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Transfers: Jordan

In Jordan fabulous ride, basically, family tourists. Here you can relax on the shores of the Dead Sea (as well as improve health), swim almost all without the sweltering heat, visited by tens cultural and historical monuments, recklessly traded on the eastern markets. Sellers on the local market is not as intrusive as usually in the eastern countries. But taxi drivers in Jordan, as many tourists, very annoying and cunning. They are considered world leaders in ohmureniya guests countries. Often, you will were deceived by claiming that the sum of the counter — is per passenger, that baggage is charged separately, often counter do not include the price of call « from the ceiling » ;. When traveling by taxi in another city you will have to put a round sum for permission to enter it. Move around the city by taxi is almost impossible because of the terrible traffic jams. In a rented car and on city buses and Transfers — same here. In addition, the buses within the city are marked only in Arabic, and figure out where you're going almost impossible. Minibuses take the fare is more expensive, but they will not move from the place until it fills all the empty seats.
                The most optimal choice for solving transport issues may be booked in advance on the transfer of Jordan. European quality of service will allow you to choose brand and car class, discuss in advance the route and time of arrival at the destination. You do not run the risk of being late for a flight or at the time of checking into the hotel, booked transport will waiting for you at a set time in the right place and with the comfort whisk you where you want. In addition, you know in advance as necessary pay a transfer company, no extra and tips surcharges

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Reviews about transfers

Advantages of transfer:

Good cars and drivers, all quickly

Disadvantages of transfer:

Overpaid a lot, if in place, then these same taxi drivers take 3 times less

04.05.2019 12:14

Advantages of transfer:

Meeting at the airport of Aqaba in time with a sign, despite the replacement of the flight due to the fault of the airline. Very neat driving. I recommend the services of INTUI.TREVTL.

Disadvantages of transfer:

There are no flaws.

06.03.2019 11:34

Advantages of transfer:

The car arrived at the appointed time. The driver is courteous. Comfortable car

Disadvantages of transfer:

High price for a 10 minute trip


From Intui.travel: Thank you for your feedback. We, Intui.travel, online transfer booking service. The transfer service and the prices are provided by the carrier company.We forwarded your remarks to the carrier company. We hope to see you again on our w

28.08.2017 12:13


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