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hours till the date of transfer
But it's possible to amend or cancel a booked transfer.
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Transfers: China

Planned journey or business trip to China? Of course, you are waiting for an unforgettable experience.   Have you already bought tickets and booked a room in Hotel? We recommend that you take care of the transfer.
Taxis in China — it is a separate subject. Chinese taxi is absolutely not similar to those that we accustomed to seeing in our country.
Firstly, it is always a Volkswagen cars Chinese assembly. Always with the presence of a special beacon, and counter pictures of the driver and the driver's license for front panel. Activities taxi companies in China rigidly regulated and are only allowed to work licensed drivers.
In addition, China's taxi drivers assigned to   &Laquo; » ;, stardom as well as hotels. In the left corner of the windshield can be seen sprocket, depending on the number of which determined « class » cab. Typically, the driver is separated from the passenger grating or a partition of a transparent material.
Price of travel by taxi in China — completely acceptable. It is an affordable mode of transport for both for the Chinese and tourists.
Representatives of taxi companies are divided by color — for example, large popular companies have their own, « branded » color machines.
Anything that can prevent you reach the place destination without any problem — ignorance of the language areas and features of a particular company (for example, taxi red are not very good fame).
The easiest way for you to order   transfer any airport in China. This is the surest way to avoid any hassles associated with a taxi in China. Also, pre-ordered transfer to China, you can know exactly how much to allocate out of your budget trip from the airport to the hotel and back.
Full description

Transfer order China

Order the transfer in the country China can cheap and fast: the final price, convenient way to pay by credit card, modern cars and vans for transfer from 1 to 150 passengers, delivery at a convenient time, the possibility of order several cars for a big company. Meeting at the airport China, Railway station, delivery to the hotel, or the city centre. Transfer - it is almost the same as the car rental with driver in the country China or taxi, but easier and cheaper. The cost of transfer China is included: Operation transport, fuel, driver, local taxes, toll roads, delivery to destination, 1 for 1 passenger baggage.

Reviews about transfers

Advantages of transfer:

China. I made four different applications already from hotels to the airport. Everything went perfect. Cars on the ground always stood already 20 minutes before the appointed time. With signs with the name of the passenger. Without further ado, all delivered to the destination.

Disadvantages of transfer:

Not yet detected.

21.04.2019 12:28

Advantages of transfer:

China. Their Beijing airport to the hotel. Made 4 different applications. All performed perfectly. Always a man with a sign stood right at the exit from the arrivals area, the cars are good, the driver drove right to the spot without asking any questions. Everything was amazing.

Disadvantages of transfer:

Did not have

14.04.2019 16:22

Advantages of transfer:

On time. Got us to airport in the time specified.

02.05.2018 00:38


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Date of arrival

Look at the table below:


Booking can be no later than
48 hours 1-2 days
Cancellation with a refund not later than  3 days        2 days
Amending of an order not later than 72 hours  5 hours
Adding passengers for an individual transfer impossible  possible
Additional benefits in the car (Wi-Fi, water, etc.)
not available
(look at the vehicle description)
Group transfer pick up time youn need to specify it yourself by email, at the hotel's reception or by SMS
Child car seats
on request after booking 10 EUR per one
if specified in the description, for free or charge
Payment methods Visa, Mastercard Visa , MasterCard ,  PayPal ,  iDeal,  Sofort, from balance
100% payment Yes Yes, if available in description
Partial payment online, the rest of the sum to the driver
No Yes, if available in description
Time of arrival
Pick-up date
Time of arrival
Pick-up date
Departure date
Arrival date
Pick-up time
Departure time
Arrival time
Date of departure
Time of departure
Pick-up date
Pick-up time

Specify the Arrival time
System will automatically calculate the meeting time, taking into account passport control and baggage claim.
If you take a charter flight, or you do not yet know your flight, you can select any time. After booking a transfer, as soon as you know the time - edit the order (you can do it during your trip). You can not book a transfer less than 2-48 hours prior to the actual date, but you can change the details

, by writing to [email protected]

Specify the Departure time
System will automatically calculate the time of pick-up, taking into account the time required for the trip to airport as well as the time for check in and passport control.
If you take a charter flight, or do not yet know your flight, you can select any time. After booking this transfer, as soon as you know the time - edit the order (you can do it during your trip). You cannot book a transfer less than 2-48 hours prior to the actual date, but you can change the details

, by writing to [email protected]
Date of arrival
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Time of departure
Time of arrival
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