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Robots Serve you! See How Machines Work in Japan, Singapore, South Korea.

Entertainment and robots in Japan

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         Travelling in some countries, it seems that the future has already arrived: robots collect garbage, deliver orders and even work as police officers. However, this is far from the limit! More and more countries are automating the service sector and now smart and helpful machines can be found in hotels, restaurants and even subways. In our top five technology adoption countries, you can even meet robots on a journey while walking down the street!


See how robots work in Japan.

Robot in Henn na hotel, Japan

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         Japan is one of the leaders in the use of robots in industry and service. In hyper-robotic Tokyo, everything is automated, from restaurant service to hotel service. Travellers can see how robots work in Tokyo by visiting the Robot restaurant in the Kabukichō district. In addition to being served by robots, here you can watch the show of smart machines.


         In Tokyo, there is a Henn na hotel where robots work. Upon opening in 2016, Henn na was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the "First Hotel Manned by Robots". In the hotels of the network, there are registrar robots that check in and check out guests. In the hotel you will meet other robots, for example, cleaning and air purification.


         Also in Japan, robots "work" in the subway. Clinabo CL02 helped spray handrails and benches in 2022, and its “colleagues” work in the help desk, where they answer questions from passengers.


Meet the robots in Singapore: from the library to the airport.

Robot in Singapore airport

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         In Singapore, automation can be seen in the most unexpected places. For example, at the National Library of Singapore, robots scan the markings of books on the shelves. Many subway stations have a barista robot that takes orders from customers and brews coffee for them. Coliwoo hotels have cleaning robots to keep floors clean, while The M Social has robots delivering orders to rooms. During the pandemic, the autonomous robot M.A.T.A.R. was hired by the police, which helped to monitor the distancing regime and wearing masks. In the post-COVID time, the police nevertheless decided not to give up extra eyes, and now robots are working in Singapore airport terminals. They are equipped with cameras and sensors, allowing the police to monitor security remotely and communicate with passengers through a speaker.


Check out robot service in South Korea.

Robot in restaurant South Korea

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         South Korea is famous for its advanced technology and willingness to introduce machines into many areas of life. Seoul has automated factories where robots work together with humans, as well as robotic entertainment centres that will surprise you with their technology. Guests can also see postal robots, hotel workers, and more. On a trip to Seoul, you can see how robotic waiters work. At the Cheiljemyunso restaurant, a robot waiter brings up to 4 trays of food at the same time. He moves independently, avoiding obstacles, also picks up trays and brings them to the kitchen.


Watch robots in action in Sweden.

Robot courier in Sweden

Authors / photo source: TERAKI.


         Sweden is making heavy use of advanced technology and AI. Food delivery company Foodora has "hired" robots from TERAKI. Drones replace couriers and deliver their orders to the people of Stockholm.


         The work of robots can be seen right on the streets of Sweden, because in some areas the machines help to collect garbage. Garbage robots work in tandem with drones that control movement around the territory. When a robot is called, it comes to a certain trash can, picks up the trash and takes it away. The technology helps to dispose of garbage without the participation of workers, only one person at the computer controls the process.


         Also in Sweden there are shops where there are no cashiers, no salesmen, no security guards. A control computer and video cameras are installed there. Anyone can use such a robot store if they have a smartphone and a bank card linked to it. Such technologies have become an excellent solution for the Swedish outback, where it is unprofitable to maintain a full-fledged store with staff.


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