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Intui launched the new function "Payment from Balance" for the partners.


Transfers - as an additional service for tourists, its inclusion in the product line is becoming a stable trend, including the giants of the online travel industry, as shown by the analysis of the niche of travel products in outgoing 2017. The number of transfer partners exceeded the figure of 2400 by the end of Q4 2017. In connection with the rapid expansion of the partner network Intui launched a new feature to improve the work in b2b accounts - "Payment from the balance.

"Payment from balance" allows Intui partners to pay for transfer orders at net value, already minus the fee. Balance functions allow you to make payments using the accumulated remuneration or by replenishing the balance. Benefit: when registering orders from a net worth balance, this is a significant saving of the working capital of the travel agency, rather than at 100% payment of the order, including partner commission. An undeniable advantage is full transparency of this method of payment - all reporting on financial flows and partner bookings is reflected in his personal account and updated in real-time.

Partner remuneration for previously performed orders is automatically displayed on the balance sheet as the amount available for payment of new orders. In the personal area of the partner, on the "My data" tab, the agent can always track the current balance of funds. Replenishment of the balance requires a minimum of effort and becomes available by pressing the "Top up" button, then you can make money by bank transfer or with the help of the Ideal system.

By launching a new payment function from the balance, Intui also closed problems related to issuing payment cards to employees: accounting and control of costs and replenishment. Employees added to the "users" of the agency's office can use the funds on the balance sheet to pay for transfer orders. All bookings made by authorized agents are automatically displayed in transactions with the name of the manager who made the booking.

Intui also remembers those partners who are accustomed to paying for orders traditionally with cards or with the help of Paypal and withdraw funds to a bank account. If the balance is positive, the partner can request withdrawal of funds from the balance.

It is worth noting that the partner's balance is a perfectly honed mechanism. If the cancellation of the order by the transport company or the partner is possible, the balance is replenished for the amount of the canceled order cost. This definitely reduces the time spent on refunds.

Intui provided for a motivational, progressive scale of partner reward for partners, who at one time replenish the balance for large sums. So when replenishing the balance for more than 30,000 rubles, the interest will be automatically increased by 2 points, and so on, is relevant to the amount of replenishment.

ITravel Agencies and Webmasters have the ability to upload their orders by partner ID and by SubID for a certain period of time, bookings paid from the balance are also included in the unloading.

In 2018 Intui plans to expand the tools and capabilities of the partner account. transfer

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