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News from 25th July 2017

Achievements of Intui for Jan'16 - Jul'17

Yearly growth number of orders + 201%, Gross profit + 220%.

We will reach annual revenue in $1,1M  for 2017 About 50%  of profit  is provided by  Affiliate network  Intui , now is more than +1900 from 51  countries:

major on-line travel  like Skyscanner and  thousands travel agencies.

The Offer Intui travel is ground transfers is integrable into the Air tickets sales , Hotels sales. 

We are in actual trend of on-line travel market.

See more  at Presentation below

The  biggest players like Booking, Expedia, Ctrip  already looking for the ways  and  they make  an experiments with  adding  a relevant travel products  to the sales channels  /source Skift/.

How  make  up the revenue per customer ,  what is relevant & profitable – Intui is offer these solutions.

Our own inventory  with GDS for suppliers , Unique algorithm, API-wide solutions for OTAs, data base is ready  to scale on the  prospective GEO markets.

Is it attractive ?  Discuss  the question and details

Ilya Balakhnichev ,




News from 11th November 2016

Achievements of Intui for Jan'16 - Sep'16

Jan'16 vs Sep'16

1,2%  now  is 7%

See more data in the Presentaion



News from 07th June 2016


Achievements of Intui for Jan'15 - May'16


Intui travel transfer  has participated at ITB Berlin (International travel business ) in March 2016.
We  signed 105  contacts  with major Europe  and Asia  transport Supplier

33 cities for a day added to the map of the routes transfer - this is our "little" record was achieved in  April'16. More than 6 000 000 routes of transfer now is Intui travel

At  Intui system now are present  multi-modal  routes  like






or Luxury class car models  up to  Rolls Royce Ghost, Bentley Silver Spur

We  attract more than 40  OTAs  and travel agencies to our Affiliate network

The Bigest one, Scyscanner


   “Skyscanner launched an airport transfer price comparison site in late 2015.
The site has been rolled out in our global markets, supported by key partners, including Intui,
Allows to integrate transfers according to the booked air tickets and hotels.
who have been very supportive in helping us to develop. Intui travel are very responsive, focused on ensuring we provide competitive prices and flexible in adapting systems and processes to optimise sales.  We have enjoyed working with Intui travel and benefited from their flexibility and expertise. Judith Veenhuizen, Commercial and Marketing ”

Other  OTAs  is in the Agreement stage and they put Intui to pipeline already.

That  is result  of out coming transfer on the  English language markets.

The model of  transfer is scale-able with  positive results -  the numbers are confirm this.

May'16  Position place at organic search in UK zone is number 10 !
+21%  av.bill per  English client and exceeded Russian av.bill + 54%.


See more in the Presentaion





Intui  was selected  by  RATP (France)  at Viva technology event
to  discuss Intui project at summer days


I'll be  glad to see you at  Viva event  30th June - 2nd July at Viva (Paris)

Feel  free contact with me an appoinment.


I’d appreciate to get  your response  is Intui project is intersting for you or not ?

In the mean time if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Ilya Balakhnichev, CEO transfer




News  from 17 Aug 2015

Achievements. Metrics

Apr'15  lanched  English  version site
Jun'15  Customers  from 50  contries by Organic Search
Jul'15  Position place at organic Search in UK zone  is  number 13 !
Jul'15  Launched GDS  platform for transport companies

Jul’14 – Jun ’15
New  accounts B2C customers  + 150 %  more than 6 500

New  accounts B2B clients + 328 % more than  1000

New  registered ground Suppliers  +170 for last month
Conversion +1% at now  1,32%

Revenue Nov'14  vs Jul'15 + 120%

We  reached  $25 000 av month revenue used only  organic search.

Intui present time

    B2C site
    B2B site
    Site forTransport suppliers

See more about  Intui in the  Presentation

Intui will take Participate at Pirate Summit  at Cologne 2-3th Sep' 15 as exibitor.

Welcome  to our  booth and see you there


New presentaion about Intui travel transfer Aug'15

Intui Travel Transfer tis is Distribution platform for transport ground supplier.
API for Travel sites Algorithms of composing transfer on the global market to any point.
At  January’14 Intui travel launched HUB provides the ability to integrate land transport service (transfer) into the sales process of an Online Travel Sites via  API (XML) April ‘15 Intui scaled platform into English. At June 2015  Intui has lunched GDS platform. Now is visited by travelers from over 50 countries. Revenue monthly + 84%.  97% our clients are satisfied.  



About Intui project ,  video 1min 59 sec


If the project is interesting for you please ask more information you need?


Advantages Intui in B2C  in video  54 sec


If the project is interesting for you please ask more information you need?


What  is problem Intui is solving in B2C and in B2B

See  also Competitive Advantages in video here

What problem Intui is solving  in  B2B


Solutions transfer for OTA, 2016 from Ilya Balakhnichev



News from  13 Nov 2014


Intui_travel_enLauncehd English version site  for B2C

Also XML solution for B2B with  English content


If the project is interesting for you please ask more information you need?









Intui was at SLUSH (Helsinki) 18-19 Novembre

We was glad to meet with you!











News from 15 October 2014


If the project is interesting for you please ask more information you need?



News from 10 July

For the first 6 month 2014 yesr


What is better Taxi or Transfer ? 


If the project is interesting for you please ask more information you need?

Ilya Balakhnichev


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