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Journey to the Heart of California: Discover San Francisco with New Travel Destinations on Intui.

Girls travel around San Francisco
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Are you planning an unforgettable trip? San Francisco, located on the Pacific coast, is one of the most amazing cities in the world. It is rich in history, culture, entertainment and beautiful scenery. Intui travel news: the company presents new travel destinations in San Francisco! Discover the secrets of the Golden Gate, enjoy the sandy beaches and spend the day exploring the many museums on your San Francisco tour!

Visit San Francisco's iconic landmarks.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
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Since the founding of the city and until now, San Francisco has been a port. It is surrounded by water on three sides, and the Golden Gate Bridge is the only entrance to Frisco from the north and at the same time its most famous attraction. The city has a legendary cable car — a way of transportation and an interesting tourist attraction. On it you can get to Lombard Street — the most winding street in the world with a stunning serpentine.

San Francisco is famous for its beautiful piers, the most popular of which is Pier 39. There are many shops, restaurants, attractions, and most importantly, a fur seal rookery. From Pier 41 you can go to another famous attraction — the Alcatraz prison, which today operates as a museum.

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See picturesque neighborhoods and enjoy city views from above.

Chinatown in San Francisco
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San Francisco is called the city that stands on 42 hills, and from at least two of them you can observe a beautiful panorama. Twin Peaks twin hills allow you to see Frisco at a glance, on the northern one there is an observation deck and a telescope is installed. The Fisherman's Wharf area is the perfect place for lovers of fresh seafood and picturesque waterfronts. Chinatown is another local attraction. Here you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of oriental culture with bright lanterns on the streets and Chinese establishments. Also visit the Mission district, where you will find a rich heritage of Mexican culture and the work of street artists.

How to travel to the city center by car with a driver from San Francisco airport SFO.

Go to the popular museums of San Francisco.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
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San Francisco impresses with the number of museums and exhibitions. Here you can visit the Museum of Modern Art — a paradise for connoisseurs of contemporary painting, sculpture and photography. For those who prefer an interactive approach, the Exploratorium is the perfect place to explore science exhibits and experiments. The de Jong Museum of Art impresses with its collection of works of art from various eras, and the Chocolate Museum is the best place for lovers of sweets. The Mechanics Museum has over 300 slot machines that come to life when you throw a coin at them. You can look both at playing hockey players and at a gypsy who predicts the future.

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Enjoy the fun of San Francisco: beach holidays, food and shopping.

Girls having fun in San Francisco
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San Francisco has entertainment for all tastes. If you want to relax on the beach, remember that there is no eternal summer here, like in more southerly Los Angeles, and it is often cool here. At the same time, local beaches are the hallmark of the city: sandy, wide, with opportunities for sports and beautiful views. The best of them are Ocean Beach, Baker Beach and Aquatic Park. Shopping lovers should head to Union Square and Westfield Center. It is here that there are shops and boutiques where you can buy almost everything. San Francisco is the gastronomic capital of America. Seafood dishes are worth trying at Fisherman's Wharf, French cuisine can be found in Union Square, and for Italian cuisine in the North Beach area. The Mission District serves Mexican cuisine, and Chinatown eateries are the perfect place to grab a bite to eat on a budget.

With the new travel destinations in San Francisco, finding a trip and organizing your vacation is even more convenient! In order not to think on the spot, how to travel to the city center and how to take car service in San Francisco, you can book a car with a driver. Upon arrival, you will be met, helped to comfortably accommodate you and your luggage in the car and delivered to the right place. Plan your trips with Intui and spend your vacation in San Francisco hassle-free!

How to travel to the city center and to all new travel destinations from San Francisco airport SFO by car with driver.

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