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28 Май 2022

Travel safe tips 2021 during coronavirus pandemic.

Good news: you can travel! (and I want to add “.. and it is necessary!”)). According to data compiled by the International Air Transport Association IATA air travel remains one of the safest means of transportation. How to travel safely during the COVID-19? Coronavirus travel safety recommendation.
Travel safe tips 2021 during coronavirus pandemic.
     Good news: you can travel! (and I want to add “.. and it is necessary!”)). More than a million flights were flown worldwide during the pandemic, according to data compiled by the International Air Transport Association IATA. And - just a few cases of transmission, infection with the virus during the flight. Thus, air travel remains one of the safest means of transportation. 

Coronavirus Travel Safety Recommendation.

     During the trip, for your own safety and those around you, it is enough to follow simple, already known rules that apply in all crowded places:
  1. Mask. Wear a mask. The mask must be worn correctly.
  2. Wash your hands. Wash your hands with soap and water whenever possible. Or treat with special means.
  3. Do not touch other people with your hands - handshakes and hugs are taboo these days. Of course, excluding loved ones.
  4. Do not take other people's things in your hands and do not give yours. If you had to use, or give to use, wipe with a disinfectant.
     As you can see, these rules have long been included in our daily life.
     Safe and stay in hotels. Practically in all countries for the admission of hotels to work and receive guests, protocols have been developed and put into effect, which are mandatory for use. Otherwise, the hotel will not be opened.

Safety airport hotel transfer.

     And from the airport to get to the hotel or any address - safely on a special transfer. Transfer from the airport to the hotel - a car with a driver.
Taxi get from the airport by car with a driver treated for coronavirus
     To carry out activities for passenger transportation, transport companies, as well as hotels, have special requirements - sanitary protocols. Only those companies that use these protocols are allowed to provide transportation services. What exactly are companies doing?
Handling a car taxi transfer from the airport for a safe COVID trip.
     According to the replies received by the transport companies Intui, these measures include disinfecting the car in a special car wash - at least once a day, and in addition, after each passenger transportation, the car interior is treated. Drivers must wear a mask and gloves. Transport companies may issue disinfectants to their passengers.

Airport shuttles are safe for travel to the hotel or resort.

     In Dubai and Sharm el Sheikh (Egypt), shuttles are even resuming running.
Dedicated airport shuttle bus for safe COVID travel.
     The shuttles are equipped according to sanitary protocols. Watch the video why the shuttle ride is safe from coronavirus infection.
Airport shuttles are the comfortable and cheapest way to get to a hotel. Book at DubaiSharm EL-Sheikh
     In some countries such as Croatia drivers of transport companies working in the receiving tourism sector were among the first to be vaccinated! The drivers were vaccinated.
     On Intui when choosing a transfer you may notice a car with a special sign.
Special sign COVID safe
     This means that the transport company is applying sanitary protocols to ensure that the likelihood of transmission of the coronavirus is reduced. The car is treated and safe from covid! 
     Besides sanitization, Intui selects only professional transport companies with the proper permits for passenger transportation to perform transfers.
     To be sure of your own comfort, you can choose a car by year of manufacture and customer reviews! 
     We wish you a safe and pleasant journey!
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