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New markers for choosing the best Intui travel transfer option.

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Do you want to be sure that the booked car for a private transfer with personal driver will arrive on time, the cabin will be perfectly clean and the driver will be immaculately polite? Choosing the perfect car for a private airport transfer has become even easier. Thanks to the new markers Bestseller and Intui recommends. With the new markers it’s comfortable to find the best travel options on the route. 



BestSeller Marker: the most frequently purchased transfers.


New marker Bestseller.

Especially for the most discerning travelers a new BestSeller marker has appeared on the Intui travel website. By setting the route of the upcoming transfer in the search box you will see a wide list of cars of various transport companies traveling in the chosen direction.

Only one car from the entire list of cars can be marked with the BestSeller marker. This factor will indicate that you are looking at the most popular and purchased offer of a transportation services which is most often pre-paid by other tourists. With this marker, you can be sure that this is one of the best offers in terms of price / quality and one of the best ways How to travel by private transfer with a personal driver to the airport, railway station or the city center.


Intui recommends the best choice for a comfortable trip.

New marker Intui recommends

Are you worried about how the upcoming trip will go and how to travel to the city center or hotel from the airport or back to the airport with maximum comfort?

With a special marker Intui recommends we have flaged only the proven cars of the best  transportation service companies that honestly fulfill all the stated conditions of the transfer.

Thousands of satisfied customers left their feedback on the results of the trip thanks and we were able to determine the best service of the best transport company and as a result offer the best airport transfer options on the chosen route.

What is equally important the Intui recommends flag can be marked with several cars in a given direction at once. After all the service of the transport company is evaluated!

A  transportation service company can offer cars of different classes and models along this route. Feel free to follow the recommendations and choose proven individual transfers for your upcoming trip.


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