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Transfers: Turkey

Turkey, without a doubt, be called the most popular resort among Russian country tourists. This is due to relatively low prices accommodation, holidays and flights with quality services.
If you are going to rest in Turkey alone, it is quite simple to implement all the necessary manipulation without the participation of the tour operator. You will simply need to choose the time of rest, buy tickets and book your hotel and transfer to the hotel from the airport. Top   Transfer directions in Turkey: Airport Antalya Airport Bodrum,   Airport Istanbul them. Ataturk
Why do I need   book Transfers Turkey   in advance?
Everyone knows that in a taxi Turkey - a very common transport. At every step you can see the taxi rank, more of Turkish taxi drivers very persuasive – if you choose a walk, they can go for you and offer their services. In addition, Turkish taxi drivers in the arsenal many tricks with which they have learned &Ldquo; squeeze ” of foreign tourists maximum money. If you are told that the meter does not work – boldly exit through the second taximeter will already be working properly. You may say that a trip to a certain place also calculated in a different rate, and many tourists unknowingly agree.
Therefore, to prevent such fraud by taxi drivers, Intui.travel offers you to book a transfer to any Airport Turkey   yet before the trip. It can be as individual transfer, and Group – new comfortable minivan or vehicle, which will be waiting for you at the airport just in time.

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Transfer order Turkey

Order the transfer in the country Turkey can cheap and fast: the final price, convenient way to pay by credit card, modern cars and vans for transfer from 1 to 150 passengers, delivery at a convenient time, the possibility of order several cars for a big company. Meeting at the airport Turkey, Railway station, delivery to the hotel, or the city centre. Transfer - it is almost the same as the car rental with driver in the country Turkey or taxi, but easier and cheaper. The cost of transfer Turkey is included: Operation transport, fuel, driver, local taxes, toll roads, delivery to destination, 1 for 1 passenger baggage.

Reviews about transfers

Valerii Tretyakov
Advantages of transfer:

We use your services when travelling abroad and are satisfied with them.

25.05.2019 13:54

Advantages of transfer:

increased comfort, safety, efficiency, everything is up to par

25.05.2019 10:12

Ronzhin Sergei
Advantages of transfer:

Quick and convenient

Disadvantages of transfer:

The driver did not exactly go to the place where he was expected, although everything was clearly indicated in the order. The driver was promoted by the navigator and led to the other end of the lane.


Thank you for your feedback! Please note that you have booked a Shuttle bus, it does not have the exact pick up time immediately at the time of booking. The Shuttle schedule for the return transfer is set on the eve of the transfer, with count of all passengers, you Must follow the instructions from the voucher to specify the time and place of pick up.

25.05.2019 09:55


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