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Airport transfer in Jordan Mostly family tourists go to fabulous Jordan. Here you can have a great rest on the shores of the Dead Sea (and at the same time improve your health), swim almost all the time without sweltering heat, visit dozens of cultural and historical monuments, recklessly bargain in eastern markets ... Sellers in the local markets are not as annoying as usual in eastern countries. But taxi drivers in Jordan, as many tourists note, are very annoying and cunning. They are considered the world leaders in seducing the country's guests. Often they will hang noodles on your ears, claiming that the amount on the counter is for one passenger, that luggage is paid separately, often the counter is not turned on at all and the price is called “from the ceiling”. When traveling by taxi to another city, you will have to pay a round sum for permission to enter it. It is almost impossible to travel around the city by taxi due to terrible traffic jams. On a rented car and on city buses and minibuses - the same thing. In addition, buses inside the cities are marked only in Arabic, and it is almost impossible to figure out where you are going. Minibuses charge more for travel, but they will not budge until all the empty seats are filled.

The best choice for solving transport issues can be a pre-booked transfer around Jordan. The European quality of service will allow you to choose the brand and class of the car, discuss the route and time of arrival at the final destination in advance. You do not run the risk of being late for the flight or by the time you check into the hotel, the booked transport will be waiting for you at the set time in the right place and will comfortably take you where you need to go. In addition, you know in advance how much you need to pay the transfer company, no extra tips and surcharges

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We are trusted
hundreds completed transfers at Jordan every days executed by the licensed carrier companies & with Passenger Insurance
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Brand & model of cars assortment
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Suitable services
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If your flight is delayed, we will wait
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No hidden cost
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Reliable transfer in Jordan at a fixed price 8 airports and train stations, more than to 53 cities and regions, to 1716 hotels. Secure payment by credit card or other available methods. Modern cars, limousines, and minivans, buses are available for transfers for 1 to 50 passengers. We offer the possibility to order several luxury cars for a larger group of business passengers. Pick up at the Jordan airport, train station, port at convenient time. The Jordan airport transfer to the hotel , apartment, villa, city center or between hotels. Our Transfers or taxis in Jordan from Intui are easy to book! Transfers Jordan with the best prices! The cost of a transfer to Jordan includes a car with a driver, the amount of luggage specified in the order, ride on toll roads, fuel, local taxes. To book a transfer to Jordan, specify in the search form above From and To, dates and times, quantity

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