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New Intui travel transfer destinations in Jordan, the Netherlands, Canada and the Bahamas.

      Traveling to a new country is a bright and exciting experience. By planning your route in advance you can significantly save time and money as well as get the maximum pleasure from the trip. New travel destinations of tourist and business transfers have appeared on the Intui travel website to make your journey a lot more comfortable.

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  1. How to travel in Jordan: cheap airport transfer.

A traveler in the ancient city of Petra in Jordan

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      Jordan is an ideal destination for lovers of history, ancient temples and open-air museums. One of the most popular locations is the Dead Sea. The resorts located on its shore offer a unique beach holiday thanks to the healing properties of sea water and spa procedures based on the miralized mud of the Dead Sea. 

      The nearest city is considered to be Madaba where you can get both by taxi and by individual transfer. It’s quite important to decide how to travel in Jordan to visit the ancient Madaba, the famous Petra or the fabulous Jerash. 

      The planes arrive at the country's main airport Amman Queen Alia International Airport. You can use taxi services or take an individual transfer from Amman Airport to Madaba and to Jerash. You can order an airport transfer from Amman Airport to Ma'in Hotels here.


  2. Plan your travel to Netherland: airport transfer from Amsterdam to Zwolle.

Houses and bicycles near the canals in Amsterdam

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  Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the main airport of the Netherlands located a 20-minute drive from Amsterdam. One of the most colorful European cities attracts travelers from all over the world at any time of the year thanks to its distinctive culture, a wide range of entertainment and recreation for every taste.

      The most convenient way to travel to Netherlands most popular cities is to order an individual airport transfer from Schiphol Railway Station. It is located directly under the airport terminal.

      From the station you can comfortably reach Amsterdam-Noord Train Station, Amsterdam Central Station and Zwolle by car with a private transfer with personal driver.


  3. How to travel in Canada: ordering a private transfer with a personal driver.

The car is driving on the road to the mountains

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       British Columbia region in Canada is famous for its incredible landscapes, good ecology and active recreation. Vancouver is the largest city in the province where the XXI Winter Olympic Games were held in 2010. Also travelers are attracted by the popular golf region of Furry Creek.

      Wondering how to travel in Canada and how to get an hotel you can order a private transfer with personal driver.


      It’s easy to get to the center of Vancouver from the main train station with Intui Travel.


      Find and book a car transfer from the Port of Vancouver to the city of Langley.


      Find a ride and book a car with a driver from Vancouver Airport to Furry Creek.


4. Amazing Bahamas: book an airport transfer to the city and hotel.

Port with ships in Nassau in the Bahamas

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      The bright and colorful city of Nassau in the Bahamas is the center of attraction for travelers from all over the world. They go there primarily for beach holidays, shopping and entertainment.

      It’s quite important to plan in advance how to travel in Bahamas to get to Nassau and other touristic cities like Adelaide and Camperdown. Book a private transfer with personal driver to get an hotel and all famous attractions. 

      Find here a cheap transfer from Nassau Airport to downtown Nassau, Adelaide and Camperdown.

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