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Enjoy every moment on vacation: 6 reasons why a private transfer is better than a taxi on vacation.

Taxi and private transfer

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         Every traveller sooner or later wonders what is better to choose for trips: a private transfer or a taxi? What is the difference between these seemingly similar services? On the one hand, a car with a driver guarantees an organised trip without hassle, on the other hand, a taxi does not need to be booked in advance and you can think about what transport to take on the spot, assessing the situation upon arrival. However, everything is not so clear. In the article, we analyse the features of two popular transport services by main categories.

A car with a driver is served on time and without delay.

Trip by car with a driver

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         What kind of transport you will use to move depends on your mobility on the journey. When it comes to taxis, you have to wait for the nearest car to you or one that meets unique requirements, for example, the availability of a child seat if you are travelling with a child. Taxi queues at major airports and traffic jams during peak hours lengthen taxi pickup times, causing valuable travel time to be wasted waiting at the airport. If for some reason you do not have time to board a taxi, you will have to pay for the downtime.


         Unlike a taxi, a private transfer is booked in advance, and when booking, you specify all the parameters of your future trip, including the pickup time. A car with a driver will be served by the time you specify in the booking. Often, a private transfer already includes a waiting service at the airport in case the flight is delayed — on average, this is 30-60 minutes.

Clear meeting and boarding instructions.

Woman in a private transfer

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         The boarding place of taxi and private transfer is agreed in advance, but there is an important difference. In the case of a hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs, the transport company will provide instructions for boarding and you will be personally met by the driver. You do not have to panic search for a car in a crowded parking lot at the airport. The driver will meet with a name plate, which will make it easy to find him.

Large range of vehicles to choose from.

Private transfer of the desired model on Intui

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         When taking a taxi, you can not always be sure of the class of the car that will come to you. When deciding which transport to take, remember that with a private transfer you can choose not only a car class, but also a specific model. More than 156 car models are available for selection on the Intui. You can look at photos of the interior of the car to be sure of the choice. You will be served a car of exactly the model you have chosen, clean inside and out.

Personalised additional services.


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A car with a driver is a personalised service where everything is provided for your comfort. You decide whether to turn on the air conditioner, listen to music, have a conversation, or just relax in silence. You can specify additional time for stops in advance if you need to stop somewhere along the way. Also, all children are provided with car seats and boosters, for the smallest — infant carriers. Passengers have free access to Wi-Fi, drinking water and napkins. When taking a taxi, you cannot count on such an extensive list of additional services.


Professional drivers and safe trips.


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         Passenger safety and comfort are the top priorities for transport companies on Intui. Therefore, drivers undergo a rigorous selection, rides are carried out by professionals with many years of driving experience. In addition, drivers are always polite and stress-resistant, ready to adjust communication for you, whether you want to listen to a story about the city and sights or get in silence. Also, when booking, you can search for a driver with knowledge of a certain language using filters to clearly understand each other. But this is not necessary — drivers know all the information about the trip in advance and they do not need to explain anything on the spot.


         Unlike private transfer drivers, taxi drivers often only know the local language or local dialect of English. If you are completely unfamiliar with it, then it will be difficult to explain. You also never know if your driver is professional. At the same time, in some countries there are taxis whose drivers drive without a metre, because of which the cost of the trip may be higher than the standard one.

Convenient payment method and fixed fare.


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         The cost of hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs is known in advance and is indicated on the website. It is fixed unless you make changes to the booking. However, if the driver chooses a longer route or your flight is delayed by the allowable waiting time, then no surcharges are required. A private transfer can be paid in advance in a convenient currency and in a convenient way. You can immediately pay the entire cost of the trip or only a part, and give the rest of the money on the spot.


         Paying for a taxi ride can include many nuances. For waiting, a longer route or additional stops, you will have extra pay. All these additional expenses are most often unforeseen and become known after the fact, which is why it is impossible to say exactly how much a taxi ride will cost.


         If you like organised trips without the hassle, a private transfer is your guide to a pleasant stay. So you can relax and get the most out of your trip. A car with a driver will be allocated in advance only for your booking, the driver will meet you on time and take you to the right place. With a private transfer — no worries and surprises, only wonderful impressions on the way. Take advantage of hotel transfers with professional and efficient chauffeurs for your next trip and discover a new level of comfort with Intui.


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