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Drive, passion and Arabian flair: experience the sea of emotions at the FIFA 2022 in Qatar.

Fans travel to Qatar for FIFA 2022

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       Progressive Qatar has already conquered the hearts of travelers, and now it is the turn of the most ardent football fans. The country is preparing to host one of the most significant shows on the planet - the final tournament of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The World Cup will be held from November 20 to December 18. Fans will gather to cheer for their favorite teams at 8 arenas in 5 cities of Qatar. During the competition period, an influx of fans is expected, so transport in many cities will be overcrowded. But there is good news: Intui travel knows how to travel FIFA 2022 in comfort, and finding a ride is easy. You can order a car with a driver who will come directly to the airport, hotel, or even the stadium.

Travel to FIFA 2022 in Qatar, the biggest sporting event of the year.

A fan of the Danish team at FIFA 2022 in Qatar

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       Hot Qatar has long attracted tourists, financial magnates and expats. This "country of the future" seems to be created in order to hold the most exciting events here. Qatar hosts the 2022 FIFA World Cup for the first time and at the same time hosts the first FIFA Cup competition in the Middle East. The 22nd World Cup will be one of the most expensive in history. The authorities spent more than 200 billion dollars on its organization - they promise that the event will be more grandiose than ever. It's definitely worth seeing with your own eyes.

       If you are wondering how best to travel to Qatar, then take a closer look at Hamad International Airport. This is the main air hub of the country. How to travel to a hotel in Qatar from here? It is easy to get by car service in Qatar. It is located south of Doha and was built to replace the old airport that bore the name of the capital. Because of this, many still call the new airport by its old name.
Trophy of FIFA 2022 Qatar

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       On a trip to the Middle East, you can get confused not only in the names of the airport: in order to explain to the taxi driver how to get to the hotel, you need to know Arabic, the norms of behavior, have local currency on hand and endurance. You still have to fight for a local taxi: a lot of fans will come to the country, so the cars will be snapped up. On Intui travel, you can find a trip in advance and choose a car with a driver, without hoping for a miracle - everything will be provided. You don’t have to think how to ride Doha, the driver will have all the instructions, so there is no need to explain anything. Now you know how to get to the hotel quickly and comfortably.

How to ride from airport Doha and find a trip to other cities in Qatar.

Travel to Qatar and cheer for your favorite team at FIFA 2022.

The boy is a fan of the team at FIFA 2022 in Qatar

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       The FIFA 2022 Qatar is the main football tournament on the planet this year. Fans from all over the world will travel to Qatar to support their favorite teams. If you also love football and want to experience genuine emotions that rage in the stands, then you have a direct path to Qatar. Feel the excitement of the fans in the stadium, see the playing field and famous football players with your own eyes.

       32 teams from different countries and continents will take part in the competition. Fans will watch matches of the FIFA 2022 in Qatar final stage at 8 stadiums in 5 cities — in Doha, Ar Rayyan, Lusail, Al Khor and Al Wakra. All arenas are brand new and with built-in air conditioning, a paradise for fans.
Khalifa International Stadium host matches FIFA 2022 in Qatar

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       It is worth thinking in advance about how to travel to a hotel in Qatar in the most convenient way and how to travel to FIFA 2022, because in one day you can watch several matches in different cities. But keep in mind that a lot of fans are expected, so queues and crowds in transport cannot be avoided. Add to this luggage that does not fit anywhere and the Qatari heat — vivid impressions are guaranteed. In order not to suffer during the trip, you can pre-order a car with a driver. Don’t know how to travel to a hotel in Qatar? A car service in Qatar will find you at the specified place and at the right time — everything is transparent and without surprises on the spot.

How to ride from airport Doha to Al Khor.

Travel to FIFA 2022 in Qatar with a breeze and Intui travel.

Fans at a FIFA 2022 match in Qatar

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       This time the world championship for the first time in history will be held in the winter season. The main reason for this is the intense heat on the peninsula in the summer. Due to the intense summer heat in Qatar, this World Cup will take place from late November to mid-December, making it the first tournament not to take place during the spring/summer season. Due to the heat, it will be played on a reduced timeline — about 29 days. The climate in the country is continental and tropical, which means that in summer the air temperature is +50°C. November and December are much cooler, averaging 25-20°C.
Travel the host-cities FIFA 2022 in Qatar by car with driver

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       Despite this, the situation with transport is unlikely to change much. Huddled in the heat and cramped, there is a risk of feeling the summer temperatures even in winter, you just have to get on the bus. Huge queues for boarding, noise and crowds of people are the inherent "joys" of such a trip. How to travel to a hotel in Qatar? Order a car service in Qatar on Intui travel and travel FIFA 2022 with a breeze. You will be picked up on the selected car directly from the specified point and delivered to the desired address.

How to ride from airport Doha to Doha City Center.

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