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Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) Book an Airport & Hotel Transfers, Taxis, Shuttles & Holiday Transfers

Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh)

Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh)

Cam Ranh International Airport is located 30 km south of Nha Trang, Vietnam popular resort. It takes a few international flights, Basically — from Russia. Get from the airport to Cam Ranh can Nyachaga public transport. Note that the local transport — not the new one, are not always equipped with air conditioning. If you want to go by taxi, egotiate with the driver about the price in advance, tourists here love « pluck » and over the counter, and without it. A trip to the area of ​​hotel Nha Trang takes about hour. If you are accustomed to comfort and value your time, the easiest way to book a transfer from / to the airport Nha Trang advance. With service Intui you do this in a few minutes. Simply select the desired type of vehicle, specify the time of arrival / departure and the number of passengers. Enjoy your travel!


Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) is located as close as 2km to Nha Trang. There are multiple standard types of transport (public transport and bus), that you can use to get to Nha Trang, but you will meet unexpected difficulties. It is very possible that if you go by public transport, while cheaper than taxi and private transfer, there is no hope for any comfort with your luggage in there. If you take bus, tickets have to be booked in a specific way and in advance. Intui offers reliable and comfortable door to door transfer service: driver's phone numbers will be provided in your voucher and payment is processed with full security. Intui offers transfers to many destinations, such as Nha Trang city centre. Have a nice trip!





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Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) is located at the following geo coordinates: longitude 12.005754, width 109.215289. Time zone Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) UTC 7 hours, which is very important when booking a transfer from / to Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) . Book in advance! You can order a transfer from Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) to cities and resorts. You can book transfers as well as from Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) and also book a transfer to Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) On the Intui website, prices are final, no hidden fees, payment by credit card or other available methods from 43 options. HOW TO BOOK YOUR TRANSFER Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) ? To continue either select a city/region from the list on the page. Or use the search form. In the search form, enter in the Where field: Name of the city or region or the name of the hotel. Further, you will be offered cars to choose from, for carrying from 1 to 150 passengers and their luggage. You can choose from private transfer from/to Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) or shuttle transfer from Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) . In Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) , the transport company tracks the flight. You will be met with a sign at Nha Trang Airport (Cam Ranh) .

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