver will meet you with a sign in any part of the world immediately upon arrival. You will calmly sit in a private transfer and go to the address you need or go straight to the celebrations of delicious food and drinks.

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