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Labyrinth Theme Park (Crete) Book an Airport & Hotel Transfers, Taxis, Shuttles & Holiday Transfers

Labyrinth Theme Park (Crete)

 Labyrinth Park on the Island of Crete.

    Labyrinth Theme Park in Greece, Crete.Everyone caught himself thinking — I like joy and enjoyment, but I want to experience new emotions.

   The Greek park, stylized as a maze, will do a great job.

   The Island of Crete Theme Park is lovely and enjoyable.

   1300 m2 of area, intricate transitions, foresters and a stream of ancient mysteries will temporarily occupy the tourists.

    Speaking of the passage of the whole path, on average, the solution of the whole path takes from 30-40 minutes.

    The main characters of the amusement park are God Theseus and the human bull Minotaur.

   If your child is not familiar with mythology, here he will have the opportunity to learn more and at the same time experience knowledge in practice.


3 ways to quickly pass the Labyrinth of Greece.

  1. Hints

   1 km occupies the length of a wooden path. The structure is held by fastening planks and pillars. Clues are scattered throughout the maze and only the most guessed can detect them. Usually, these are foresters in the form of a platform or tower, which you can climb and inspect the area.

  1. Ariadne Thread

   The 2-nd right way to find a way out of the maze is to take advantage of Ariadne's thread. The park administration does not disclose its true purpose, but everyone can try this method.

  1. Another day

   If you are desperate and think that you are not able to go through the entire maze, then you can come on another day. The maze has been developed and created in modules, so the road system changes regularly.

  Family amusement park with over 10 rides and attractions!

  Mini golf and 18 holes to play in the Maze Amusement Park.  You and your children can enjoy other amusement park entertainment.

   The first thing we recommend is the Cretan maze.

   Its difference from the usual is in the way: if the 1st is laid by intersecting roads and many paths, then the 2nd has 1 straight road, which constantly changes direction.

   The new picturesque 18-hole mini golf course is not only refreshing and simple, but also the most aesthetically natural you have ever seen.

  There is even a small corner for warm-up.

  Mini golf is available for people with disabilities and for wheelchairs.




The girl rides a quad bike in a holiday park.

   400 m of the track was invented for children aged 4 to 11 years.

  You must see the attraction: 2 speeds and the reverse of the quad cycle will give children the sensations of the WRC track.









The instructor teaches the boy to get a bow exactly to the target.

  Each child must be accompanied by an instructor. If desired, parents can also walk nearby. The maximum weight for the attraction is 40 kg.

  40 fruit trees and seasonal vegetable gardens can be seen in the organic garden.

  2 copies of affectionate water mills and the smell of aromatic herbs attract tourists here constantly.







  The Maze Park instructor leads 3 donkeys for skating. Archery will allow you to evaluate your accuracy. You will be taught to hold onions, aim and get onions right in the target.

   The pleasure of vacation is provided to you!

   You can play not only in real life, but also virtually.

   You only have 50 minutes to discover the secret of Atlantis and flee before you get lost in ruins forever. Next door is another adventure attraction, Trojan Horse.

   Horse riding on a donkey, visiting a mini-farm and a pottery workshop.

   Activities for every taste and mood that will capture the child and help with fun!



 Ticket price for Greek amusement park.

  Adults and children over 11 — 10 €.

  Children 4 to 11 years old — 6 €

  Children from 1 to 4 years old — free.

  Cost to other areas of the park:

    Visit the Cretan Maze, Organic Garden, other exhibits — free of charge.

   The last visit to all zones ends in 1 hour. Children from 6 must be accompanied by an adult.

  How do I get from the city to the Labyrinth in Greece? 

   If you decide to follow your car, it is better to ride to Hersonissos-Castelli. 4 km of this road will lead directly to the hillside on Chersonissos. The park is located between Crete Golf Club (600 m) and Village Heights Resort (200 m).

   Aqua Plus Water Park (500 m) is also nearby. City transport does not go here, and if you decide to go on foot, then an approximate road in the heat will take 40 minutes, if you do not know the workaround.

  The couple makes a deal for the best transfer they want.

   The couple makes a deal for the best transfer they want.A reliable option is to move with a shuttle. When they pick you up, they take you away and carry you in a safe and fast way.

  The trip is easy and you do not spend any effort on finding a solution. The transfer is suitable for family trips, friends or private escorts.

  Many tourists have long chosen a transfer and there is a logical explanation for this:

 1. Full organization

  The whole way determines the transfer.

  You know, when the driver arrives, what road he will go, how long it will take.

  You don't have to think about nuances when everything is done for you.

  2. Safe escort

  Car service picks up the best drivers.

  You are greeted by a specially trained person. He monitors safety on the road, keeps a measured pace, thereby providing the passenger with a rest already inside the cabin.

   3. Fixed value

  You can get to the maze by taxi. It will cost about 12 USD, but taking into account traffic jams and other unforeseen circumstances, the price will continue to rise.

  The car transfer is devoid of such a function. When choosing the tariff, class and other important details on the site, you will first see the price. During the trip, it will remain unchanged.

  How can I book a transfer? You can take advantage of the Intui website and make a car in advance. This is better done now so that we can find the transport that you dreamed of.




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