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Tango, polo games and the colorful houses of La Boca: discover the magic of Buenos Aires.

Having fun in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Buenos Aires is one of the most beautiful and controversial cities in South America. The capital of Argentina is widely known for its association with Evita, tango and football. Its historical name — "City of the Holy Trinity and the Port of Our Lady of St. Mary of the Good Winds" — gives the place even more charm. It is most convenient for travelers to fly to the capital by plane, and then take a private and share transfer to get to their hotel or address. The car service in Buenos Aires will wait at the airport in advance, you can comfortably accommodate in the car and quickly get to the desired area and not have to think about how to travel to the city center.

See the unusual architecture and sights of Buenos Aires.

The Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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How to travel to the city center and what are the must to visit places in vibrant Buenos Aires? First of all — the most famous designs. The obelisk on Republic Square is an iconic symbol of the city, which can be seen on all postcards. Its construction took only four weeks in honor of the 400th anniversary of Buenos Aires. The obelisk stands on the spot where the Argentine flag was first raised, symbolizing the country's independence. Near the Obelisk is "Colon", the main opera and ballet theater of the country. It impresses with its appearance both outside and inside.

The architectural style of Buenos Aires is a combination of different styles, which can be seen as chaotic. For example, the Palace of the National Congress was built in 1906 on the model of the Capitol in Washington, and the presidential palace, the Pink House (Casa Rosada), was designed in the Italian style. The presidential residence can be visited as part of an excursion.

The Recoleta Cemetery is a very special experience when traveling in Buenos Aires. The site is a maze of early 20th-century tombs that rise above the ground in tiny stone houses or miniature churches. There are 6400 statues here, many of which were hand carved and brought from Italy.

El Caminito is a colorful outdoor museum located right on an alley in the historical district of La Boca. What began as an independent collaboration between artist Benito Quinquela Martin and the local community in the 1950s is now a major tourist attraction, showcasing the work of numerous local artists. Other must-see places: Barolo Palace, National Museum of Fine Arts, Barrio Chino area.

Stroll through the best parks in the Argentine capital.

Palermo rose garden in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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The Palermo area is one of the city's favorite vacation spots. There is a Japanese garden and a rose park with a lake and sports tracks. The Rose Garden in Palermo Park is one of the most famous parks in Buenos Aires and is especially lively during the flowering period in March, April and October, November. In addition to the gardens, Palermo Chico is home to the mansions of the richest and most famous residents of Buenos Aires.

Costanera is an ecological reserve, which is located right in the city. It occupies 350 hectares and is considered the largest green space in Buenos Aires. Here you can walk along the river, near which, regardless of the time of year, is full of butterflies, and watch the local fauna. Getting to the parks of Buenos Aires is the best with hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs. Private and share transfers will take you straight from the hotel and get back on time.

Visit the scenic surroundings of Buenos Aires.

Scenic view of Tigre near Buenos Aires, Argentina
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There are no less interesting places in the vicinity of Buenos Aires than in the city. You can find out how to get from Buenos Aires to the surrounding areas in just a few hours: Colonia del Sacramento, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Temaiken Wildlife Park, Iguazu National Park, known for its picturesque waterfalls and amazingly beautiful rainforests. To the north of Buenos Aires is Tigre, a port town on the Paraná, where you can take a break from the bustling city. With car service in Buenos Aires you can travel easily between cities.

How to travel to the city center and surroundings from Buenos Aires International Airport.

Discover the colorful things to do in Argentina.

Tango show in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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The Sunday Fair in San Telmo is a market for antiques, vintage clothing, handicrafts and more. Here you can meet local artists, musicians and tango dancers. Whether you're looking for souvenirs or just want to get in on the local flavor, be sure to check out the Sunday Market. Another popular activity in Argentina is playing polo. Locals are very fond of this sport and buy tickets for matches in advance. Those who are eager to plunge into the local color with their heads go to the tango nights. Tango shows are shown in many places in Buenos Aires, but the most popular ones are held in the Tortoni Cafe. You can get to different areas of the city easily and quickly with car service in Buenos Aires.

Come to vibrant Buenos Aires with the whole family.

Buenos Aires has things to do for kids
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Which are must to visit places on vacation in Buenos Aires with children? The Galileo Galilei Planetarium boasts a unique spherical design and a flowering garden. Visitors can observe the starry sky with a powerful telescope, view the space museum and relax by the fountain pond. The Botanical Garden features exotic plants, pavilions and mysterious sculptures. There is a zoo nearby. If you drive 15 km towards Tigre, you can go to the amusement park "De la Costa". There are attractions, catamaran trips along the Paraná Delta and beautiful nature. Hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs will take you to the desired place fast and safely. Book private and share transfers and advance and forget about transportation worries on your vacation.

Car service in Buenos Aires by private and share transfers from the Buenos Aires International Airport.

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