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On the road with a pet: how to travel with a furry friend without the hassle.

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         Travelling with a pet is an exciting adventure! Preparation for such a trip is important: the owner should think over many aspects, starting with the choice of proper carrying and ending with the search for the hotel, where they are placed with furry friends. You also need to organise transport from your doorstep to your destination and often one type of trip cannot be done, because after the arrival of the aircraft or train, you still need to know how to travel to the city center or hotel. To do this, on Intui there are holiday transfers with the possibility of transporting pets that can be ordered in advance. With a little preparation, the trip with the pet will be pleasantly and without excess trouble.

Prepare your pet for a trip in advance.


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         Check if your pet has all the vaccinations and certificates required for the trip. Many countries have strict regulations regarding the vaccines required for importing pets. Sometimes additional medical certificates or permits may be required, so it is very important to review these requirements in advance and make sure your pet has all the necessary vaccinations, chips and documents.

Choose accommodation where pets are allowed.


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         Choose accommodation where pets are allowed. You can find such hotels and apartments using filters on the booking sites. Next, read the pet policy: some hotels only accept certain types of pets, and most often there is a limit on the size of the pet. You may be asked to pay an additional fee or a pet deposit. It is also important to consider the location of housing. Look for hotels near parks or places where your pet can enjoy. Some hotels offer pet-friendly amenities like beds, food bowls, or even special room service. Consider these amenities when choosing accommodation.

Fly with pets on long-awaited trips without the hassle.


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         To make your flight go smoothly, do not forget the rules for transporting pets on a plane — they differ for each company. Pets can be transported in cages and carriers. They should be large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around, and lie comfortably. You can transport a pet both in the cabin and in the luggage compartment — it all depends on the weight, size of the pet and where there are places to accommodate it. Before the flight, it is advisable to accustom the pet to carrying it so that it feels comfortable and can sleep for several hours. To do this, leave the container open at home and draw the pet's attention to it.

Travel comfortably with your pets on the train.


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         As with flights, when travelling by train, pets must also be in carriers or cages. Large breed dogs may have separate requirements. Because train trips are often long, you should know in advance about the stops. During long stops, you can take your pet outside. For dogs, you should arrange such exercises every couple of hours. Also, train stations are usually loud. For the pet not to be frightened, you can not only play the sounds of the stations at home but also bring it there a few days before the trip. So pets will be in an already familiar environment and will be less nervous on the road.

Go on trips with your pet in a car with driver.


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         Are you travelling with a pet and looking for the best way to get from your doorstep to your destination? A hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs is the most non stressful form of transportation for pets and their owners. After arrival, owners often have to transport a tired pet to the subway, while simultaneously trying to place luggage and figure out how to travel to the city center or their stop on the map. With a hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs, pets can stay next to you for the entire trip, feeling safe and comfortable. You can also order stops along the way from your doorstep to your destination, which is especially necessary for your pet if you have been on the road for a long time.



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         You can find hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs with the service of transportation of pets by the filter on the Intui website. When searching for a holiday transfer, select the optional "Pets allowed", and set this option. As a result of the search, you will be given a choice of car with drivers that include the transport of pets. You can also find information about the options in the description of each car ''Details and Conditions''. Choose your favourite destination and travel with your pets!

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