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25 Май 2022

7 interesting facts about Serbia . How to take an airport transfer from Belgrade to the nearest resort to other countries?

Why should you visit Serbia? What 7 exciting things do the country have and why is it better for a tourist to know about them? The eastern country with its local traditions is glad to every tourist who gets into it. Build a road to the nearest countries and expand your horizons! Travel to other countries close to Serbia - 5 best routes you can like. Travel time to the hotel, villa or any other tourist destination, short journey by personal car with private driver. Forget all but rest, Intui will arrange a trip for you!
7 interesting facts about Serbia . How to take an airport transfer from Belgrade  to the nearest resort to other countries?

   7 interesting facts about Serbia that you have never heard of before.

1.Serbia is the most miniature state in Eastern Europe.

The expanse of Serbia for tourists who are planning a trip to Serbia.
   Now it is located in the Balkans. After the collapse of Yugoslavia until 2006, the country was part of the Union of Serbia and Montenegro. Serbia has much in common with neighboring countries — Croatia and Montenegro.

2. Football in Serbia is painfully popular.

   The fan movement has tremendous strength, so every local resident is obliged to know the color of the form of the national team.

3. Most Serbs live with their parents up to 30 years on average.

   And to be honest, we didn't know it ourselves! Perhaps this is due to the fact that many Serbs do not want to start working and first plan to spend time studying.

4. Red wine in Serbia is called black.

   Serbia is considered a fertile place for growing dark grapes. The drink owes its name to the variety of dark grapes. 

5. Almost everywhere in Serbia you can safely drink water.

There's a glass of ice on the table.
   And you can drink directly from under the tap. It's crystal clear here. If this cannot be done, usually a sign is hung from above the drinking fountain.

6. Nikola Tesla was born here.

   The scientist said about himself: I do not work for the present, I work for the future. And he was right. The creator of the current was born in Serbia, and then went to study in Croatia.

7. Serbs love guests very much.

   Serbian hospitality knows no boundaries. They are always ready to feed, let in the house and offer overnight accommodation. In this, the Serbs are largely different from other countries.

5 the most convenient routes to the nearest countries from Serbia, Belgrade.

   For those who want to spend time saturated and relax to the fullest, we specially selected a route plan.
   How can I travel to the city center or other places of interest to me? So here are the options you have:

1. Montenegro.

   Of all the routes, this is the longest. You can travel both from one city to neighboring ones, and capture the entire trip.
   From Belgrade, it is most convenient to move on the shuttle service: Tivat — Kotor — Petrovac — Budva — Bechichi — Podgorica — Sutomor.
Yacht Service, which is located in the port of Tivat.
   The transfer from Belgrade takes place on two routes: either you get from the city center, or the car takes you from the airport.
   Approximate travel time to Tivat, for example, will take 522 minutes, and for Kotor a little less — 505 minutes.
   Before Petrovac and Budva ordering a transfer will not be difficult: the trip will be barely noticeable and you will be able to make as many stops as you need.
  Transfer to Becici (Montenegro) will take you from the center of Belgrade to a hotel, apartment or villa in 503 minutes.
   How do I book an airport transfer? The trip is also available from Tivat Airport and Kotor Airport. For lovers to spend a rest more calmly and smoothly, you can go to Sutomore by car with a personal driver.

2. Bulgaria.

   Hospitable Bulgaria receives tourists all year round. Bulgarian attractions and magnificent hotel service are a good reason to visit a sunny country.
   We offer the most convenient way to move: Sofia — Bansko — Burgas.
   When the transfer takes you to Sofia, there is the oldest building of the city —   the Cathedral of the Holy Week, which was built around the 10th century. Getting to Burgas and the Bansko by car is faster and more convenient if you want to have time to enjoy sporting walks and picturesque nature.
Bulgaria from a bird's eye view.
   From Bulgaria, by the way, there is an opportunity to get to Croatia. The driver can pick you up from Sofia International Airport (Bulgaria) and drive to Zagreb. 
   If you want to visit Zagreb and see with your own eyes  the Gradec district and Lake Yarun please order the car in advance. The price can be found on the site by specifying the desired point on the map. A trip to Zagreb will take 235 minutes.

3. North Macedonia.

   Going from Belgrade to North Macedonia is easiest by car with a personal driver. The trip will include three cities: Skopje — and Ohrid — then Gevgelija  (North Macedonia Greece).
   Skopje — the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, is known for unusually beautiful nature, many archaeological excavations. Travel by city transport to the airport will take longer than you think (approximately 9.5 hours). By taxi from the center of Belgrade to Skopje you will get faster with a difference of an hour and a half.
   In Ohrid, you can visit the ancient amphitheater and in swim in Gevgelia
   in Lake Donaray. You can get to Ohrid and Gevgelija on the previously ordered transfer for 414 and 347 minutes.

4. Hungary.

   Another option for lovers of travel and leisure with pleasure is to get to Hungary.
Bulgaria from a bird's eye view.
   Of the routes, the capital city of Budapest is available here by private car. For viewing, we advise the chain bridge of Sekenyi and Buda Castle.
   Want to get from the hotel doorstep to your destination? Transfer to hotel from Belgrade to Budapest  will deliver only at the lowest rates.

5. Romania.

   Another option for lovers of travel and leisure with pleasure is to get to Romania.
   From Belgrade you can go to a place that is compared with Paris —  to Bucharest — and from it to Timișoara.
   Romania is rich in places of art. In Bucharest there is the Palace of Parliament — the largest administrative building in Europe, in which you can see portraits upside down. 
   From Belgrade to Bucharest, travel time will be 492 minutes. And if you want to go to the next town, Timișoara, please book your car in advance.
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