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Immerse Yourself in the Exotic Driving of Asia! Tuk-tuks, Horns and Heavy Traffic on the Roads.

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         The traffic in this part of the world is quite special: dense traffic, congested intersections without traffic lights and constant horn buzzing — this is how drivers describe Asian roads. Accustomed to the European organisation, it can be difficult here, because in Asia they adhere to unusual driving rules. The unique features of traffic rules can be traced from country to country due to cultural characteristics, which makes even driving rules “exotic”!


Tuk Tuks, Rickshaws and Animals: How to Drive Asia's Congested Roads.

Chaotic traffic on the roads of Asia

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         In Asian metropolitan areas such as Delhi, Taipei, or Bangkok, the traffic can be so heavy that it feels like you're trapped in an anthill. Be prepared for a constant flow of traffic, including motorcycles, rickshaws, tuk-tuks, cars of various sizes. In some places there are carts drawn by horses, cows and other animals that move along the road along with other vehicles.


         Unusual traffic rules are added to the picture. For example, in Asia, those who drive along the main road slow down. Those leaving the alley usually do not even look into the direction of the flow, so drivers in the outer lane slow down before turns and intersections. It is also not customary to use turn signals here, and those who use it can drive for a long time with a flashing light without worrying about turning it off.


Buzzing for Any Reason: Use the Horn to Get Anywhere.

Driving a taxi on the roads of Asia

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         In Europe, the use of a horn is the last thing to do. However, on the roads of Asia, the opposite is true. Here, when driving, they honk, even just to warn other drivers that you are on the road. The sounds of the klaxon are heard here from all sides, and there can be a lot of reasons for this. If you are approaching an intersection or a turn, and you realise that the other driver may not see you, it is normal to use the horn. If you want to be let through, honk too. Even if the drivers are just bored, they can also signal to each other, thus creating a kind of conversation, where only experienced craftsmen can hear the answer in this symphony of buzzing.


Such Different Driving on the Roads of Asia: Follow the Traffic Rules from Country to Country.

Animals on the roads of India

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         Different countries in Asia have their own specifics of traffic rules. For example, when driving on the roads of India, you should be prepared to meet cows, which are considered sacred animals in the country. They can safely walk along the roadway and even lie down to rest. You can’t drive them away — you can only go around in a chaotic stream of cars, motorcyclists and tuk-tuks already. In Indonesia, you may encounter a traffic priority purchase and an unusual "magic hand" gesture. Here they raise their palm when asked to give way, a gesture used by both drivers and pedestrians. In Thailand, it is customary to communicate with the help of emergency gangs, and at traffic lights, priority is given to the one who managed to blink first. Unusual traffic rules are also in effect in the Philippines: in order to reduce traffic on the roads, the government has established which days of the week cars can drive depending on their numbers. For example, it is illegal to drive on Mondays if the car's licence plate ends in 1 or 2, and so on.


         In countries with unusual driving rules, it is most convenient to travel by private transfer. Transport companies operate locally, they know the traffic rules and how best to get to your hotel or address quickly. With a private transfer, you will be able to move around without any transport hassle. Book a trip and enjoy your trip to Asia!


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