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TOP 5 Things to Do in Tunisia. Discover an African Fairy Tale in Your Trip!

Recreation and entertainment in Tunisia

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         Tunisia is an amazing country with a rich history, beautiful beaches and an exciting culture. It perfectly combines Roman ruins, French colonial architecture, Mediterranean beaches and African flavor. Intui travel company news: new destinations in Tunisia have been added to the site, which makes it possible to see even more beautiful places. Ready to embark on an exciting journey through Tunisia? Here are 5 things to do while visiting this exotic country.


Relax at the best resorts in Tunisia: noisy Hammamet, Sousse, secluded Djerba.

Hammamet resort in Tunisia

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         Tunisia is known for its beautiful resorts. Finding out how to get new travel destination and how to travel to the city center and resorts is easy with Intui. Hammamet is the most popular resort in the country with excellent beaches and the best thalasso centers, which can be quickly reached by taxi transfer from the airport. During the day they relax on the beaches, in the spa, see the sights and visit fish restaurants, in the evening they have fun in bars and clubs. Sousse is chosen for a good excursion program, high-profile parties and various sports activities: from golf to yachting. Monastir and Mahdia are quieter and more authentic resorts, while Djerba is suitable for connoisseurs of solitude and the warm sea. How to get by hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs from Djerba Zarzis Airport DJE to new travel destination Djerba's capital Houmt Souk.


Visit the iconic sights of Tunisia: ancient Carthage, fortresses and temples.

Legendary Carthage in Tunisia

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         The sights of Tunisia combine different cultures and eras. You can find a trip to Roman ruins, European temples, and unusual museums. Almost every major city has something to see, and finding out how to get there is not difficult. In the capital, it is worth visiting Habib Bourguiba Avenue, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Cathedral and the Zitouna Mosque. The port area of La Goulette and the colonial La Marsa have retained their French heritage. Not far from the capital is the legendary Carthage, and in Hammamet there is a fort and the ancient Roman ruins of Pupput. You can go to new travel destination Medenin to see the old ksar in the center of the modern city. How to travel to the city center of Medenine by hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs from Djerba-Zarzis Airport DJE.


See the unique nature of Tunisia: the sands of the Sahara, the lagoon and the salt lake.

Sahara Desert in Tunisia

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         Tunisia is a country with amazing natural beauties. Lake Chott el Jerid impresses with a thin salt crust on the surface. Table mountain Jugurtha looks like the canyons of North America. The UNESCO-listed Ishkel National Park is well worth a visit, as are the endless golden dunes of the Sahara. In the Sahara, you can go hiking on a camel and take beautiful photos. Djerba has a Djerba Explore park with a crocodile farm and attractions, next to it is an amazing lagoon where pink flamingos live. How to get to new travel destinations by taxi transfer from Djerba-Zarzis airport DJE and how to travel to the city centers of Tunisia.


Taste Tunisia: the gastronomic traditions of North Africa.

National cuisine of Tunisia

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         Tunisian cuisine is a true gourmet feast, combining influences from Arabic, Berber, Mediterranean and African cultures. It includes an abundance of fresh vegetables, aromatic spices, olive oil, harissa (spicy pepper sauce) and couscous. Tajine is a traditional potted meat or fish dish baked with vegetables. The best desserts are makrud, baklava, and mlyabes cakes.


Take a piece of Tunisia with you: oriental bazaars and exotic souvenirs.

Oriental bazaar in Tunisia

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         Oriental bazaars of Tunisia are an unusual landmark of the country. As a rule, they are located in the central or old areas of large cities. In such bazaars, you can find almost everything: from leather slippers and figurines to woven Mahdi silk stoles and carpets. Here they buy dresses embroidered with gold threads, scarves, accessories, various oils, ceramics, "sand roses" (frozen crystals resembling flowers), Aladdin's lamps and much more, which will also be a great souvenir.


         With a hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs, trips to exotic Tunisia will give only pleasant impressions! You can relax and enjoy the beautiful view from the window on the way, and Intui will take care of your comfort and itinerary. A car with a driver will meet you at the right place at the specified time, you will get into a pre-selected car and immediately go to your destination without any hassle. Discover spectacular Tunisia with hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs on Intui!


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