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Eindhoven Airport Transfers EIN to Cities Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne

Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport EIN
Authors / photo source: Wilbert Maximus/Pixabay.

      Eindhoven Airport is located in the city of Eindhoven, in the province of North Brabant, the Netherlands. It is located approximately 7 km west of the city center of Eindhoven, one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. The airport mainly uses low-cost airlines for its flights. The air hub has good transport links — the city center of Eindhoven and other cities can be easily reached by public transport, taxi and airport transfer.

Must-visit travel destinations around Eindhoven Airport EIN and how to get there.

      Traveling to any of these destinations in the Eindhoven Airport area offers a unique experience, rich in culture, history and a variety of activities.

Best places for trips near Eindhoven Airport EIN: Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne.

Brussels near Eindhoven Airport EIN
Authors / photo source: Ji-Sun Yoo/Pixabay.

      From Eindhoven Airport, you can take a taxi to the culturally rich city of canals, museums and vibrant street cafes, Amsterdam, in just 86 minutes. With Intui you can book cheap airport transfer and get the best price to Brussels with its architecture, European institutions, delicious food and cultural events. Cologne attracts visitors with its medieval style, cathedral, museums and the picturesque Rhine embankment, which can be reached cheaply by taxi from Eindhoven Airport in 113 minutes. Maastricht offers historical buildings, cozy restaurants and interesting shops in the ancient city, and you can book cheap airport transfer and get there at the best price offer in 66 minutes with Intui. Düsseldorf is famous for its shopping streets, modern art galleries and restaurants, and Eindhoven Airport is just 86 minutes away by taxi. Also on Intui you can book cheap airport transfer in advance to many other destinations, for example, Rotterdam, Osnabrück, Borger, etc.

Get the best price from Eindhoven Airport EIN to ports, airports and railway stations in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium.

Eindhoven Airport EIN in Netherlands
Authors / photo source: Wilbert Maximus/Pixabay.

      From Eindhoven Airport you can take a taxi to many transport hubs in the region. On Intui it is convenient to book cheap airport transfer and get at the best price to the airports of Dortmund, Ostend, Amsterdam, Frankfurt Hahn, Rotterdam, Münster Osnabrück, etc. With Eindhoven airport transfers you can travel at the best offers to the ports of the region, such as the port of Amsterdam, Trier, river cruise port of Amsterdam, river cruise port of Cologne, etc. It is also convenient to take a taxi from Eindhoven airport to the railway stations of Schiphol, Amsterdam, Cologne, Lille, Brussels, Antwerp, etc.

More than 21,000 positive Intui reviews are a guarantee of reliability and quality of service.

Booking Eindhoven airport transfers EIN
Authors / photo source: wirestock/Freepik. works with professional transport companies, holding carriers in different countries to the same standards. This helps maintain a high level of service around the world. Proof of this is more than 21,000 positive reviews on the Intui website. These are reviews from real people who used Eindhoven airport transfers and were satisfied with the trip. Positive customer impressions are the best confirmation of the reliability and quality of the service. It is impossible to check the quality of services provided by local taxis from Eindhoven Airport until you experience this yourself, which can already overshadow your holiday impressions.

Eindhoven airport transfers will be waiting at Eindhoven Airport EIN if your flight is delayed.

Eindhoven airport transfer waites at EIN
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      “Flight delayed — driver waites” is a convenient service if you do not have time to get to Eindhoven Airport on time and Eindhoven airport transfers need to wait a little for you. Some transport companies offer free waiting time, usually 30-60 minutes. The exact free waiting time is indicated in the description of each order “Details and Conditions” and the voucher. If there is a significant delay (2 hours or more), it is worth contacting the transport company and agreeing on the waiting time. An additional payment may be required or you may be offered another car with a driver. If you are not sure that you will get there on time, choose Eindhoven airport transfers with a wait. This way you will know for sure that the car will still wait for you and you will safely get to your hotel or address.

Cancellation policy for airport shuttle service and Eindhoven airport transfers EIN.

      On the Intui website, customers can cancel the airport shuttle service and Eindhoven airport transfers EIN and issue a refund, subject to the terms and conditions of cancellation. If the book is canceled after the time specified by the transport company, no refund is provided.

      What are the terms for canceling the airport shuttle service and Eindhoven airport transfers EIN with a refund of the payment made? Depending on the chosen tariff, the transport company sets a different cancellation period with a refund of the paid amount. Airport shuttle service and Eindhoven airport transfers EIN, booked at the STANDART fare, can be canceled with a refund without penalty no later than 48 hours before the trip. At the FLEXI fare, cancellation of a trip without applying a penalty is possible at different dates set by transport companies for each offer.

      Where can I find the deadlines for canceling booking with a refund of the cost of the trip? The date and time of cancellation of the book without deducting a penalty for each offer is available at the booking stage in the description "Details and Conditions". After paying for the book, the details of the booking, including the terms cancellation policy without the application of a penalty can be found in the voucher and in the order card in the Personal Account.

      Enjoy your trip with airport shuttle service and Eindhoven airport transfers EIN!




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Eindhoven Airport is located at the following geo coordinates: longitude 51.457662, width 5.384978. Time zone Eindhoven Airport UTC 1 hours, which is very important when booking a taxi, shuttle, bus, transfer from / to Eindhoven Airport . Book in advance! You can book a transfer from Eindhoven Airport to cities and resorts. You can book transfers as well as from Eindhoven Airport and also book a transfer to Eindhoven Airport On the Intui website, prices are final, no hidden fees, payment by credit card or other available methods from 43 options. HOW TO BOOK YOUR TRANSFER Eindhoven Airport ? To continue either select a city/region from the list on the page. Or use the search form. In the search form, enter in the Where field: Name of the city or region or the name of the hotel. Further, you will be offered cars to choose from, for carrying from 1 to 150 passengers and their luggage. You can choose from private transfer from/to Eindhoven Airport or shuttle transfer from Eindhoven Airport . In Eindhoven Airport , the transport company tracks the flight. You will be met with a sign at Eindhoven Airport .

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